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Interesting news! Thanks for posting the link to the article.I wondered why there were no SkyService aircraft flying out of Vancouver this season since Signature vacations always favoured this airline. Clearly, this Signature/SunWing merger has been in the works for a while now.Signature never had their own airplanes anyway- they leased aircraft from SkyService, so in terms of # of aircraft serving a departure city, there is no change. SunWing has their own fleet of planes. Only affect I can see is that there is one less vacation wholesaler in the market- two in the last year if you include the demise of Conquest- so the wholesalers don’t need to reduce pricing. SunWing is still fairly new to the Vancouver market and their prices were pretty decent to begin with. Signature prices weren’t all that far behind (for resorts that I’ve been tracking), so my expectation is that prices will stay the same or increase slightly.

From our experience, we’ve found Sunwing service to be better than what SkyService offered although we had no major issues with the latter.

Flight sharing is quite common in a slow travel period. Saves money and overhead. Skyservice is not being used by at least three operators from West Coast departures.Which planes are being used by AT during the winter months from departures not on the West coast?
Something was up when we couldn’t find anything direct from here to Holguin in Feb. Probably now that I have to go toronto there will be. Oh well I will get there one way or another

I hope that Sunwing still operates with the same sufficient air service they have had here in the Winnipeg area. I really enjoyed the air travel with them from the previous year. They were a lot more "organized" than the other competition here.

Do you suppose the merger is the reason for the less than accurate quotes and difficulties booking on line that have been reported on the forums this week?

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