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Superclubs Breezes – Jibacoa  ~  Reviews Posted – 13
Superclubs Breezes – Jibacoa Linda ~ Ontario, Canada

October 2005

Once in a while you come across a gem of a hotel. This was one of them. A lovely hotel on a nice beach with good food and great staff. The nicest thing was that not one time in 9 days did I hear a complaint from any of the guests.

This hotel gets a huge repeat clientele who love this spot…Easy to see why; all in all a gem.

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Superclubs Breezes – Jibacoa Jacqui ~ Canada

June 2005

Here is my review of the most fantastic trip one could even hope for and the best honeymoon.

We left for the Superclubs Breezes Jibocoa on May 16th and we stayed until the 30th of May and what a sad day that was…..We flew Skyservice and since we were so exhausted from the wedding and the fact we had to get up at 2 am to get to the airport for 3:30 that we slept all the way to Cuba and we didn’t wake up until 80 miles outside of Cuba when we were beginning our descent. I can’t comment on the flight other than to say we arrived on schedule……..

Our agent from Sunwing had to track us down as we were delayed with customs as we brought medicine from an organization called Not Just Tourists. I have to add that if anyone is so inclined to bring in much needed humanitarian aid…..Please give Not Just Tourists a call…..After our suitcases of medicine were cleared, we were left in the very capable hands of Mildred. We got to share a small van with two other couples bound for Havana…….I am not sure how to describe my first views of Cuba. Cuba is not a particularily lush country….Most of the countryside was barren but also beautiful at the same time…..The national bird of Cuba is the Tocorrora but I honestly believe it should be the Turkey Vulture…..They are everywhere and in abundance……The only time I got to get above them was when we drove over the Bacunayagua Bridge…..also called the mother-in-law bridge……This bridge is the highest in Cuba. What an amazing view.

When we pulled into the driveway to the Jibacoa the scenery took my breath away….The property is so lush and full of many colours of flowers you cannot help but gasp….Where else can you have a beautiful mountain in front of the resort and a beautiful beach in the rear…..

We were checked in very quickly and taken to our room which I have to say was on the beach like we had asked for and so cool…..A welcome relief after the heat of Cuba……What a lovely room we had…..We were in building 3 and our room number was 1122…….The rooms are so spacious…..The closet has a luggage stand as well as a small dresser with 4 drawers…..The safe sits upon the dresser and it has a lock and key…….12 hangers are provided as well as an iron and board…..

The Bathroom is large with a full size bath and a sink with a counter that goes along one wall……loads of room….A carafe is provided for you to get ice water if you so desire…..All the water in Cuba is processed so it is perfectly safe to drink the water and to brush your teeth……

The Bedroom contained a King size bed complete with 4 pillows…..there were 3 more pillows in the closet if one desired along with a blanket but we sure didn’t need any extra coverage…..There was a night table on each side with shelves underneath and one had a phone and the other a small stereo…..A dressing table was provided as well as a small cabinet which held the tv which has 3 English channels……Also we has a small table with 2 chairs in which to sit on and stare out at the beach and the lovely turquoise water…

The Resort is divided into two halves by a walkway with a fountain in the centre……

So Lets do a tour…….

When you enter the resort….The Reception counter is on the right and on the left is the all important 24 hour lobby bar…..There is a staircase to the right of the reception counter that leads you upstairs to the Internet Cafe and the Piano Bar which is only open from 6 p.m. til 2 a.m. but is air conditioned and alot of people seem to gather here right after the evening show so it becomes like a karoke bar and so much fun…..Yuset makes the best Spanish Coffees……..His seem to be layered although they make a mean Spanish coffee in the Lobby Bar as well…..The Lobby also boasts many sitting areas so you can sit an enjoy the atmosphere here…..

You will have no trouble changing money here…….They are quite happy to exchange and the rate was 1.42…….so it worked out to 706 pesos for 1000 Canadian…..They always had lots of pesos so changing bills for pesos was no problem…..

After leaving the lobby……there are 3 levels of patios where one can also just sit outside and enjoy the resort……

We will now do the left side of the resort looking towards the beach….

To the left of the lobby……you have the three restaurants…….

The Rancheron is the Buffet Restaurant and the hours are as follows..

Breakfast is from 7:30 – 10:30. The menu consists of fresh fruit such as grapefruit, oranges, pineapple, mangoes, papaya and guavas…….and the juice is fresh squeezed and it is the nectar of the gods…There is an omelette station where either Nelson or Jonnie will cook you an omelette or eggs any style you want. The other counter holds such delights as croissants, bacon, sausages, croquettes, hard boiled eggs, fried tomatoes, french toast, pancakes, poached eggs. There is also fresh bread and pasteries. And they have wonderful coffee and they heat the milk so it says warm….Great idea. Lunch is from 12:30 – 4:30

Lunch consists of such a diverse menu it’s really hard to pinpoint anything except for the wonderful pasta station…. I can’t really begin to list all the food that is served….Of course there is the wonderful bread, pasteries, ice cream, and fruit.

Dinner is from 6:30- 9:30 Dinner is such fun……They have such fun with the different theme night and you haven’t seen anything til Jamaica night…….To see them all running around with dread locks……..too funny. But during our two weeks there we got to have everything from Roast Turkey, Frogs Legs, Roast Pork, Lamb and Seafood, Seafood, Seafood……There was such a diverse variety, one could not help but find something to tempt their palate……

The other two restarurants……..The Cuban is called La Taberna and the Italian is called Martinos…….We got to go to each 3 times because of us being on our honeymoon but we only went twice to each…….The Italian has a wonderful ambiance and is very posh and the Cuban is a bit more informal but I didn’t find the food that much better compared to the Buffet. We didn’t go to our last visits to the restaurants because we found we had more fun in the buffet with people we had met and our waiters and waitresses knew us and so I found we got more of a personal touch in the buffet…….Kudos to Yoel and Ariana for taking such great care of us and for the young student Maria…….She was like a breathe of fresh air…..

