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Superclubs Breezes – Costa Verde – Reviews Posted – 15

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Superclubs Breezes – Costa Verde Heidi — Canada

January 2004

Our family – 2 adults – 3 kids stayed the SuperClubs Breezes Costa Verde from Dec. 20th to Dec. 27th/03. We ate in all the restaurants, Italian, Japaneese, Cuban, Jimmy’s and Lucy’s – all were excellent. The people who worked at the hotel were absolutely great – very nice people.

The only complaint I would have would be that to sign up for water sports, you can only do it on the day of the sport. Signup begins at 8:30 am but if you are not there by at least 7:30 waiting, you won’t get to do anything. Spaces are extremely limited, they only run the banana boats and catamarans for a few hours each afternoon. Diving, which we didn’t do had an even longer line. They take 15 only scuba divers out each morning.

All in all, having to compare this resort to one in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, also a 4 star, I would give this hotel a 9 out of 10. Food is good, water is safe, people are great.

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Superclubs Breezes – Costa Verde

October 2003

My wife and I have just returned from a two week stay at Breezes Costa Verde between 26/09/03 and 10/10/03. I have used your website to help with several holidays and felt that it was time I put something back into it so here goes.

Check in was quick and easy. We were taken to our room by a porter in a golf buggy. I recommend that you take advantage of this as the resort is set in large grounds and it will take you a while to find your room if you aren’t familiar with the layout.

The room was big. The bed was huge and there was still plenty of room to move around in when getting dressed etc.All furnishings appeared relatively new. There was a fridge in the room that was ideal for keeping drinks cool.There is a seperate sink and bathroom area, ideal for when two people are getting ready for the evening, for instance I could be shaving whilst my wife was hogging the bathroom, you know how it is…..

The resort is spread out over a large area. It has a large pool with plenty of sunbeds and parasols.The rooms are in colonial style blocks, on two floors with 16 rooms in each block. All the blocks are spread out and are not cramped together. The grounds are full of colourful plants, palm and banana trees etc. These are kept immaculate by a team of gardeners and I never saw any litter at all during our stay.The beach is reached by a walkway that crosses a pool that contains numerous birds and fish. The beach is self is typical Caribbean, White sand blue sea that is crystal clear and warm even at 8:00 am. Again there was plenty of sunloungers and shade provided by trees and parasols made from palm leaves.There is coral just off shore but you can swim over it and this did not cause a problem although we did hear a few people complaining about it.

We spent most of our time on the beach that had kayaks, pedalos catamaran and sailing dinghies and those strange looking "sea trikes". There was also a banana boat and water skiing available. The banana boat, water skiing and sailing had to be booked in the morning but the rest of the equipment just had to be signed for as you took it. There is also scuba diving included in the price. This had to be booked one day in advance however if there is space for the afternoon dive you can book that on the morning of the dive, but best practice was to be at the beach centre for 8:30 to bookfor the next day’s diving.Sometimes there was a queue of about 12 people. The diving itself was good. The BCD’s were brand new as were the wetsuits. The regulators were generally in good order however you did find the odd leaking console etc.The divesites for qualified divers were reached via boat and there was a good variation of fish and corals etc. Beginners dives can also be done from the shore once you have had a short lesson in the pool. In the hotel lobby there are also four playstation games set up. The kids just went and helped themselves. You can also call home from the lobby but we found this expensive at $4 a minute and we found it much cheaper to use the e-mail at $3 for 30 minutes.

All staff were friendly and would gladly help with any problems you had. The maid left swans etc. made from towels on a daily basis and this was a nice touch. The shows at night were sometimes a bit hit and miss but I suppose the entertainment staff were doing the best with what they had.

The main buffet was at Jimmy’s restaurant.Ther was always a large selection of foods available and everything that I had was delicious. There are also three a la carte restaurants that you need to book. We tried the Japanese that was fantastic and also the Cuban that was Ok but nowhere near as good as the Japanese. we didn’t try the Italian restaurant but people we spoke to said that it was good.During the day you could get burgers etc from a snack bar called Lucy’s that was situated by the pool.

The weather was excellent throughout our stay apart from two afternoons when we had a storm. In all we found the hotel to be excellent, so much so that we are booking to go again next year

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Superclubs Breezes – Costa Verde Gerry & Darlene T.

August 2003

Hi: We just recently came back from the Breezes Costa Verde in Cuba, July 27 to August 2 2003. We had been to Cuba before, way back in 1988 and so we were very hesistant to go back. With Alot of encourgement from the travel agent we went. And This is what we have to say about the place…………………

Arrived Sunday afternoon….checked in and went to the room to change into shorts…well the room was Huge!! and the bathroom was as well. The place had a balcony which we used in the late evenings…but the room was very clean and with the TV and was Very Nice. It is also very Cool ..on how they do the door locks and Safe lock with the magentic cards, which by the way do not have any room numbers on them so if you loose it at least they can’t go to your room… We tried to signup for the resestaurants and Scuba diving but were told that we could do it on Monday morning…Oh well were on holidays…..

Monday we got up and tried to sign up for the dives,well it turned out that we would only be able to sign up for the Tuesday dives, everything is done 1 day in advance…so at least we would be diving on tuesday…so we went to the lobby and signed up for the A La Carte restaurants, which we spaced over the week. Which was good because the amount of Food you eat, it takes a while to digest… So since we had brought our own equipment, we went Snorkeling and saw alot of fish and huge brain corals and sea fans…so it was Okay.

Tuesday we got up early and went to the Dive Center. We got our tanks , which are only 10 litre capacity, I think that is around 50 cuft although I’m not sure. We went for about a 10 minute boat ride and anchored, Ouch they Do not have a mooring system installed, they just hook into the Coral…I have sent a letter seeing about Helping them setup a mooring system but have not heard back…perhaps SuperClubs Don’t care??? How can I send something to Mr. Castro, since Tourisim is Very Very important to them. We did not see alot of big fish, but saw quite a few little ones, I had seen saving Nemo and that movie kept going through my head as I looked around.. The max depth was 103 feet and the Total dive time was around 40 minutes including Safety stops. The afternoon Dive was around 60 feet for about 45 minutes, again we saw Large Brain Corals and Large Intact Sea Fans. Not alot of colours though, some Yellow, and Purple barrel sponges and then the regular small soft and hard corals.

Wednesday we went o the Holguin City tour. This included the Cigar factory tour which was very interesting, talk about manual labour and intensive. But the work they do is Amazing!!. Although they sell cigars at the factory, we did not find any deals, specifically for the size and quantity/Brand we were looking for. Then we went to the ceramic factory, it was Okay. They had someone from the group try it and it was all good fun. But they are learning their marketing skills, as 1 fellow in the place had a table setup with items for sale. They were very Nice and the Prices were Excellent when we compared them to the Resort Gift Shop.Should have bought more from him, Oh well next time.. We also went to a Very High Hill, which has a set of stairs, about 460 of them, the view looks out over the whole city, this area is were the local people "work" the tourists, we did not have any problem though. On the way back to the resort, we stopped at a roadside chicken restraurant and had an authentic Cuban Lunch. It was good.

Thursday was a writeoff for me as it must have been something I ate or had to drink, because it did not agree with me. So my wife just went to the Beach and tanned…….By the late afternoon I was alot better, so we just walked the beach. No one bothered us…..

Friday we got back into the diving. The first dive was in Los Grande Canyon. It had swim throughs and we saw a spiney lobster as well as 2 moreray eels. It was very deep, a few guys went to 48 meters, as we hung out at 33 meters. The afternoon dive was the Best one. We saw a few large schools of fish and a large Green moreray eel. The max depth was 23 meters. This is where I watched the anchor drag,destroy and kill Coral. As it had come undone and was dragged 50 feet before it locked into some coral that held the boat. As I watched and looked at the divemaster, he did not seem to be concerned. This was a hot topic of discussion on the boat ride back. We all wondered Why Don’t they have a mooring system in place!!! As I have stated I have sent email to Super Clubs and have not received a response. I and a few other divers would Gladly go back and show them how to do this mooring system, as long as costs are covered, since it will save the coral and allow other divers to enjoy it for a Long Time…..

