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Holy Overreaction, Batman! I can’t believe that armed squad entering the plane with guns at the ready, shouting at the passengers. If the unstable guy actually had explosives, that would have been enough to make him use them. Where do they find these amateurs? In Hollywood?

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Pretty crazy to say the least. If it was that much of a threat, your right, the guy would have nothing to lose at that point.In today’s times, thats just the way things are now.

That being said, saying he wanted to bomb Canada while on a flight is defn asking for problems!!

Drunks, fools, and mentally disturbed people often do and say stupid things. Doesn’t mean the rest of us should take leave of our senses when dealing with them. Once upon a time, before the "Hollywood" approach got popular, professional police would calmly and confidently deal with such situations. Who can say what would have happened should an upset innocent passenger (or child)have made a sudden move, with cops strung out on adrenaline and carrying weapons at the ready? (what the hell were they planning on doing with those assault rifles anyhow, inside the confines of a cramped airline aisle? Any live fire would endanger everyone on the aircraft. But I suppose they could always use the Israeli excuse for killing civilians. It seems to be popular these days, including with our government!)

Have to say this guy had really bad timing given the air disasters of the past week and how edgy everyone is. Nice to know these things aren’t taken lightly, but storming the plane with assault rifles was just a tad "over the top" imho.I can’t help but wonder if the reaction would have been as "intense" if the fellow had been of any other ethnic origin or had a non-arabic name.

Sure hope his family will finally be able to get him the help he needs for his mental health issues. Seems mental health issues are falling through some pretty big cracks these days.

From what I heard people who could not see his face, nor know his original nationality were upset by his words and tone of voice and the content of his ‘threatening’ words. IMHO looks good that the crew was as respectful of the others on and off the aircraft not to take what he said lightly. I for one wold rather be a bit late than not arrive at all.

It must have been a scary situation for the other passengers, and crew members as well. The double whammy probably came as they were further delayed after their flight departed Toronto for the second time and had to make an unscheduled landing in Jamaica because of a medical emergency of another passenger. I feel for parents / family members / friends who are trying to get support for loved ones dealing with mental health issues. The challenges can be overwhelming, and there have been several incidents of parents trying to get help for their kids not being taken “seriously”. It’s a fine line for health care professionals and police to determine who is a risk to themselves and/or others.Without meaning to sound like an armchair quarterback, the tactics of the SWAT team in such a confined space seems like using a sledgehammer where a fly swatter would do. That said … maybe John Baird intended it as a show of force to underline that any incident will be dealt with to the extreme, so travelers better sit down, buckle up & sing Kumbaya.

Like forgetting your nail file/pocket nkife in your carry-on. Big friggin deal like it’s the end of the world.Our security folks need better training. Do we want to be Israeli or be Homeland or just hire smart people to look after our security. Whoops! Can’t do that for $15 per hour.

John Baird was showing off for the US press that was following the story.

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