Just to the left of the Cuba restaurant you will find the jacuzzi and the tennis courts……..Two courts with a very good tennis pro named Alberto…..If you have any questions at all…..He is the man and he can also help you out if you need anything…..This is where the blocks of room start…….The Gazebo is also located in this area as well…….

Now the right side of the resort………As you leave the lobby and turn right you are at the cigar and rum shop, gift shop and the games room……The games room is open 24 hours and has pool tables, ping pong tables, and alot more. We didn’t spend any time there…..The rum and cigar shop is small but speaking from experience, it’s rum and cigars are cheaper here then in Havana and Varadero as is the gifts in the shop……

As we carry on past the gift shop…we are facing the disco which is open from 11:00 til 2:00 but can’t comment on how fun it is as we gravitated to the piano bar after the shows……

Now we carry on past the disco and find the stage, pool bar and the most wonderful and refreshing pool…….Now it’s not very deep……about 4 feet at it’s deepest but it’s fresh water and no chlorine and very clean however the tiles around the pool can get very slippery when wet and on can fall down and get a yaya…..also called a boo boo…….Here you will find the loungers are not plastic but are covered with material and are very comfortable…….There are quite a few cabanas and loads of palm trees for shade…..Now the pool bar is only open from 10:00-10:30. Eduardo makes the most wonderful drinks and he has a few drinks up his sleeve so be sure and ask him for one of his surprises…..The evening shows are either hit or miss……They change them every 15 days and our first week there the shows were wonderful but they did too many fashion shows the second week for my liking so it all depends on which week your there……The best had to be the lip synching by the animation staff……..It was hilarious……….But overall they get a big thumbs up…..

And last but certainly not least……Lets go to the beach….

Now the beach boasts one of the best reefs anywhere and the beach hut boasts some of the best food anywhere……Jesus will cook you up some of the best fries, burgers, chicken or pizza anywhere……..Gilberto, Roberto and Roger will also serve you with a smile and you will find yourself at the Beach Hut alot of the time…….Can you tell we ate lunch here alot since I can’t really tell you what the buffet typically has for lunch.

The Beach was always busy with volleyball, darts, bingo, sand hockey where Canada beats Cuba every week but it’s always the first time……….and my personal favourite was golf…….Now the sand isn’t the beautiful soft sand found on other beaches but I preferred this sand as when the wind blew, the sand stayed put and that is what is important to me.

We spent most of our beach time in the water where we snorkelled…….We took our own mask and snorkel but used their flippers…….Even if you can’t swim, snorkelling is still amazing……The salt water makes you buoyant and just floating with the most colourful fish you have ever seen is wonderful……..You have to try it at least once and you may be pleasantly surprised to see just how addicting it can be……We also went out on the catamarans….They are free and so much fun….They also have kayaks and sunfish…….

If laying on the beach is your scene then you will have no trouble finding a lounger at any time and if the palapas are all taken……..they have sea grape trees all along the beach and you can just hang out there…….

The most amazing part of our trip was finding a ruby throated hummingbird on her nest……..We were so hoping her two eggs would hatch but alas, they still hadn’t hatched but I am sure mama and her babies are doing well and we were so honoured that she allowed us to visit her everyday….and it took almost two weeks to get a picture of the resident downy woodpecker but we did manage…..

If the pool and beach bore you…….you can always go on the morning hike or bike ride, scooter tours, the afternoon hike or one of the many trips offered…..

We took the shopping trip into Varadero and love the market while we found the Havana market to be not as nice and more expensive…….Havana is a must do for anyone…….I can’t wait to go back and explore this amazing city somemore……Think I will do my own overnighter the next time and stay at one of the hotels around the parquee central…..I am told the Sabia or the Hotel National is a good bet……

I really hope that this review has helped and please go to the Jibacoa and you will understand how this resort becomes part of you……..if you have any questions, please email me at……and if you would like to see some of my pictures…..I will gladly send them to you

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Superclubs Breezes – Jibacoa Angie ~ Vancouver, BC

May 2005

I just returned from a week at Breezes Jibacoa May 2-9, and simply put, it was fantastic!! This was my first all inclusive vacation, and my first on my own. I can’t wait to go back! And since most reviews are from couples, hopefully mine will help someone going on their own or in a same sex group.

I booked with Flight Center, and all was smooth except my package was the only one without a Tourista Visa card. Make sure your package has one before you leave home, or when you land in Cuba it will delay you about 10 minutes and cost $ 23 CDN. I found it better to get in the currency exchange line before collecting my luggage – so many do it the other way, you’re in much smaller lines. Each Convertible Peso cost $ 1.40 CDN, so make sure you take @ $400-500 CDN for lots of souveniers & stuff.

The resort is a 45 min ride from Varadero – but well worth it. I loved the natural surroundings, and with only our resort having guests (the Italian resort next door is almost closed), it was very quiet in the area. The resort is beautiful, very clean, & the staff very helpful.

While I chose Jibacoa thinking I wanted a quiet holiday, I ended up meeting lots of other singles, groups of girls and guys, & couples. It was really easy to meet people because everyone is so friendly, but the best way was participating in a group event/excursion. Jorge the DJ was very sweet & helpful about the area, and Odietty the bartender made sure you had the best drinks! If you like dancing, the disco is a great way to meet people too. I’d read in reviews that it was quiet & empty, but we livened it up every night! The walking and scooter tours were great – our scooter tour got lucky and saw Santa Cruz del Norte on their town’s 269th birthday celebration. So full of life are the Cuban people, it’s very cool to see.

The beach is fantastic – the ocean, the sand, and the space. Take something for a pillow on the lounger though, they’re hard plastic. The beach was deserted at night, so it was great for looking at the stars. The jacuzzi jets are way too loud, so I found it nice just to warm up in there if we’d been in the pool to cool off after the disco.

