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Now, don’t everyone run off and overload their suitcases… I was on the Sunwing site yesterday and they have made a lot of changes to their luggage "rules". Now you can purchase extra weight before leaving home and have it count towards your luggage allowance (although it looks like it must be in $100 increments – ouch).They have also changed their rules for scuba gear and reduced the cost of bikes to $30. per trip (from the $100 it was earlier).

Finally, someone at Sunwing developed a brain and got reasonable about extra items – especially scuba gear. I also like that you can purchase extra weight before getting to the airport.

That is great to hear that Sunwing has reduced their prices for extra weight allowance.Since most of my trips are for Scuba Diving I will now fly with Sunwing again, lol.

Freedom Ryder 8-)…………….

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