Saturday we went swimming with the Dolphins. This whole excursion should take 2 hours, well they have it dragged out for 4 1/2 hours. I guess they want you to feel like your getting value for the money. It was amazing to swim with them and rub and pet them. They are such beautiful, smart Cool Animals. I understand that people will say that it is cruel for them to be penned in, but on the other hand it creates jobs and allows the general tourist to experience something they would never otherwise experience. so it is a double edged sword unfortunately. So it does have good and bad points, but that is not for me to decide or argue about in this review. It is just pointed out that this type of thing exists.

Sunday we left for the airport and were able to sit in the terminal for 5 1/2 hours as the plane was Really Late! due to thunderstroms and other delays.. We go into Toronto Late Sunday night.

All in all it was a Good Trip. Would we go Back…..Yes in about 1 or 2 years………

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Superclubs Breezes – Costa Verde Angie and Marion — Graz, Austria

July 2003

My girlfriend Marion and me, Angie, two women in their late thirties, stayed in Breezes Costa Verde from 8th till 22nd July and had one of the most fascinating and interesting holidays. I already have been in other resorts in Cuba (Los Corales near Santiago, Sol Cayo Coco), Mexico (Barcelo Maya, Fiesta Kantenah) and the Dominican Republic (Riu Hotels, Allegro Resort, MacBavaro Grand) with Marion and also with my husband.

First of all I would like to make some comments about the way some people criticize slow service or inappropriate facilities of the hotel: Please always remember you are on holiday, so if you have to wait a little bit to be served at a bar or in one of the restaurants, it does not really matter a lot, does it?. Try to order with a smile and some nice words, you will get the reward! If you do not get clean towels or soap, why don’t you speak to your maid directly or leave a nice note. I can tell you, that always works wonders. And if you complain about the food I wonder, what on earth you have got at home, it must be a Gault Milaut – menu all the time!

Anyway, lets go into detail:

We had a wonderful room on the second floor facing the lagoon near the Cuban restaurant and enjoyed the sunset nearly every evening. It was spacious with two queen size beds, lots of possibilities to store away your stuff, no hanger shortage, an (included) safe and lots of mirrors. In comparison to other resorts there was a CD player in the room, so we could listen to the CDs we bought from the life bands in the hotel – very nice! The bathroom was quite big as well and fortunately the sink (and mirror) was separated from the shower and the toilet. Everything was very clean and if one day fresh towels or toiletries were missing, we either used the old ones or talked directly to our maid.

Restaurants and food
The food in general was always very good and also nicely decorated (especially in comparison to other resorts like Los Corales or Sol Cayo Coco, were it was o.k, but nothing to rave about.). I am a picky eater, but I always found something tasty. Sometimes I also noticed little flies buzzing around, especially in the buffet restaurant, but the staff made an effort to cover those meals with glass or plates. And if think of my garden at home, that happens in Austria as well! Of course you cannot compare food in Cuba with for example Mexico or Italy, but that is a matter of taste anyway.

The "a la carte"- restaurants are recommendable as well. We liked the Japanese one best (ask for the female cook Yolennis, she prepares everything so well and is nice to talk to. And if you see her, give her best regards from the blond Austrian girls and ask her not to forget to send us photos from her marriage!), followed by the Cuban one (where we had a delicious lobster from the grill – you have to ask, it is not exactly on the menu!) and then the Italian one (it has an elegant touch, service is very professional, I preferred the steak there, they prepare it exactly to your liking! I did not like the seafood, because it was overcooked, but give it a try. And if you order a Tiramisu, do not expect the ones you know!)

Although the lobby bar was very busy at certain times, I did not get the impression that the staff only served you or served you quicker when you tipped them in beforehand (like I read in other reviews). I sometimes had to wait a little because they had such a lot to do (and they prepare your cocktails with a lot of more care than in other resorts) but then we always had a nice little chat while the drink was mixed. So it always depends on how you treat people who work for you. I have seen tourists who nearly barked their orders or got very angry when the were not served at once, no wonder, why they were not treated as kings. I always felt like a little princess and was often told how they liked my smile!!!

The hotel offers national and international brands of alcohol which in other resorts is often not common at all (like in the 5 star resort Barcelo Maya in Mexico, where you had to pay extra if you wanted higher class booze, or the Los Corales, where they did not even have Havana Club Rum , which I found quite amazing!).

I have also read reviews about the slow service at the beach bar, well, there is only one guy working there, so do not expect wonders. But as I only ordered water or refreshments, I cannot complain about slowness. And very often, when Rolando or Eduardo saw me coming, they prepared my sodawater in beforehand, that was a very nice gesture indeed.

I am a very sporty person and the list of included watersports was definitely one reason why I chose this resort. And there was everything to my liking: catamaran sailing (with fabulous equipment and competent sailors, like Antonio or Juan, give them my love if you see them), waterskiing (which I learned there due to the patience of Livan, the motorboat driver: If you are afraid just tell him and he will take care of you!), banana-boat (which was great fun) and diving (which you can do as a certified diver as Marion is or as a beginner as I am. I have seen a lot of underwater worlds already because I am a passionate snorkeler and I have to say as well as other reviews did, that you definitely can see more colorful fish in Mexico, but the plants are as nice an interesting. And Marion dove 20 metes and deeper and was fascinated by the different corals). Apart from that there is a lot more to do: waterbikes, peddlarboats, windsurfing, etc., but you would need more than the 8 hours opening time!

The only annoying thing about the watersport is the reservation (and that is not the teams’ fault, but something management should change). If you want to do those sports you have to be up early and queue for a while otherwise you might find everything booked (and then the only remedy is to talk to the watersport guys and to wait, if someone does not turn up at the reserved time). There have been problems during our staying especially with diving or waterskiing (although the hotel was only half full, just imagine how it is like during high season!) I did not have any problems because I like to be on the beach really early and always came before 8.00 a.m. I did not mind waiting till 9.00 when the reservation started, because I always chatted with the guys there and enjoyed the empty beach. And for diving you have to reserve one day in advance at 8.00 a.m. and especially for the beginners’ places there is always a rush. I met so many persons who complained about this system, but most of them seemed to blame the watersports team, which is not fair at all, because on the one hand it is due to having not enough equipment(or diving-places) for the amount of guests and on the other hand it is not sensible to have 2 reservation times, because you spend a lot of time waiting. I spoke to public relations and wrote to the general manager, which definitely is more effective, well, we will see, if there are any changes, when I return to the resort.

Entertainment with the animation team during the day mainly takes place near the pool, which I prefer, because activities on the beach only produce a lot of noise and you simply should have the choice. I did not participate very often, so I can only recommend the dancing classes (they were fun although I have been already a good Salsa/Merengue dancer before) and the wateraerobics which is quite effective to burn calories. The tennis courts seemed o.k., no sand of course, but in good shape. Damaris, the female tennis pro is very professional and helpful, but honestly speaking: it was too hot in the evenings, we preferred to stay on the beach and in the mornings I had to do the reservations and Marion did not want to play at 7.00 a.m.. So we brought my tennis outfit to Cuba in vain! The nightly shows were o.k., nothing exceptional in comparison with Mexico (Barcelo Maya and Fiesta Kantenah) or with the Sol Club Cayo Coco in Cuba where I have seen fantastic shows. But you always have to think about all the effort the dancers make to keep you entertained. We really enjoyed the life bands in the disco afterwards: 4 times a week the is a Salsaband playing, twice a band playing songs of the sixties/seventies. I was very keen on Salsa dancing because that’s one of my favorite hobbies at home as well and as I got to know all the dancers quite well in the beginning of the holiday, they always danced a lot with me and I learned nice new moves of the Cuban style. They told me it is part of their job to dance with the tourists in the disco but they always enjoy it more if someone is a good dancer or makes efforts to learn it.