The outdoor shows at 9:30 by the pool every night are a hit & miss. The best ones involved audience members; we laughed so hard at one show and have good memories. The salsa, history, spanish lessons are great. The day tour to Havana was good, but I heard more detailed info from people who rented a taxi & saw more.

The buffet was great every day, and the Italian al a carte served perfect steak – thanks to Robin for taking me! The Taberna did not get great reviews from others who went.

All in all, it was a great place to get away to. And I totally need another week there, one is not enough to see it all! I made lots of new friends, mostly CDN, and would have to say that it’s a combination of the resort, the staff, & the guests that made it a truly fabulous vacation.

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Superclubs Breezes – Jibacoa Janice and Keith ~ UK and Grand Cayman

May 2005

We made our own travel arrangements via the internet, we found a Cuban travel agent who booked the hotel and transfers, (we wanted to go direct to the hotel and clicked on their link and he came up) but our original dates had to be moved forward 7 days, by us, and despite being assured all was re-booked, this caused major problems! initially it went well, once we managed to get the money transferred by wire OK.

The two of us flew to Havana airport from the Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman, with Cayman Airways, all was great. On arrival at the airport however the taxi transfer we were expecting was not waiting for us, the airport tour operators staff were truly great, so friendly and really lovely ladies, Cuban Connection (not even the people we booked with, they were so helpful) , and between broken English and broken Spanish we got a dialogue going. they ascertained there was not going to be a taxi and as it was getting late, 18.30, they found us a decent taxi and driver and we made our way to the hotel, 1.5 hours drive from Havana. The driver had to call into his taxi firm’s petrol depot however, and gather paperwork to get petrol, this took 20 minutes waiting by a petrol pump,….. lots of paperwork in Cuba!.

We enjoyed the drive to the hotel, Breezes Jibacoa, part of the route is a bit stark – around Santa Cruz del Norte where they have oil derricks and a refinery belching black oily smoke. When we got to the hotel we paid $75 Cuban for the taxi fare, we never got it back! (and it was $50 return so check on prices before you get in the cab!) The hotel had no room waiting for us either…..luckily they did have a room vacant because it was now nearly 20.30, but not the 2nd floor Jnr Suite I booked. thankfully I had the "Voucher" on me, to prove we paid. The hotel reception staff were great, so relaxed about it, they didn’t exactly apologise because it wasn’t their fault but they gave us a nice room and we stayed 2 nights and then they gave us the correct room on 2nd floor (for UK people, this is in fact 1st floor …the ground floor is called 1st floor!) very nice room , all you need, including a voltage converter, hairdryer, TV, radio with CD, basic toiletries, coffee.. tea was not good so if you can’t face the day without, take some with you!
our chamber maid did lovely towel-art! swans one day and heart shapes with a rose next day! we left nice soap with a note for them to find when we left, we never really met them and had no experiences of hard luck stories I read about, or requesting we gave them trainers!!

The hotel Breezes Jibacoa, was lovely, we will go again and will book direct with the General Manager next time, we wanted a quiet venue, we love children but not on our holiday…..and this is adults only….the weather mid April was overcast and sea rough for the first three days but we relaxed and made the best of it. We spent a lot of time on the beach to get away from the pool side activities, not keen on those. then the weather got really hot and the sea calm, and it was fabulous for the rest of our one week there.

the beach is great, thatched shades and loungers , plenty of them, hotel beach towels supplied, and shady trees… water sports. we went out on a catamaran, great fun and went snorkelling, not many fish but again great fun.

The restaurant staff were great through the whole hotel, we were tiring of the buffet after a week but the variety was huge, I think it best to decide to eat one specific dish a day, safe in the knowledge you can try the others another day. I agree with some reviews that say it’s bad manners to take more than you can eat, just because it’s there, there was thankfully not much evidence of gorging! and it seems to be true that there is little food outside the main hotels, we saw very few roadside venues apart from bars and not much in Havana either.

You get one dinner in the Taberna, and one in the Italian a la carte restaurant. The Taberna truly wasn’t as good as the normal buffet and we wouldn’t have gone there again given the choice, my husband left his meal after two bites! the Italian a la carte was better but no great shakes, but a much better ambiance, quite romantic really.

The beach bar was our favourite place from 11.00 – 5.00, the light lunches there were good, but the buffet lunch in the main block was stunning every day.

I personally cannot take a great deal of drink, I have to work up to it, but the Pina Coladas, Mojitos, Chocolate Monkeys and Rum Punches etc looked so good that I had a few most days, however, and I have to be careful here, considering just one glass of wine gets my head reeling, and did so over dinner when we were poured wine from the bottle, the cocktails at the beach bar had no effect on me what so ever…in the end I sat and drank quite a few to see if they had any effect…nothing….so draw from that what you will! however be careful of the Spanish coffee served in the foyer bar, kicks like a mule, and my husband drank the stronger Bucanero beer and seemed quite relaxed on it!

At nights there is an open air show of one kind or another, or fashion/magic show, if you don’t want to lie awake listening to the loud music thumping till 23.00 then get a room in the far side of the grounds, we heard nothing the first 2 nights in block 3, but moved to block 15 and it was loud in our room! we did sit and watch 2 shows and they are good. there is a games room and we played backgammon a few times, there is table tennis , chess etc…. there’s a nice Jacuzzi near the tennis court (too hot to play!) which we didn’t find till day 5, and sat and made friends with 2 Canadians in there! After the shows there is a disco till the small hours in the Azul room, enclosed so it is quiet, but we didn’t get to that, all the sun makes you tired!

