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[quote=@shirleyujest] We have flown First Class a number of times lately with Alaska Airlines to Mexico and Palm Springs for a week and we still only use carry-ons.

Once you fly Club Class or First Class or whatever the airline calls it, there is no turning back!

Although it offers more luggage weight, I will still only fly with carry-ons. I can’t stand the rudeness of people waiting at the baggage turnstiles. >:( :-*[/quote]

I don’t know if we have just been lucky or Air Transat is starting to live up to their claims of “priorty bags” for Club Class. On our last 2 trips, our bags have been among the first onto the carousel both going and coming home. The upside, no battling the crowds at the baggage carousel in Varadero but, the downside is you still have to wait about 1 hour, on the bus, for everyone else ::). Now, if I could get my hands on a mojito rather than a beer, it would make the waiting okay :D. When we returned to Vancouver, we were off the plane, had our bags and were putting them in the trunk of the car at Park ‘n Fly 30 minutes later. I LOVE the new fast check through at Customs at YVR!!! We couldn’t have done it much faster with just carry ons. As for carry ons, we just couldn’t pull off SUJ’s feat. My hubby’s is pretty much filled up with the two cameras (digital and video) and their accompanying underwater cases (not small by any means), battery charges, etc and mine has other valuables, 100ml bottles of necessities in case our bags get lost and misc. other stuffs. The past few years we’ve arrived around breakfast time so I pack beach wear to change to incase the room is not ready until later in the afternoon. It doesn’t take long to fill a regulation size carry on :P. Statistically, most travellers to Cuba go for 1 week so meeting luggage weight restrictions should be easy to do; it’s a whole different ball game when you go for 2 weeks or longer. Do you want to waste beach/pool time doing laundry? As for paying to have it done…not at the prices they charge, thanks very much! I’ll stick to the larger bags and pack clothing, etc. necessary for our stay.
Tip for those concerned about the weight of their bags, buy a fish weighing scale. They work like a charm and are light enough to take with you to weigh your bags before coming home to make sure you haven’t gone over weight! We’ve ended up lending ours numerous times to other guests.

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