We normally like to go sightseeing on our own, which we always did in Mexico, the Dominican Republic or even in Santiago de Cuba, but this time it would have been a little bit more difficult, because there is not much public transport and the resort is quite secluded. You either have to book a taxi, which can be quite costly or to rent a car, which can be quite dangerous due to the road conditions especially in the dark. So we decided to book the catamaran tour (with snorkeling and an excellent lobster at lunch, and a lot of sailing afterwards), where we saw the whole coast of this area of Cuba and we participated in the shopping and Indian Village tour, which was organized by the hotel itself for about 50 people with a small train. There is not a lot to see in the Indian Village, although you can find the photos in nearly every guidebook (there is famous Indian graveyard there), but we enjoyed the way to the village while we admired the lovely landscape and saw a lot of villages where the Cubans live. The shopping tour to Guardalavaca was o.k. as well although you can save the time because the people on the market there also come to the hotel (on different days) and if you need souvenirs, you can buy them in the hotel at the same prices. We got to know a very lovely lady (Teresa Lara), who makes beautiful handmade necklaces and other pieces of art. We talked a lot on the market and then she asked us to see her again in the hotel (she is there on Thursdays), which we did. She was so pleased and we chatted again, she invited us into her home (but we had to postpone it for our next visit!) and then she gave us necklaces as a present, which she had made especially for us. She even told us, she was afraid we would not come to see her, and had already asked her husband what she should be doing with the necklaces then.

That is only one time, when we got to know Cuban friendliness and hospitality, I could write a book already. Of course it is often the language (I speak Spanish fluently and Marion speaks it quite well), but not only, because my husband only speaks three words,( but smiles a lot) and when I visited Cuba with him, we also had lovely experiences and were invited to people’s homes for dinner. I think it only depends on yourself, how you treat people of another country and culture, in Austria we have a saying: "The words you shout into a forest you get back in the same manner" (sorry about the English translation!)

Overall experience
Well, I can only say, I want to return as quickly as possible to this Cuban paradise!! If you have chosen the resort for your holiday, congratulations!

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Superclubs Breezes – Costa Verde Cindy & Bill —Toronto, Canada

July 2003

We stayed there July 5-12, 2003.  I stayed at the resort in January 2002 so I was familiar with the resort and facilities.  This was my husband’s first time.  We choose this resort to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary.  We received a free room upgrade, champagne in our room on our anniversary date and invitation to a special managemen cocktail party.  First time travelling to carribean during summer months.  I have to say that this resort has improved since my previous stay.  Weather was warm 32-34 degrees each day but not overwhelming.  Good breeze down by the beach where we spent most of our day.  Take lots of suntan location. We brought our own towels so we wouldn’t have to bother getting one.

Take deet as there were mosqitos. A bit of a bother since I attract them. I would definately return to this resort again.  We have done a fair amount of travelling and this is my favorate resort.  I would say definately a 4+. People are friendly and willing to do what they can to please you.

Checkin:  Our flight was delayed from Toronto for six hours since we arrived about 7:00 pm.  If you want a bell boy to help with your luggage no problem.  We opted to get a drink in the reception bar first and take our own luggage to our room.  The resort is big – you wouldn’t want to attemp this if arriving late at night when dark.  Since we were a return client they also had booked a night in their 3 a-la-carte restaurants for us. Nice touch.

Hotel Room:  Stayed down by the Cuban restaurant in a balcony room. Previous I had a terrace.  Rooms are spacious  The balcony room had a day bed, table with two chairs.  Nice to have the balcony but not essential in our views.  No problem with maid service.  We did leave some kind of a tip daily whether it was money and/or items such as toothpaste/brushes, soap, shampoo, skin cream, toys for children, hair accessories, gently used clothing etc.  The only request we had was for extra bottled water.  You receive one with your room which you fill up at the bars. One day the maid left a note thanking us in English.  We had swans, hearts etc. made with the towels.  Previously I stayed up closer to the pool and would prefer this although the 3000 category rooms are closer to the beach.

Beach:  yes their are no washrooms directly on the beach. You have a short walk up to the Cuban restauran’s washroom facilities.  There is a fresh water river which you cross to get to the beach.  Upon my first stay I did ask why no facilities directly on the beach and was informed that due to health regulations this was not possible.  Rather difficult to run plumbing I imagine as well.  Not a big issue to walk up.  I was pleasantly surprised that some of the beach staff, bartenders recognized me from my previous stay.  Could be because I do not hesitate to tip.  A couple of dollars here and there helps them a lot.  You must book your catamaran, banana boat rides with the beach staff so plan to do so early 9:00 am ish to get your preferred time slot.  This time the resort had a motor boat for water skiiing which was good.  Previously they had one jetski to do this with. Not very powerful.  Lots of activities.  Since this is summer locals do use the beach.  They do not bother you.  Great opportunity to give out small beach toys to the kids.  Delightful to see their eyes light up.  Lots of topless women both at beach and pool area.

Pool Area:  no wait staff but do you really need such?  Great opportunity to get up for a stretch.  Choice of swim up bar or Lucy’s bar area.  Say hello to Mylin at the beach bar for me.  She has a small boy one year old so if you have clothing she would appreciate such.  Lots of activities.  I did not see an issue with dirty, cigarette buts etc.

Bars:  Lots of young, teen children so they did use the pool tables etc in the evening.  Huge coverede area so lots of space to sit back and relax. There is an extra bar setup in the evening to help with drinks during the shows. Nice improvement.  You can also get ice cream sundas etc at the reception bar.

Disco:  Small but air conditioned.  Twice a week they have a good rock & roll band.  disco was crowed every night.  Open at 10:00 after the show.

Food:  The Japanese is my favorite.  The al la cartes are quite small so only a limited # can eat during one night.  You are limited to one booking based on availability.  If you like I suggest you book again.  We were able to get in  twice.  I did not notice any bugs in the food but have to agree the birds do tend to pick the dessert & bread area.  Kind of hard to control this since it is an open air facility.    No one that we talked to got sick nor the last time I was there.  I was in the D.R. in Jan.03 and did get food poising but nevery had during the multiple trips to Cuba.

Looking forward to a return visit in a year or so.  Return clients get a red braclet – room upgrade if available.  We did have a water outage for about 1/2 a day.  Main water pipe broke.  They did fix as quickly as they could and did have bottled water delivered to each room.  A bit of an issue since toilets did not flush.

Tips:  women love, lipstick, toothpaste, shampoo, perfume, nylons, sandles, crayons/writing supplies. The men appreciated the razor blades, colone and gifts for their kids.  If you have room in your suitecase fill it with extra clothing, shoes you don’t need.  You can give out to the people on the resort including gardeners, people on the beach, bike into the local town, or get a taxi driver to drop you off at various houses.   Skin cream boh suntan and moisterizer is really appreciated as well as bandaides, aspirin etc

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Superclubs Breezes – Costa Verde Carrie — Canada

July 2003

We stayed at the Breezes Costa Verde April 27-May 4, 2003. We would definitely not recommend this resort compared to other 4 1/2 star resorts we have visited.

We took an early Sunday am flight from Toronto, Ontario and when we arrived we were told our rooms were not ready. After sitting in the lobby for over an hour waiting, inappropriately dressed, we inquired on the status of our room and was told "to check it out ourselves". If you have seen the layout of this resort, it is not an easy task to simply "check on your room". By the way, Jetsgo was wonderful – far friendlier than other airlines!

Pool Area
There is no poolside service other than at the pool bar and Lucy’s. Other resorts have had waitresses walking around to serve you and this did not exist. The poolside was dirty with cigarette ashes and sand. It appears they only sweep or hose down in the evenings. There are more than enough chairs and the water exercises were pretty fun!

At our first lunch we were turned off by dead flies in the french fries at the buffet. The buffet and Cuban restaurant are outdoors and the majority of the food is uncovered. If you don’t mind bugs and birds having touched your food first you’ll be fine, but if you expect a 4* restaurant, you’ll only come close at the Italian and Japanese restaurant. Also, our travel agent told us the a la carte was not limited – but the hotel told us it was one a la carte per restaurant for the week.