We took 2 days out for an overnight trip to Havana, booked in reception, $149 each, great transfer by mini-coach, nice bunch of people, mostly Canadians and a few Brits from Varadero hotels, we had sight seeing from arrival at 11.30, and a nice lunch in Hotel Florida, then more sightseeing in the afternoon, fantastic sights but quite a lot of begging going on, and men trying to sell illicit Cuban pesos, don’t buy money with Che’s picture on! after a while my husband got really fed up of this…… but they are poor and don’t have a lot. We brought several bars of soap and lots of pencils to give out but left them at the hotel, some mothers were asking for milk for their children but you have to go into the shop and buy it for them. it’s all controlled. It’s very strange with two currencies running side by side, for example with the tourist Cuban convertible peso, we paid $4 in the airport for a cheese roll while waiting for our short flight to Cayman, the locals in their own currency pay 145 cents for the same thing……

In Havana, if you take a photo of a local character they will most likely come after you for money, lots of "Carmen Miranda’s" dressed up in the Place de la Cathedral asking for money, and street entertainers on stilts raising money to repair some buildings I think…. if you take photos they want paying.We were given nice rooms in the Melia Habana, one of the best hotels in the city, we were on the VIP 8th floor. Hotel was good but a bit grubby in places and we had an unused, brand new coffee machine but no coffee and no milk and it took 2 hours to get some, the iron and ironing board never did arrive! I have to say the hotel Concierge was one of the rudest young men I have ever met and seemed very resentful! The massive, cool hotel foyer is really beautiful, and the lower level with waterfall is lovely, leading you out to the pools and bars in the gardens, nice.

After one of the best evening buffets I have ever seen at any hotel anywhere, we all spent an evening at the Tropicana open air club, fabulous! lots to drink, a sealed(!) bottle of Havana Club dark rum between 4, lots left over, and 2 cans Coca Cola so we all have Cuba Lire! the show was fantastic.

next day, after an excellent breakfast buffet, we continued in the city, all going our separate ways this time, Thursday is craft market day, well worth walking round, fabulous local artists and very cheap, souvenirs here are a fraction of the cost in the shops nearby, some figurines of little tubby ladies smoking cigars were $1 dollar on the market, and $10 in shops nearby! local paintings are genuine, usually in acrylics, very colourful, cheap but you will find replicas everywhere.

We found a fabulous place near the market, find it if you can, Palaccio del Artisano’s, a beautiful tired palace with three floors of shops opening off a central courtyard, cafe in the middle, parrots and love birds in cages in the sun, beautiful. one of our favourite spots in Havana.
Others on the bus went to Hemingway’s Bar and drank 12 Mojito’s each and were very happy on the ride back to Varadero, seems it was a good place to be! we had a very nice light lunch at a street cafe in the Place del la Cathedral.

all in all, a great week away, if we go to Havana again I would visit places further out than the old city, to see more of it, and would definitely go to Breezes Jibacoa again, so long as we get the honeymoon suite room 2117, the nicest and quietest room in the complex!

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Superclubs Breezes – Jibacoa Amanda ~ Nova Scotia

May 2005

I recently returned from a week long vacation at the Breezes Jibacoa in Cuba. Take it from me …. this resort is fabulous! This was my first experience with an all-inclusive package … and the Breezes Jibacoa exceeded my expectations. Before I left, I used Debbie’s site and others to plan my vacation … and they were great. So what I thought I’d do with this review is provide some information I had trouble finding and some general points on where to go and what to do.

1) MONEY: I took $300.00 CAD with me. One thing you should know … the Cuban Convertible Peso is NOT equivalent to the American Dollar when you exchange it at the hotel. The entire week we were there the Breezes Jibacoa traded at .70 to the dollar. As many of you know, our Canadian dollar is trading much higher right now. For $300.00 CAD I received $198 Cuban Convertible Pesos. When you get off the plane, exit customs, pickup your luggage, use the facilities … you will suddenly notice that a long line has formed at the currency exchange counter. We were at the end of this long line … a gentleman with the tour company came in and informed us that our bus was waiting and we could exchange money at the hotel. We literally did not have time to exchange money at the airport. So, if you want to exchange money at the airport … hurry off the plane, forget using the washroom, designate one person to get the luggage … and get to the currency exchange counter fast. On a side note … I would take more than $300.00 … I had to limit myself to two tours and cut back on souvenirs.

2) TOURS: We booked all of our tours through the hotel … and were very happy doing this. We may have paid a bit more … but it’s effortless. During your orientation meeting … which you all should go to … you will be given a sheet listing the available tours through the hotel. We took the Seafari Catamaran trip for $75 convertible pesos … and the Eco Jeep Tour for $69 convertible pesos. $144.00 on two tours …. it’s well worth it! The Jeep tour is absolutely fantastic IF you like to snorkel … you snorkel in a cave … you snorkel in the ocean. The whole day isn’t snorkeling, but if you don’t like to snorkel … you’re going to spend a couple of hours watching everyone else. You also visit the Bellamar Caves, a Cuban Ranch, eat sugar cane, go horseback riding … it’s a fantastic day! Our guide, Ariel Matrinez Gil, was great … so if you can request him, DO! The Seafari Catamaran Tour is also excellent. A couple of quick things. They will sell you fresh lobster on the boat for 10 pesos. I didn’t try it, but it looked good; however, we had lobster cooked in a tomato broth for lunch later that day … and it was free. Unless you really like lobster, save your pesos. AND … join in the fun, play musical chairs, dance with the locals … it’s a really fun time.

3) SCOOTERS: Scooters are available at the hotel and they are really really fun. There is a sign up sheet for scooter tours near the front desk. We took the Sunset Special for $9 convertible pesos. They are the simplest things to drive … so take out your own.

4) PACKING: Take running shoes … take aloe vera … take gravol if you’re snorkeling because the waves may do a number on your stomach. Take an empty water bottle to have filled at the bar before excursions … take something a little dressy for the restaurants … take gifts (they appreciate them).

I think that’s it. Feel free to e-mail me at … for further information.

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Superclubs Breezes – Jibacoa R & G ~ Nova Scotia

April 2005

This is our second visit to this resort. We went April 19th – 26th – Air Transat from Halifax with two other couples. Flight wasn’t bad but a bit crowded with not much leg room. However, our flight times were much better than last year. We arrived just after lunch.