Hotel Rooms
Rooms were very large and spacious. While we stayed, our toilets were unaccessible due to low water pressure twice and there was a total resort water outage for 24 hours. (Yes, can you say gross – no hand washing, showering, flushing or teeth brushing for a whole day!) Also, we made the mistake of inadequately tipping our room steward as our requests for clean sheets, dry towels and a new battery for our TV remote were ignored.

Beach Area
A small warning for families – no washrooms at the beach. When we inquired about the facilities, the beach bar staff told us to "go in the ocean". Between that comment, the rough coral and the hornets, we only went to the beach once and spent the rest of the time at the pool.

Overall, there may be potential to have a good time at this resort, but other than the range of facilities, the cleanliness and service factors do not lead to its 4 1/2 star rating.

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Superclubs Breezes – Costa Verde Rita — Toronto

July 2003

My new husband and I just returned from a week long stay at Breezes Costa Verde. We went to Cuba to get married and were joined by 15 friends and family. I was a bit concerned after reading some of the reviews, but let me set some minds at ease – this resort was spectacular. I have been to other all inclusive resorts in Cuba, Dominican, Jamaica and Grenada and rate this one as one of the best.

Food: The food at the buffet was quite good. As per an earlier review, we tried to get banana milkshakes. Unfortunately, the blender was broken, but a staff member made them for us at the lobby bar.

Even though mangoes were not out on the buffet when we arrived, we merely had to ask to recieve plates of luscious peeled mangoes. Try the pancakes and the crepes – they are very tasty.

The Japanese restaurant was the best. The food was amazing, as was watching the chef at work.

The Italian restaurant was nice – we went there for our wedding dinner and had a blast! I strongly suggest going for the beef rather than the fish, which was slightly overcooked.

The Cuban restaurant had the most relaxing ambience, but wear plenty of mosquito repellant. The food here was not bad at all and the desserts were very good.

Lucie’s was ok, but I’m not a big burgers and fries girl.

We got upgraded to the honeymoon suite and it was huge! Beautiful view of the pool. Some ants in the room, but we lived with them.

Pool is amazing. It is quite shallow and warm and clean. Lots of poolside activities. It was so much fun.

The beach, too, was spectacular. Not as nice as Varadero, but spectacular still. Note: the beach in nearby Guardalavarca is quite stunning, so visit it if you can. The umbrellas by the hotel beach were so pleasant because the days were soooo hot. Try the catamaran – it is a tremendous rush to be skipping over the ocean so smoothly – we even saw some flying fish. The driver wiill go as fast or as slow as you want.

Notes: – if there is anything you want, don’t hesitate to ask the hotel staff. They tried to help us with all our requests. – the bike tour is quite informative. We strayed from the group a bit and stopped and visited with the locals. That was a great experience for us and the kids with us. The families we visited were very hospitable. This is a great time to give away any little items that you may have brought with you. – the horseback riding nearby is fun, but the guides don’t really do much guiding. Be ready for this. Also, wear piles of mosquito repellant. – even though the hotel staff warned against the mopeds, we did try them. We stayed near the resort, but even my 15 year old nephew mastered riding them. – the gym is quite well equipped, but not air conditioned. Beware. – do NOT lose your beach towel. They are quite serious about having you pay if you can’t cough one up when you leave.

– the wedding itself was handled professionally and we were extremely pleased with the results – Hats off to Vivian and Niurka

Other than that, everyone in our group had a fabulous time and would definitely return to this resort again. Perhaps for our one year anniversary.

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Superclubs Breezes – Costa Verde Cindy — Canada

June 2003

My friend and I (we are both 26 year old women, I’m single, she’s attached) just returned from the Superclubs Breezes Costa Verde in Cuba (we were there from May 31- June 7). We were a bit worried when we landed in a thunderstorm, and a fellow vacationer showed us a weather report that predicted thunderstorms for the entire week. However, we woke up to sunshine everyday that week, and any storms we encountered lasted no more than an hour (and were always later in the afternoon after we’d had plenty of sun).

We loved this resort and would happily recommend it to others. The rooms are beautiful, the resort is beautiful, the beach is beautiful, and the people are beautiful. We had a blast.

Although the beach is a bit out of the way, it really isn’t more than a 5 minute walk from anywhere on the resort. The coral can be a bit of a pain, but you can see it perfectly through the crystal clear water (unbelievable) and walk around it. Watershoes would probably make it more comfortable. The coral also means that the snorkeling is awesome. There are schools of tropical fish 15 metres from shore. I would recommend booking the catamaran for the morning, we tried to book it twice for the afternoon and had it cancelled both times due to high winds.

We enjoyed the nightly shows, although we would recommend more dancing and less lip-syncing on the part of the dancers. They really are quite talented, and they work hard. The house bands (which sadly only play for 1 hour) are also terrific – there are 4 nights of a Salsa band, and 2 nights of a retro band (60-70s soft rock). We found that the time during which the band played always passed too quickly. It is also too bad that the animation staff has to leave the resort by 11:30 p.m (not that we would want them to work any harder, maybe just different hours). As soon as they leave the disco empties, and it is up to the guests to make the party. I can only speak for when we were there (which was clearly off-season), but we found that most of the guests were couples, and most of these couples were over 35, so there weren’t a large number of party-animals around.

We also found that the animation staff was a bit reserved. From what we understand, the resort has very strict rules about staff/guest intermingling, and this (as well as some previous aggressive guests looking for more than a dance) seems to keep the staff in constant fear for their jobs, and thus at a safe distance from guests. If there was one suggestion I could make to the resort it would be to loosen up and allow the animation staff to have some more fun and mingle more with the guests during the day. Most of us are just interested in learning about the culture and sharing some laughs.

Swim with the dolphins. It’s worth every penny. Many people recommended the challenge tour to us, but our budget was gone.

As for the food – I’m a vegetarian and my friend is a picky eater. We both found the buffet to have enough variety, and we were pleased with the food although not astounded. As long as you remember that you aren’t in your home country and expect the food to be different, you’ll be fine. The Cuban restaurant is basically the buffet food served a la carte, and if you want lobster you must ask for it (it’s not on the menu). The Italian restaurant was good (the flambé was the best dessert I have ever tasted), and the Japanese restaurant was amazing. They even took the time to cook my vegetables before putting the meat on the grill. The sandwiches available in the sports bar (24 hours) are very tasty after a few hours of dancing (you know, and drinking).

Tipping – we tipped a fair amount, although this did not affect our service either way. Employees make around 8-10 dollars a month so a dollar here and there is very appreciated. We brought some things for the housekeepers, and we gave some gifts to other people throughout the resort. Jewellery, pretty clothing (bar shirts etc.), and perfumes were the most appreciated by the women – we never did find out what the men liked the most.

Again, we had a fabulous time and would highly recommend the resort. The watersports are great, there is a lot to do during the day. We spent almost everyday marveling over how beautiful the resort and the surrounding country is. Have fun – remember, every vacation is what you make of it. Choose to have fun and you will – and believe me, it’s not hard at this resort! cj

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Superclubs Breezes – Costa Verde Kelly and Ken — Ontario, Canada

May 2003

We have recently returned from a week long vacation, May 10-17, 2003 to SuperClubs Breezes Costa Verde. We had a great time. The weather was great – hot and sunny, no rain. In July of 2002 we went to Brisas Guadalavaca and although we enjoyed our vacation, we found the Breezes Costa Verde a better resort. We had a quick layover in Cayo Coco, where just at the airport the mosquitoes were terrible. We talked to several travelers from the Tryp CayoCoco Resort who informed us that the resort sprayed twice a day to help keep the mosquitoes down. We had thought of vacationing in Cayo Coco but after hearing about the mosquitoes we probably will never go there. We did not have any problems with mosquitoes or any other kinds of bugs in Holguin. We arrived in Holguin and got through customs very easily. Since this was our second time to this area we knew what to expect with the airport and the bus ride to the resort.