We had a fabulous time. I’m not a big fan of the Veradero Airport but everything went very smoothly from the luggage claim to the bus, etc. The bus to the resort was ready and waiting for us. World of Vacations provided a great service with a very informative rep.

The entertainment staff are fantastic and remembered us from our first visit. It was like coming home! They work long hours and always go out of their way to make our visit so special. Erling, Tony and Mercedes are wonderful along with Maxim and Gilberto at the Beach Grill. These people always have a smile, a warm greeting and take their jobs very seriously. Wonderful, genuine, caring people whose main objective is for their guests to have a great vacation.

Money exchange was not a problem as the Cashier is open each day from 10 am to 10 pm. Never a shortage of coin, etc. I love the internet service. $3 for 30 minutes. Two computers available and there was never a long wait for access. Nice quiet, air conditioned little area upstairs in the main lobby.

The piano bar is a favourite spot for relaxing after a big meal and the entertainment is wonderful and the atmosphere very nice. The Spanish coffee is great. Also try the "Miami Vice".

Most guests at this resort were from Canada – with many from the Maritimes. We met a lot of great people. Canada even won the hockey game played on the beach – the first time in years! What a thrill and what a celebration! Lots of volleyball games in the Pool and Acquasize and dance lessons. We enjoy walking the long sandy beach.

The food was great. There is always something for everyone with a different theme each evening – Cuba Night, Mexican Night, Seafood, etc. The seafood buffet was huge with a a boat as a centerpiece filled with shrimp, mussels, lobster, etc. Musicians are present during the supper meal which is very nice. The Italian Restaurant and the Cuban were also top notch for good food and excellent service.

The highlight of our trip was the Eco Tour provided by very capable hosts – all young people who have so much to teach you about Cuba who drive Suzuki Grand Vitara vehicles. There was great snorkelling, a visit to a river park, visit to the Matanzas Bridge, tours of caves and a beautiful lunch at a Cuban ranch. Ariel, Izzey – wonderful tour guides who taught us so much and gave us such a wonderful day!

We also enjoyed the scuba lessons, dance lessons and the nightly shows – great entertainment by very professional singers, dancers, etc.

As I mentioned earlier this was our second visit to this resort and we would not hesitate to go back again, again and again. Many of our friends keep asking why we don’t try another resort but why change when Breezes Jibacoa has everything we want and more. This is heaven!

If you want a relaxing, enjoyable and unforgettable time – try this resort – you will not be disappointed. The grounds and buildings are immaculate and the staff can’t do enough for you. I’m told this resort is rated 7th in the world for repeat customers. I can see why. I can’t wait to go back. YAHOO!

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Superclubs Breezes – Jibacoa Deb ~ Ontario, Canada

April 2005

Four of us just got back from Breezes Jibocoa, had a great time. Apr 10 -17/05

I went there because of the reef out in front of the resort, I spent 7 hours on the reef in the first three days. The remainder of the week was red flagged, which was disappointing, but that is the way mother nature is sometimes. The reef was in great condition once you got out about 500 -600 ft in 50 ft of water, coral wall, lots of finger, fan and staghorn and feather dusters, etc. The coral bed had lots coral too, but because people are standing on it, it has damage. The coral bed runs for quite a ways – 5 -10 feet deep depending on the tide, when you get to the edge of the bed, it is a 50-60 ft wall to the bottom which is sand, this is the best part, with lots fish including morays, blue tangs, yellow tails, squirrel fish, 3 kind of butterfly fish, probably 100 species of fish all told. If you swim straight out 25 feet to the left of the beach bar, you will come to smaller dead reef first with lots of fish, then the live reef. I will be going back for more snorkeling.

The beach is not very good for bathers and swimmers, but does have some sand close to shore, your best to stay on the sand and do not walk in the sea grass or on anything else. I saw jellyfish and scorpion fish and sea urchins while snorkeling which can inflict injury to people who are not aware of these creatures.

The hotel is smaller with 250 rooms (this is why I picked it) minimal stairs, good food (keeping in time with Cuban cuisine). There is a hill/cliff behind the hotel which is a free excursion with a guide or you are safe to make the trip on your own. There is a beautiful view of the resort and ocean from up there.

We did the following and are worth the effort and money: Havana is well worth the cab ride in for 90 pesos. The name is OK taxi – Omar was our driver Matanzas and Havana both have Tropicana shows for around 40 pesos. – we booked this thru our signature rep Scooter tour for 12 pesos – booked at the hotel (you need your drivers license)

Convertible pesos only, no US cash. Take Canadian money and change at the hotel or airport. Exchange rate same as US. The entertainment at the hotel was sometimes good and sometimes not.

Quiet resort, with only children 14 years and over applies, did not see many young teens at all.

The resort itself is well kept with beautiful grounds and accommodations. I have no complaints with the destination.

My only disappointment was the airline Skyservice. It was late leaving on our Sunday departure -1430 flight that left at 1930. The flight coming back was 6 hours because of a stop in Holguin, Cuba to drop and pick up other tourists. (we knew ahead) (The travel agent has told me that the above is happening a lot, sometimes you are pre-warned and sometimes it is last minute changes). Skyservice was alright with everything else.

I might try Air Canada next time.

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Superclubs Breezes – Jibacoa Bryan and Donna ~ Williams Lake BC

April 2005

My girlfreind and I just returned from Breezes Jibacoa, March 28 to April 4 2005, and had a fantastic trip.(Thank you Roxanna Ferguson of Advantage Travelwise, Kamloops). This resort is everything and more of what everyone here has reported. The weather was just hot enough – 23C to 30C and there were only two red flag days at the beach – only because of the waves. The food was incredible, there is so much to choose from (I can’t stress that enough), and seems to be prepared with us Canadians in mind.