I cannot say enough good things about the Breezes Costa Verde. The hotel was only 60% full so the resort was very quiet and there were no lineups for anything. Our room was huge and very nicely decorated. We really liked the fact that the shower/tub and toilet area was separate from the sink area. The only problem with our room was that we had booked a balcony room and we given a terrace room. We complained and the next day we were given a new room with an L-shaped balcony. The room was clean but the toiletries were not restocked. One day the maid didn’t even empty the garbage. We left small gifts for her everyday and she made swans and hearts out of the towels. There are tiny little ants in the rooms so don’t leave any food or open cans of pop out. Throw everything in the garbage. The complimentary room safe was also very nice. At the Brisas Guadalavaca there is a $2 fee for a room safe.

The food was fantastic. Jimmy’s is the main buffet restaurant. The fresh banana milkshakes were great. We made sure to have at least one a day. There was always a good variety and the food was hot. The ice cream was homemade and excellent. We ate at the 3 a la carte restaurants and loved them all. I had read many reviews that said the Cuban restaurant was not very good and that there were lots of bugs-it is an outdoor restaurant-but we really liked the food and didn’t have any problems with bugs. By far, the Japanese restaurant was the most entertaining of the 3 a la carte restaurants. We sat at tables of 8 and they cooked the food right in front of us. Wonderful! We did not eat at the snack restaurant, Lucy’s, very much. I did not enjoy the hamburgers but the french fries and pizza were good.

The beach is a little bit of a walking distance from the "hub" of the resort but the grounds are beautiful and very well maintained so it is a lovely scenic walk. Unfortunately, my companion developed many blisters on his feet so walking became painful for him. The sand was beautiful and there were many shaded spots to sit under while on the beach. The water was warm and I recommend trying snorkeling. The fish and coral are quite beautiful to look at. I do recommend aqua shoes-there is allot of coral and the aqua shoes in the resort gift shop are very expensive. There is a bar on the beach but it is limited to basically just rum, pop, juice and beer. They don’t make "fancy" drinks. They also only have sandwiches there. For more substantial food you had to walk back to the resort. There was lots of nautical equipment to use. This resort has motorized equipment that you can use included in the all-inclusive price. Not all resorts include motorized equipment. Usually it is extra. Use the equipment earlier in the day. On two days, the Coast Guard restricted nautical activities due to high winds. Also, get the snorkeling equipment early in the day as well. The resort had limited equipment.

On our first visit to Cuba, we did the dolphin/aquarium tour-well worth the money- so this time we wanted to do the deep sea fishing and large catamaran snorkeling tours. We loved the catamaran snorkeling tour. We stopped at a Cuban restaurant for a lobster lunch-it was great. This tour was worth every cent. Karen was our guide and she was marvelous. We did not catch any fish while deep sea fishing. That was very disappointing. I learned that I do not do well on small boats in large swells.

We had a great vacation and hope to return soon. In comparison to the Brisas Guadalavaca, the Breezes Costa Verde was a much better resort. The rooms were much larger and the food was by far much better. Food at the Brisas was neither hot nor cold and lacked any flavor. However, the beach was much closer at the Brisas Guadalavaca. The layout of Brisas Guadalavaca was more compact. The beach and pool were very close to the resort. Please remember to bring lots and lots of your own band. The resort doctor quickly ran out. The staff was great and tried very hard to please your every whim. We highly recommend this resort and hope that you have as much fun as we did.

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Superclubs Breezes – Costa Verde L and C. — Cambridge, Ontario

May 2003

Well just returned from a 1 week holiday at the Superclubs Breezes – Coste Verde(May18-25) booked through Sunwing Tours and I have to say it was OUTSTANDING!!! My wife and I are in our early 30’s and have been to Cuba once before(4yrs ago) when we stayed in Cayo Coco – Hotel Tryp.

We flew out of Toronto with Jetsgo and although there was a slight delay leaving Toronto, the flight itself was very good. As has been stated in previous reviews, upon arrival in Holguin the transfer through the airport and on to the bus was very speedy. Our Sunwing rep was Raphael and he was great. The drive to the hotel was approx. 45 minutes and a real treat to see all of the different sights ( people, cars, lush green tropical vegetation, etc…) while on route.

Check – In
Upon arrival, we were checked in rather quickly. We were originally booked to have a terrace (ground) room through our agent but were pleasantly surprised to receive a balcony room. The staff at the front desk were extremely nice and seemed happy to answer any questions we had.

What can I say, my wife and I have stayed at several other Caribbean hotels which were indeed nice but this room was fantastic. We found the room to have alot of space, plenty of storage, the a/c worked like a champ ( a little to good, we had to actually turn it down…saw our breath one night…"I see dead people"…never mind) and the water pressure was excellent. No problems, no worries! The complimentary water and pop in the mini fridge and cd player were an added bonus. Can’t speak for others but we had no problems with comfort in regards to the king size bed either, All around excellent accommodation. We did see some very small ants but hey, to be expected we’re in a tropical country right? We had brought down various tipping items for the maids ( Nylons, magazines, etc..) and left them on the pillow. The maids seemed to appreciate these and would answer by displaying our towels in various animated creations which was very nice. It really is amazing what you can do with a towel.

The beach in our opinion was fantastic, although there was a bit of coral in certain spots as long as you were careful you were safe. The water was just like the magazine photos, clear and blue/turquoise and extremely warm to swim in. Lots of fish to see so don’t miss out on the snorkelling. As said in previous reviews, never a problem getting a piece realestate on the beach or a chair. There is also a bar located here so you don’t have to venture far for a cold drink. We had brought with us a couple of thermal cups with us and were surprised at how many people inquired about them. They did come in handy though as we had less trips to the bar and our fluid stayed cold longer. We highly recommend taking this cheap but important item with you, you’ll be glad you did. There are all kind of water sports to take part in if the mood should strike you or you can just laze about, the choice is always yours…we did a bit of both.

In general it was good, me being a picky eater there were several items that just weren’t going to work for me but I never had a problem finding other things to indulge on…that’s my loss right? Other people, my wife included who liked seafood were in heaven. Either way we weren’t cooking or doing dishes so all was good as far as we were concerned.

Lucy’s Great for getting snacks and lunch.

Italian Restaurant Overall it was nice, my wife definitely enjoyed it more then myself, she did the seafood thing again while I did the chicken. My only complaint about my meal was that the menu described it as "thinly sliced breast meat" and when it arrived it was not only dark but rather fatty, no problem I managed to pick through it. Don’t let me detour anyone however, we spoke with others and they absolutely loved this restaurant.

Cuban We did not try this one as we had heard alot of negative reviews, as well my wife was sure I would not find much to choose from on the menu…do try it though if your a sea food lover, we heard the lobster tails are very good.

Japanese This restaurant was OUTSTANDING, we managed to book it twice, it was so good I even tried some of the fish, like I said I’m not a sea food fan but it was that good. The chicken,beef and rice were all excellent. The chefs cook the grub right in front you and put on quite the show. You’ll absolutely love this place.

Again it’s been said before in previous reviews, they are immaculate. The workers take pride in their work and it shows. We found that most of the employees could speak a little english and they certainly appreciated when you would made attempts to speak to them in spanish.

The pool was excellent, especially the swim up bar. Pool is massive and like bath water, a real joy. Lots of water games to play if you wished or you could just laze about, again your choice.

We found no problems getting served at any of the bars located thru out the resort, and this was without tipping. Although we did tip a few of the bar tenders that we interacted with regularly during the week, as long as you joked and made attempts to speak to them in spanish that seemed to mean alot. Be sure to order a DIRTY MONKEY and a CRAZY CANADIAN, both are guest favourites and very tasty!

We made it to a couple of shows and enjoyed ourselves. They were by no means your typical Las Vegas style performers but these people gave it their all and should be commended for it. Very entertaining.

We were in there twice and a had a blast, we can personally take credit for getting people to stay and party long after the animation members had left by 11pm. It was good to let loose and boogie the night away.

I realize we were on vacation but we actually managed to get to the gym on a couple of occasions. The facilities were very good and we enjoyed our workouts. Lots of free weights and equipment to choose from.

Tours We did 3 tours during our stay and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. We swam with the dolphins which was our main goal on this vacation and make no mistake it was worth ever penny. A must do if you ever get the opportunity, we knew it would be great but were absolutely blown away by what these animals can do.

We did some horseback riding and although the ride went on for an extra 1 1/2 hours(3 1/2 hrs total) it was still enjoyable. Our tour guide took us to caves which were excellent and through the Cuban country side for an unforgettable experience. We also did the bike tour which was excellent. We had shopped at the dollar store before we left and put together about 30 little gift bags for the kids at the schools. It was great to see their little faces light up. You also see a church and on the way back we saw a local farmer. Velma is her name and she’s just a sweetheart. The whole tour is a very rewarding experience.

The whole trip was great, the staff at the resort were fantastic and last but not least we met some amazing people who I’m sure we will keep in touch with for days to come. Ironically enough we had been checking the weather forecast before we left for Cuba and it showed a chance of thunderstorms for 5 of the 7 days we would be there. I’m happy to say it was clear blue skies and approx. 34 degrees celcius everyday, some cloud on the last 2 days but still hot, hot, hot. We also brought bug repellent with us but never used it, very pleasant at night. I would bring some just in case though. Overall we had an absolute blast and would highly recommend this resort to anyone looking for a great vacation, well done Superclubs!!

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Superclubs Breezes – Costa Verde Rachel — Toronto, Ontario

May 2003

I travelled to Breezes with two girlfriends during the first week of May. We got an amazing deal through Signature ($1050 each all inclusive), and experienced excellent weather and thoroughly enjoyed the resort.

We flew to Holguin on Skyservice. Check-in was relatively quick, considering the number of other flights checking in at the same time. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get seats together, but a couple on the plane was kind enough to switch with us so at least we were all sitting in aisle seats close to each other. The flight left a little late, but it wasn’t a big deal because we ended up getting to Cuba only about 20 minutes later than we were supposed to.

It was raining when we got there, but the airport had golf carts ready to take us to the arrivals terminal. We quickly passed through immigration and got our luggage and headed to the bus. Unfortunately the bus didn’t offer beverages or anyone to tell us anything about the area (which we did have last year in Verardero). Despite that, we arrived safely at the hotel within 45 minutes (we were the first group to get dropped off).

Check-in/ Check-out
Check-in was very quick and efficient. They provided us with all the necessary information, and sent us off to the porter – Maurice (who by the way was great, very nice, and proceeded to greet us all week). We quickly got our baggage to our room and went back to the lobby where they had a small dinner buffet prepared for us to accommodate our late arrival.

Check-out was also efficient. We were provided with hospitality rooms to shower in prior to leaving.

The room was wonderful. It was quite spacious, especially considering there were three of us. The bathroom was perfect for three younger girls because the shower area was separated from the sink/mirror area. There’s also a ton of storage space in the room. The only downside to our room was this incessant buzzing (sounded like a vacuum) coming from our air conditioner (we were in room 3426). The balcony was also very nice for relaxing, playing games or sharing a drink. Our room was also very well maintained.

The grounds and hotel itself were absolutely beautiful. The flora and fauna are very well kept and presented. Every day the maintenance men cut the grass, trimmed trees and picked weeds. There were also people who walked around collecting any garbage.

Like other reviews have said, the pool was HUGE and always kept at a beautiful temperature. There were definitely enough chairs available for everyone (with several left over).

The beach was nice, although I have to say that the beaches in Veradero were much nicer. The beach at Breezes was quite narrow, and we were inundated with bees one day while we were there. But beach chairs and shady areas are easy to find, and the resort has blocked off a section of the ocean where there is no coral for swimmers, which was quite nice.

The resort offers plenty of activities to keep people busy during the day. My girlfriends enjoyed a catamaran ride, and we all enjoyed a 2-hour bicycle trip through the local town and a train trip to the market. There were also activities around the pool all day long (we enjoyed watching them, especially the water polo ).

Unfortunately we were unable to do any excursions, which wasn’t the hotels fault, it was our Signature rep’s fault. We phoned Signature with regards to booking a trip to Holguin and didn’t receive a call in return. Be prepared to get up early a.m. to book any trips to avoid our problem.

I would have to say that overall my girlfriends and I enjoyed the food. However, there were some ups and some downs.

Lucy’s – The girls and I discovered Lucy’s almost right away and took advantage of the pizzas, sandwiches and French fries. We often took these to go and stored them in our fridge for a late night snack (and even brought some to the airport with us).

Jimmy’s Buffet – As a vegetarian Jimmy’s buffet didn’t offer me much selection, especially during their “speciality night dinners”. Breakfast was decent (my girlfriends enjoyed omelettes almost every day), and lunch offered a great variety. I am a big salad eater, and enjoyed taking the lettuce from the nacho station to make a real salad (lettuce wasn’t available at any other time). Unfortunately, at dinnertime they do not offer many choices or stations that serve meals that are not the daily speciality, making it difficult for me. But my girlfriends were often able to find tasty dishes.

Japanese – This was the first restaurant that we went to, and we were very pleased. My suggestion – order the whole menu! My girlfriends loved the chicken and the beef and the rice and miso soup were great for me.

Italian – This restaurant was by far my favourite. It was delicious! We actually were able to eat there twice (we got in without a reservation on our last night by simply just asking) and had great meals. We tried many things on the menu and the only thing that wasn’t that good was the spaghetti oglio, but only because it was quite plain. Be sure to try the pesto butter on some bread! The service at this restaurant was also impeccable.

Cuban – This was the only restaurant we didn’t enjoy as much. There was only one option for me as a vegetarian, but my girlfriends enjoyed the lobster tails. They are not on the menu but you can order grilled lobster tails, which were quite tasty. As this restaurant is outdoors, be prepared to get lots of bites.

Bars/Nightly Entertainment
All the bars were well stocked with alcohol, and although it took a while to get served sometimes, we enjoyed our share of liquor.

Due to late dinners, we were only able to take in a few shows, which were okay, nothing special. But they made the effort to make it enjoyable for everyone. Between 10 and 11 they had a great Cuban band playing, and many of the staff members made attempts to dance with us, which was quite fun.

One downfall of the resort was the lack of nightlife. The disco was a fairly decent size, and was fun at the beginning of the night (just when the show ended and the Cuban band played), but after the staff members left at 11 the disco cleared out. Of course we were able to make our own fun, but it would have been nice if some of the entertainment staff had stayed a bit later. Unfortunately we didn’t get into town to “La Roca”, which we heard was a great place to dance and interact with locals and people from other resorts because of planning issues.

The lack of nightlife could be due to the fact that this resort is mainly a couple’s resort. If you are looking for a place to party, meet other people on more of a romantic level, etc., this is definitely not the resort for you.

Overall We had a really good, relaxing trip and met a lot of amazing people. I would definitely recommend this resort to some who’s looking for that type of resort.

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Superclubs Breezes – Costa Verde Diane — Canada

May 2003

Just returned from our 2 weeks at this resort so am writing this while it is all still fresh.

This was my first trip to Cuba, with my husband and 12 year old son and we thoroughly enjoyed the country, the people, the resort and most definitely the weather!

We flew direct from Halifax via Air Transat. Everything went smoothly though in hindsight we probably should have spent the extra dollars to pre-reserve our seating. BIG plane and completely full, so be prepared for lots of time to get checked in, get boarded, get off and pick up your luggage.

Our flight arrived late so we didn’t arrive at the hotel until around 11:00 p.m. or so. (It is about an hour by bus to the resort). Again, long lines at check-in but it went smoothly. There is a porter service (via large golf cart) to deliver you and luggage to your room since the resort is very spread out (though no rooms appear to be too far from the pool area – – some are further to the beach access area).

Room was wonderful. Quite large. We had 2 three-quarter beds and one cot and even still there was room to move around. Room is equipped with: – TV (satellite – got the hockey games!) – safe (as other reviews mention, be sure you take the key card with you that runs the safe, only 1 of the 2 you get will open it) – ironing board and iron (which we never used – no real need to iron your bathing suit!)