We ventured away from the resort only one day for a catamaran cruise to Cayo Blanco with another couple from our resort and many others from Varadero, all of us had a blast. They stopped for a fishing boat and brought fresh lobster on board and a short time later served lobster for $10, don’t miss out on that. There was an open bar on the boat and on the island, and there was a buffet style lunch while on Cayo Blanco. We got soaked on the way back due to waves, this added to the fun – I hope the tour company doesn’t start charging extra for that ride. Just a note, nobody got seasick and I am sure it was a rare occurrence.

The adult oreintation of the resort is obvious and most people there are middle age, however there were a few of us younger couples, it is very relaxed and not a night life hotspot, this is a big positive for us. The grounds are kept immaculate, and since Jibacoa is only about six years old the rooms and main buildings are very clean and modern. The morning walk with Eric is very educational and you get to see the surounding area along with a fantstic birds eye view of the whole resort. The pool is large and very beautiful, and not usually crowded, keeping in mind there were 500 guests there, the beach is never crowded and always a place to soak up the sun or sit in the shade. I don’t consider myself a big rum drinker but the pina colada’s are wonderful and they keep you well hydrated, besides that there are many other types of drinks to choose from – no you will not go thirsty. There are snacks available later in the eve after the buffet is closed so you won’t go hungry either.

We flew with Air Canada Vacations and found everything fine, our flight from Vancouver was just under six hours to Varadero and then a short 45 min ride by air conditioned coach to the resort. Some of the group that we went with traveled business class on the plane but I still don’t think I would put out the extra cash, you still get there the same as everyone else. There was really no difficulty with customs, there is a small amount of paperwork that you will need to visit Cuba, but still not a big deal.

The staff are very professional and really do an outstanding job to make you happy and comfortable. Many guests were there for their second, third and fourth times or more. The staff makes a fantstic effort to remember everyone even those of us on our first visit. We did meet one nice couple that had been there eleven times, they were a wealth of information and a pleasure to talk with. I hope that I will be able to go that many times.

There are a number of tours that you can take from the resort, to suit whatever your interests might be – Havana, Varadero, Matanzas, Jungle, scooter tours, catamaran day trip, and a few others I don’t remember. Whatever you do, don’t leave without snorkeling out in front of the resort, the reef is fantastic and if you want to there are dive trips as well, I am a diver but was unable to go because of a time clash with the Jungle Tour that we had planned. I was then disapointed when our Jungle tour had been cancelled because there wasn’t enough people, so if I may offer some advice try to find a few other folks to go with, that should help insure that you get to go. In our case there wasn’t enough time to book something else so we missed out. One other thing about the tours; your travel company, ie: Sunquest or Air Canada, wants you to book your excursion with them and that is fine as the prices are fixed, however; the Air Canada rep was only available at the resort for less than half our vacation, I didn’t let this one little thing ruin my vacation, there is still plenty to do.

Bring a 220 volt charger for your digital camera, and a big memory card as you will need both. There is so much to see and when you get home it is wonderful to have all those memories, and of course you will want to show everyone you know all the scenery and excursions. Gifts for the gardeners and houskeeping staff (or anyone for that matter) are greatly appreciated. There is some truth that you should bring a few rolls of T.P. for trips off the resort. I really wished I had brought a watch so I wouldn’t be late for meals, tours etc, the power was interupted at least once a day so the clock in our room had to be reset, this could be a problem if you are counting on the alarm to wake you up in the morning. There is always a wake up call available from the front desk if you remember to let them know.

If you have read a good number of the reviews on this resort there should be no trouble deciding where you can have a great vacation, and if you do go take a few minutes to write your own review because there are a lot of poeple out there that just don’t realize what Cuba has to offer. We will for sure return to this resort as soon as we can.

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Superclubs Breezes – Jibacoa Laura and Bill ~ Nova Scotia,Canada

March 2005

My husband and I just got back fro a week at Jibacoa.We are in our early 50s and are active people.This is our second visit there and we hope to go back again.We were there with three other couples,one of whom has been there four times in its six year existance.We love it there for the following reasons:

1.The staff is always well organized and ready for new arrivals,very helpful and friendly. 2.It is situated in a beautiful location,nestled between hills and the ocean(not near towns or shopping traps) 3.It is quiet and relaxing and small. 4.We ran every day and felt comfortable doing that on the roads off the resort. 5.Snorkeling and scuba diving are amazing. 6.The food is yummy and so are the drinks. 7.The rooms are clean,spacious and have nice views.The grounds are beautifully maintained. 8.There’s lots to do if you want to-hikes,scooter rides,bicycles,excursions to Santa Cruz,Mantanzas and Havana,live music,dancing, aerobics,kayaking,snorkeling,swimming,tennis,Spanish lessons,nightly entetainment,games room,theme days,etc. etc.(some things of course you pay extra for) 9.Loud party goers were NOT there.

10.They even treated repeat customers to a free bus excursion to a local town. We would highly recommend this resort to anyone who wants to go to a beautiful place with a lot of class but without all the hoopla that you get at some of the bigger resorts.

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}{review}}{{ March 2005
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Superclubs Breezes – Jibacoa J-P and Stephanie 27 years old ~ Montreal,Quebec

March 2005

Hi all travelers,

My Fiance and I went for 7 days from january 16th to january 23rd. Our flight was Booked with ZOOM airlines, nothing to sya on them, they were great. The drive from the airport to the hotel is about 55 minutes. The drive goes fast, as you can enjoy the nice sceenery, especially when you pass on the bridge (youll see what im talking about). The reception at the hotel was great, all papers placed on a table in the lobby, all seperated in enveloppes with your name on it, so it makes it much easier to check in.

As for the resort, all we have to say: it was great. Altought it is really quiet (not much to do), we had a great time. if your are looking to relax, and just spend hours doing nothing, but rest on beach, play volley ball and drink, your at the right place. i think that’s the point of a vacation; RELAX AND ENJOY. If not, i suggest you go to another resort to party.

The food is amazing, i never saw a buffet that well organized, every day was a different theme. We never got stuck with the same food. There is a disco, but we were always around 10 to 15 people at max. Everybody else were sleeping at 10pm….. So we made the party at night.

The employees we met were really helpfull, If you go, please say Hello to YANKIEL for us…he was amazing (he is part of the animation). The resort is not to big, so your really close to every building, the bars are great, try the MOHITO….hmmmm!

The resort is really a 4 and a half star.

Have a great vacation and ENJOY!

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Superclubs Breezes – Jibacoa Neil & Di ~ Worcester, England

March 2005

Thought you might be interested in some Brits take on this resort.

This was our 2nd visit to Cuba. We were there at the same time last year where we stayed at the Melia Cayo Coco. I would say that you are able to meet up with local people much more in Jibacoa. It was a joy to cycle or go walking along the roads outside the hotel and meet up with people coming and going to work or waiting for lifts or working in their gardens or their small holdings. We ate at a palader just up from the hotel and shared 3 of the freshest lobsters between the 2 of us as well as hot lobster salsa. Many hotel guests seemed scared to venture out but the vast majority of the people seemed really friendly and welcoming.

We loved the hotel. Arriving at 12.30am after 18 hrs journey we were greeted by a very friendly receptionist and porter who seemed to be expecting us with very simple instructions about keys and other details and there was food available if we had wanted it. We came via Madrid as we booked late and could not get a direct flight. I would not do this again as it makes for a lot of travelling and time waiting around for connecting flights. On the way back we were delayed leaving Cuba and nearly missed our Madrid connection. One of our cases did miss being transferred and came on the following flight.

The Melia was probably better for food choice, but there was certainly enough to keep both of us who are considered faddy eaters back home, supplied. I found the drinks to be too sweet and I believe that is because they use concentrate for mixers. The wine choice was poor. Only one type of sweetish red and white in all restaurants. But those were our only gripes.

Room was great. We were in the upper sea end of block 6 so we enjoyed a partial sea view from the balcony. Very well maintained by the maids and always 2 bottles of water left a day.

The beach was nice. Not such beautiful sand as at Cayo Coco but pale and kept clean with plenty of sun loungers and if you snorkel it is amazing. We do not but would certainl learn to do so if we return. Just feeding the fish with bread when you are knee deep in water makes you feel as if you are in an aquarium. The stiff breeze in the first week brought in some jelly fish so the beach was red flagged some afternoons.

The entertaintments staff and public relations team all seemed very pleasant and helpful. We joined in with some of the activities and had some fun. We caught up with some of the evening entertainment but it isn’t really our thing. Others rated it highly.

Overall I would return here. It is very laid back, lots of space and easy going without being sloppy.

I would agree with some of the comments about tipping. We found that we got through quite a bit of money with the 2 pesos here and the 3 pesos there. The gardeners never seemed to be rewarded and they keep the grounds beautiful. They got around this at the Melia by presenting ladies with flowers or woven birds made out of leaves as one walked along the paths, but all carried out in a very charming way. I do not know what the answer is re the tips. Just be aware of the imbalance, where high profile personnel get all the benefits.

We finished our holiday in Cuba with 4 days in Havana. That is just such a knock out city. The restoration going on is amazing and there is so much history and culture to absorb. All in all we love the country but know that we have only glimpsed a tiny part of its treasures.

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Superclubs Breezes – Jibacoa Victoria and Greg

January 2005

In my opinion, this resort is for very inactive people who like long hours of lying on the beach in quiet solitude, coupled with breaks of snorkeling the shallow waters of the beach. Break this up by the anticipation of eating three times a day, and you’ve got your holiday schedule planned.

I went to this resort thinking I fit the above description. However, I came to realize that after a few hours of lying on the beach doing nothing, I was really anxious to find something to do. Personally, I don’t need to have adrenaline-rush activities or hours of mental stimulation, but I do like to people watch, browse shops, and immerse myself in local culture, and you could do none of that stuff at this resort.

The staff were all friendly, and the drinks (especially the Mojito and Chocolate Monkey) were quite good. The resort is well run. The rooms are very clean, and a local guard stands at each end of the beach to keep locals from entering the premises.

We took advantage of the jeep tour, which was fantastic. We drove ourselves (following the guide’s jeep), and we swam in a natural lake inside a cave, snorkeled at a nearby beach, and toured an underground cave with crystal formations and stalagmites/stalactites.

We also had a trip into Havana where we walked the streets and looked around. This was fun.

I realize everyone talks about what you should bring to give away to people, and from being there I can say that it is a Socialist country that is no longer enjoying the wealth it once knew, but don’t let yourself be too caught up in the stories. They have a way of talking to you about hard luck, very subtly, and the next thing you know you feel bad about taking home anything you have in your suitcase. I got caught up myself, and then I finally realized that they are not as well off, but that they aren’t doing too badly either. In fact, the people who work in the resort are doing very well compared to the average farmer, and most of them take home a nice amount of money. For example, they earn 12-18 convertible pesos a month, so imagine how many times the server is tipped 1 or 2 pesos? In a night, they might earn as much as their month salary. Consider they work 6 nights a week, and you can see that they aren’t doing too bad. Imagine how many presents are left in the rooms for the maids? Money, toothpaste, etc. My suggestion is if you want to bring a few presents, bring toothpaste and soap. Those are the two items that seemed to bring the biggest smiles (they are apparently outrageously expensive). Also, shoes (old sneakers) were requested. Other than that, tip one peso if the mood strikes you, or more if you want, but just keep in mind that people will tell you a lot of stories that will make you want to give everything you own. Just keep it into prespective. Oh yeah, and the thing about being all-inclusive and no tipping allowed, well that’s what’s written, but that isn’t what happens. People were tipping all over the place. Again, that’s up to you. By the end, we’d all but stopped tipping. It can cost you a fortune if you aren’t careful.