– blow dryer – small, 1 speed , 1 temperature but does the job eventually We had a very large patio – recommend requesting a corner unit and balcony level because the patio wraps around. We were in Block 2700 which was really well located – close to the beach access, pool, restaurants and fitness centre. We did encounter a few bugs in the room -shake your clothes before packing.

Beach – we thought the beach was lovely. Nice soft white sand, plenty of shade areas. There is coral along most of the beach not too far out, which in some areas means walking over it to get into deeper swimming water, but not a problem and no water shoes required. Snorkeling was quite good if you went down the beach a bit, towards the right side – saw lots of different fish of various colours and sizes. There is a walkway (bridge) over a lagoon/marsh area to get to the beach. Bring bread to feed the masses of little fish that seem to be trained to stay by the bridge. It is an ecological area so there are lots of birds. The washroom is on the resort side, presumably because it is a public beach, but there is a bar at the beach! If you want to do any of the water sports that require reservations (water skiing, banana boat, catamaran, sailboat, snorkeling) you should plan to be there way before the nautical centre (adjacent to the bar) opens, like by 8:30 depending on how crowded the resort is. The water bikes, pedal boats and beach kayaks are just there for the taking when not in use. The catamaran was good fun but water skiing and banana boat are both very short rides (2-3 minutes each).

Pool – BIG pool with deeper areas for swimming, a water polo area and a water volleyball area, pool bar and lots of seating, though if you want shaded area you usually have to hunt one down because folks seem to stake out an area, leave their stuff there and then go wherever, which is kind of unfair but a fact of life there. They have various things going on throughout the day – – water polo, dance lessons, water aerobics, bingo, crazy games, etc. You can join in or not and it is not constant activity.

Well, I have to join the group of reviewers who were not that keen on the food. I guess they do the best they can given the large numbers they’re cooking for but there was not really anything I could say I loved (and typically I am not a fussy eater). I probably ate the most at breakfast – -they always had 2 omelet/ egg stations plus fruit, cereals, breads, bacon, etc etc and wonderful freshly squeezed orange juice in Jimmy’s buffet. Every night was a different theme, repeated each week. Lots and lots of variety, just a matter of finding something that appeals. The soups were usually pretty good. Salad is not bad but they don’t always have lettuce and only one vinaigrette style dressing. The ala cartes were better – I would rank them 1. Japanese 2. Italian and 3. Cuban Lucy’s is the pool bar/restaurant for light meals which is open from 10 until 6 daily if you miss the buffet for lunch or just want something more casual. My husband and son both enjoyed the chicken, the pizza and the calzones (filled with something akin to taco sauce).

Entertainment –
Nightly from 9 to usually 10 p.m. Again, the shows are repeated weekly so on week 2 we had seen most of them once. They are not too bad but to echo other comments they are not professional shows. Since our son was 12 we didn’t venture into the night club other than to see what it was like. Quite small but does have a live band some nights and people certainly seemed to be enjoying themselves. The lobby bar area is always open and they have pool tables, table tennis, a piano bar, chess, board games, cards, dominoes….Good place to go before dinner or even to cool off in the afternoon.

My son and I went on the Dolphin tour, which we thought was great. You actually get, along with your 20 minutes in the pool with the dolphins, to ride on their noses. Awesome! It is crowded though, or was the day we were there, so took awhile to get our turn. Fun watching others though while you wait and you can see the dolphins the whole time, plus there is a sea lion and a dolphin show at the end. It is only about a 15 minute bus trip from the resort so it could possibly be less expensive to take a cab and pay at the entrance though we didn’t look into that (didn’t know how close it was until after we went). The Ocean Paradise catamaran snorkeling trip was fabulous – we’d highly recommend it.

The weather was great though it was just starting to get into rainy season our last week (end of April/ first of May). The rain was at night so it didn’t really interfere with anything, except one evening the show was cancelled (it is held completely outdoors). Speaking of which, BRING A GOOD BUG SPRAY. The mosquitoes are tiny but mighty and they don’t make any buzzing sound to warn of their arrival. They seemed to come out between 6 and 10 p.m. as it got a bit cooler. Jimmy’s Buffet is open (no windows) so you can find yourself on the menu if you don’t spray before going. They say that you cannot tip but everyone seemed to be doing it discreetly. No doubt that service improved if you tipped although we found the service generally quite good anyway. Take down things to leave for the maid or to give to employees who you have some interaction with; it really seems to be appreciated. We had perfume samplers which we left for the maid and she really seemed to like them. Used clothes for those who have kids, toiletry items, coloring books, crayons, etc. Departure Be sure to save your $25 U.S. departure tax for the airport and make sure you have $25 exactly per person. Best to buy rum and cigarettes at the duty free (they also have t-shirts and souvenirs there as well) because although slightly less expensive at the hotel someone we met had to pay duty on entering Canada because the products weren’t stamped duty-free.

SUMMARY All 3 of us really enjoyed our vacation and overall were quite pleased with the resort facilities. We would certainly go back though probably won’t just because we’d like to try some other parts of Cuba and/or other Caribbean countries.

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Superclubs Breezes – Costa Verde Cindy and Friends — Port Colborne and Welland

May 2003

Dear Debbie this is our third visit to Breezes, We thoroughly have enjoyed our selves over the last three years. First year the four of us went, this was when they first opened, great fantastic time, party party, not too many children, second and third time we brought our children, who fell in love with the resort, the people, and the cubans off the resort. We felt it a very safe place for our children and that was a number one concern for us. The kids meet so many other kids and still keep in touch with them through email. The ages of our children range from age 5 to 18 years. The second year we went we felt it had a lot more children there than our first visit. No complaints the first year, everything top notch. We made so many friends that it made it easy going back the 2nd year. They treated us like family, I quess you can say gave a little more attention. Fantastic staff, Jose front desk Vivian guest services, Maurice bell man, Mylan activities, Dora activities, Danny activites, Edwardo waiter and many more. We did miss alot of staff who have moved on to other resorts. We found Jimmy’s Buffet was great food but slow especially at breakfast. Mosquitos were bad this year, it rained but mainly two nights but who cares. We did not do any tours this time because we did them in the previous visits, awsome need to do them. We rent mopeds kids love them and I do to. We befriended a family Maria and her family, she had us for lunch, what a lunch and the kids were so amazed, they were pleased that someone would to so much work for strangers but yet they were sadden by what they did not have and what we have. What an education for them. We went to the public beach beautifullllllll!!!!!!!! Yes the beach at the resort has coral so what walk around it then you have sand beautiful sand. Snorkeling was just awsome first time for me, bring bananas or something and the fish come to you. I would highly recommend this vacation to any one, yes you have your ups and downs but more ups. One day my husband and I toured the country side ourselves, oh my goodness what a beautiful country, the pictures I have our tremendous, I felt I was in the first movie of Jurasic Park just needed the dinasours. We had to say goodbye to our friends Maria and her family and told her we would be back in a few years, that we are going to try another place, it was a hard goodbye for me and my family. The positive thing is that my siblings are still going to that same area, and they will visit for us and give letters and pictures. Do not hesitate to visit Breezes in Costa Verde we will be back.

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Superclubs Breezes – Costa Verde Christopher —Ontario, Canada

May 2003

Just got back from a 15 day vacation at Cuba’s Super Breezes Costa Verde. I am from Ontario, Canada and officially became one of the CANUCKSINCUBA over Easter from April 13 to April 27, 2003. Travel agent was TD Travel and our tour operator was Sunwing by Red Seal Vacations, flight by Jetsgo.

Up until this trip I had traveled around Canada and most of Western Europe but had never taken an all inclusive trip. Why did I wait so long ??? After this vacation I am totally sold on the all inclusive idea… so much or as little to do as one wants. You can go and just relax at the beach read a book or book lots of off site tours, do the animation activities or mix as match what you want.

*** I took a digital camera and took over 250 pictures of the buildings, grounds, pool, beach, food and activities. Take a look at them here *** I also put a list of the restaraunt hours, activity times, and how to book the water sports along with a list of tours and their costs.

Trip was awesome, with lots of sun, sand, sea, surf, drinks, food, other Canucks from Ontario, the Maritimes and Newfoundland. There were also people from the U.K., Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. Weather only saw two days of brief showers over 15 days, so it was a sunny south vacation.
The resort is a small community. They only way it could be more friendlier is if the Cuban restaurant on the way to the beach had a walk in (drive through) Tim Horton’s where you could pick up a double double and a timbit pack for the morning beach walk. Those from small town Ontario know what I’m talking about. You get to know all the names of the bartenders, water sport staff, and orange shirt animators. The personality of the staff is truly welcoming, friendly, and very proud of their resort. The ground crew have the flora and fauna in excellent shape for such a new resort.

I already miss my daily vacation routine: Room service morning snack, walk on the beach, book the water sports, breakfast at the buffet, water ski, head over for morning scuba dive, relax on the beach, snorkel for fish and coral, catamaran ride, water polo at the pool, lunch, relax at the pool, crazy games by the pool, bingo, beach volleyball, relax, dinner at the Italian, Japanese, Cuban restaurant or Buffet, head to the lobby bar, take in the evening show, walk the grounds, back to the lobby bar and back to the room.

For others I met their day was much simpler: get up, eat, go to the beach or pool, swim, place blanket on beach chair, and RELAX read a book or fall asleep listening to the water, have diner, and sleep.

The swimming pool is gigantic with an swim up bar, water volleyball, water polo, quiet area, shallow and deep ends. There are only three resorts along the beach and the place clears out for sunset (which is beautiful, camera does not do justice). Beach is about 2kms long and 30 meters from water to back of sand. Water is shallow and drops off slowly. Lots of umbrella huts and tree shade right near the water.

Each bartender has their own specialty drinks. Mylene at the pool bar and Eduardo at the Beach bar made some really good tropical drinks. Lobby bar has the most selection and the Irish Cream was my regular evening drink before head back to the room. I adopted Canadian Club and Ginger Ale as my main day drink.

A la Cartes were high on presentation of food and provided lots of variety of dishes. The pastry dessert chef did a great job on the Easter chocolate decorations. In addition to the pre-made buffet there was: Orange juice made right in front of you, fresh pancakes and cooked to order eggs and omltetets at breakfast. Made to order pasta and grilled meats at lunch. Two grill stations and two carving stations and at least eight types of desserts squares, cakes and pies at dinner. As for the kids I think they lived off of Lucy’s Canadian style lunches, Slush drinks at the lobby bar, and fresh O.J. and made to order fruit milk shakes at Jimmy’s. That lobby bar has nintendo, 2 ping pong tables, shuffle board, 3 soccer tables, 3 pool tables, plus checkers, chess. All this within seeing distance of the bar and about 30 seconds from the pool.

If you can’t find anything to do Cathia and her animation group by the pool will get you set with plenty of activities and suggestions.

As a good traveler, only three pieces of advice. 1 Remember that by treating the host/hostess with respect, the guest will be treated as an honoured guest. It is an all inclusive but please remember your please and thank yous, and use some basic Spanish.

2. I lived in my bathing suits, t-shirts and sandals for two weeks. There was lots of room in my suitcase for gifts for the local villagers. Once you see the pictures of the medical centre the locals have to use, please consider leaving some of your toilitries with the doctor during the bike tour. Costa Verde Resort medical room is clean, and fine but the village one is basic. Holguin has two big hospitals.

3.Traveler will not expect to find things as they are at home. It is the reason why the traveler left home, to find things different and have an ENJOYABLE RELAXING TIME in a new area.

If you found this information and my web page helpful then please: Write CANUCKSINCUBA in your e-mail to the Costa Verde Resort or write CANUCKSINCUBA on your check in form at the resort. You can pre-book your room by e-mailing the resort at:

Thanks and all the best for your trip, Christopher

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Superclubs Breezes – Costa Verde J & M — Oakville

May 2003

Just returned from this resort over Easter and had a marvellous time with my husband and 3 children ages 10, 14, 16. We celebrated our 20 anniversary and emailed the hotel prior to our arrival. They took good care of us – gave us rooms next to the block we requested, a bottle of champagne, and an invite to special reception at the disco.

This resort represents excellent value for the price. My one and only complaint is that they did not re-stock the water daily. Having to go to the bars to refill a bottle was really tacky and a major irritant for me!

Beach – not as bad as some have said. Yes there are coral patches, but we brought aqua socks and never used them. The water is glorious and the snorkelling a lot of fun and really excited my 10 year old. The free water sports are a great benefit. We went on the catamaran, water skiing, banana boat. Yes you should be there at the beach to book by 9AM. Weddings on the beach were fun to watch.

Service – I was always served at each of the bars on my turn. I never experienced that someone who came after me was served first because of tipping. Yes it can be quite busy during the day and they probably could have more help, but it was acceptable.

Food – although we were suppose to have only 1 reservation per restaurant, we went back to the front desk to book more and had no problem. The food in the all three restaurants was fantastic and the service outstanding. It was great talking to the wait staff and finding out about their lifestyles. We especially enjoyed eating outside at the Cuban restaurant in the pouring rain while under the palapa which kept us dry. (The evening show was rained out two nights while we were there.)

I only ate dinner in the buffet restaurant once. Our kids ate there more often and they could always find something they liked. (I found the mosquitoes unbearable at the buffet on the one night I ate there). Lucy’s Grill was a great place to pick up a snack – Canadian style – in the late afternoon (especially if your reservations are for the later seating). We really enjoyed the pizzas.

Lobby bar – was a fun place to hang out before and after the show. The whole family enjoyed the pool tables and shuffleboard game. I always went to the lobby bar to get my scrumptious coffee (cappuccino and lattes) after breakfast as the buffet coffee wasn’t as good. We had a huge crowd of Canadians watching a playoff hockey game at the bar one night which ESPN carried. The Cubans looked mystified at all the cheering.

Disco – Lots of fun. One of the bands were excellent and played great music (everyone was up dancing). My son (16) was allowed in and had a fabulous time meeting other teens.

Pool and Games – beach and water volleyball were big hits with my kids. The other activities were somewhat lame. I enjoyed the pool during cocktail hour, (try a Crazy Canadian). The pool is huge so seating was never an issue, but we spent most of the time at the beach (my favourite).

Bike Tour – not to be missed. However one lady fell off of her bike and broke her leg. She did not look very comfortable on the bike in the first place and maybe should not have gone. But we had some young children and 70 year olds on the tour and they made out just fine. Getting her back to the resort was quite an ordeal as there are not many cars that travel that road. A truck stopped to take her back along with our guide, so we joined another hotel’s bike tour until he caught up to us. We saw the lady with the broken leg later in the week in a wheel chair with a cast over her entire leg. She said the hotel had gone out of their way to look after her and treated her like gold.

Dolphin Tour – also not to be missed, but we did have some problems. Although we did swim with the dolphins, they did not "push’ us out of the water. Apparently they had changed the diet for the section of dolphins we were in and after we got into the water they told us that these two dolphins would not be doing the usual riding with each of us. This was a major disappointment for my kids. One of the reasons we went to Holguin was for this dolphin tour. When we asked if we could go to another section of dolphins where they were doing the "pushing", they told no we had already had our turn. The tour guide, was of course, not to be found.

Tips – we had a bag packed with stuff from the dollar store and stupidly left it at home. I did bring some clothes in our suitcase (jeans and soccer shirts/shorts from my kids) and left it for our maids. The staff are checked when they leave the resort so if they can’t back up any items with a note from a guest, the management assumes it was stolen. The staff all work very hard and most come from Holguin on a local bus which takes an hour each way. The bus leaves at 1130pm and you can see them all leave.

Overall, despite the rain and the dolphin disappointment we had a great time and would recommend the resort to others that are not looking for perfection or a high end stuffy resort. There was a cross-section of ages and something for everyone! Have fun!

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