I’d never snorkeled before, and I was amazed at how fantastic it is to snorkel on their beach! Wow. 10 feet from shore you begin to see fish, but be warned – they are TAME. I’m serious, haha, they are so used to being fed by the tourists, that I was swarmed about 100 feet from the shore. It freaked me out the first time, but I quickly got used to it.

This resort was nice enough, but you really need to take serious consideration to the fact that it is not close to shopping or anything else. Also, make sure you bring the amount of cash you need. We cut it close at the end, and it’s hard to get cash in Cuba. You need to find a ride to the city, and that’s expensive too.

My husband, on the other hand, had a fabulous time. While I would never visit Cuba again, and I will be very careful about choosing resorts in the future, my husband would visit this resort and Cuba again in a heartbeat. He loved it there.

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Superclubs Breezes – Jibacoa Bart & Caroline — Edmonton, Canada

December 2004

We recently returned from a two week vacation at Superclubs Breezes Jibacoa (SBJ). As usual, the reviews on this site were a great help in picking this resort so in return I’ll post our experiences. Since this resort is well-represented with reviews I will skip some things that have been discussed in recent postings and focus on things we experienced differently. One important part of our Caribbean holidays is scuba diving and snorkeling, so at the end I will give a quite detailed description of that aspect at SBJ.

We are in our late 30’s and have made one Caribbean resort vacation every year for the last four years. Our interest is in diving and relaxation, so we typically look for quiet smaller scale resorts away from the party crowd. Although luxury is appreciated, it is not that important to us. SBJ fits this profile very well and does offer the luxury you’d expect from a four star Cuban resort.

We booked through World of Vacations and flew with Air Transat; via Calgary on the way out and direct to Edmonton on return. At Cnd$1851 pp for two weeks that was a fantastic deal. Yes seats are tight on Air Transat and food was below par but the flight was safe, on time and pleasant in all other respects (with two movies each way). No complaints here.

We arrived as a large group but they had set up a table with envelopes that contained keys and info ready for each guest to speed up check-in. We requested non-smoking, 2nd floor, and a king bed and that is exactly what we got. Even better, we ended up in building 5 (see map) which is very close to the dive shop and the beach, far from the pool and entertainment, and with a nice view towards the mountains and a large garden with gazebo. If they had given us a free pick out of all 250 rooms on the resort I don’t think we could have done better.

The room is a good size, well maintained, and everything worked. Second floor rooms have a balcony and a high ceiling which gives a sense of space. The resort has 220 Volt power outlets but they use North American-style power plugs. It is thus easy to plug in and toast your 110 Volt electronics! The good part is that all our chargers are dual 110/220 Volt capable so we could just plug them in without need for adapters. There was a transformer in the room if you needed one. During our stay there would be at least one power disruption every day (you get really good at resetting the digital clock). No fault of the resort, apparently a big power plant was in repair. For that same reason the whole country had not switched back to winter time in order to save electricity (you must love a country that can just do that). The room also has a safe which you can use at no cost. The most outstanding feature was the bathroom which is large, clean and nice. In particular, it had the best bathtub I’ve ever seen in a hotel, even better than at home. I would normally say, why bother about a bathtub if you have a whole ocean, but this one was so nice that for the first time on a Caribbean vacation we actually used it.

Last year we were spoiled in the food-department at the Casa del Mar resort in Bayahibe (Dom. Rep.) where food quality, diversity and presentation were exceptional. SBJ is not even getting close but we have enjoyed all our meals. There is plenty of variety to explore in the first few days and thereafter you hunt down your favorites. In the morning you can have an egg-any-style made while you wait. This is very popular, so you may have to stand in line but watching the efficiency of the cook juggling four orders in parallel is fun. Every day they also made French toast and baby pancakes in addition to a hot and cold buffet style breakfast. Breads, cheeses, fruits, cereals, milk, and sometimes yogurt were also available. You can have lunch at the beach bar or a buffet lunch with this time pizza and pasta dishes made on the spot just the way you like them. Again the pasta bar is popular. The lunch buffet includes a desert selection, so keep some space. For dinner there are two restaurants in addition to the buffet, but you need to make reservations. Since we stayed two weeks we could visit each restaurant twice. The Italian restaurant is romantic with candles and life piano music. Food, service and presentation are very good and the wine was a step up from the other restaurants. The Cuban restaurant gives you a personal and more intimate service than the buffet, but its not very special. We had plenty of fresh vegetables, raw and cooked, no lack of tomatoes or anything else as reported in reviews around October. In short we were very satisfied by the food at SBJ. Also remember that you are in Cuba were supplies are more difficult to come by. We made a point of never taking more than we could finish. Sending plates full of left over food back to the kitchen is completely unnecessary and especially insensitive in a country where food is in short supply.

I won’t say much about drinks. What stood out for us were the specialty coffees in the lobby bar. In late afternoon we would normally go there for a Jibacoa or other special coffee. They make it in layers where liquor, coffee and milk foam stay separate, especially nice if you get it in a tall glass.

Our only activity apart from diving, snorkeling and relaxing, was a trip to Havanna. We were not disappointed by Havanna but we were disappointed with how the trip was organized. Upon arrival we passed the cathedral and then immediately went on to a hotel were Hemmingway once stayed. This is a modern completely uninteresting hotel lobby where we spent a significant amount of time because people were given the opportunity to order drinks (extra cost). Only a few did but we all had to mill around waiting for them to finish. After a very brief walk with little explanation about the history of Havanna we ended up in the restaurant for lunch. The lunch was ok but again a big chunk of time not experiencing Havanna. The next stop was a museum. The guide explained the first artifact and then basically left. The next time we’ll either go completely on our own or get a knowledgeable guide with a smaller group.

Please read Bart & Caroline’s snorkeling and diving review on our scuba page

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