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Yeah, I know this a controversial topic but I just have to ask. I’ve heard horror stories about the treatment of the dophin enclosures and how the animals are treated. And yes, I know these are wild animals that should not be captured and penned in but …

Is there a Dolphin show / swim that treats these animals better than others? I heard there is one really "bad" on in the Dominican Republic that is undergoing lots of scrutiny but is there one in Mexico (MR area) or Cuba that treats these beautifl animals better? Thanks!

If you find a good place, please let me know! My daughter would love to swim with dolphins but has never done it – the typical place is real nasty and, if governments were serious in protecting these intelligent animals, these places would be forced to shut down.

In Puerto Vallarta we took a boat out with a marine biologist to see the dolphins in the wild (it cost less than a swim with captive dolphins ticket) – very interesting and a great experience, but not quite the same as actually getting in the water and playing with them…

Thanks, Tom1. I think it’s awesome that you saw dolphins in the wild – that’s where I would like to see them – but our daughter would love to swim with them (as yours does, too) and there must be lots of other folks who also do, otherwise these "dolphin swims" wouldn’t be available to the general public.I would just rather support one that is a little more "professional" in the way they treat these lovely creatures. I’ve read that "Delphinius" is a good one so I’ll look into it. I do believe it’s in the MR, if that helps you at all. I think they have one in Cuba that isn’t too bad, either.

I would like some first-hand knowlege, though.

shirleyujest, We did a dolphin swim just out side of Hogain Cuba, not too sure of the name as it was a few years ago. It seemed very well run and you had to access it by boat. The dolphins were kept in pens, but the pens were located out in the middle of the harbour, so they were in a more natural enviroment than a place that draws the water ion from the ocean. We had a fantastic time swimming with them and there was quite a bit of interactive time as well. The water was quite shallow in a couple of the pens and you could stand up and play with them. I agree with you about leaving these creatures in their natural enviroment, but it was just too hard to not do this excursion. They also have a "Dolphin Show" following the swim, which is the same old same old, you see everywhere. From our experience, I would have to say "yes, I would do it again", but I would also like to know it was a well run operation first.

Jake, eh

busman7 Guest I have been to the one near Guardalavaca (Holguin) it seemed very well run & was a great experience, well worth the cost even though the show wasn’t offered the day we went.

Also read on line, can’t remember where, that it was rated one of the best in the world for the treatment of the dolphins.

One of the problems with captive Dolphins (apart from the unnatural conditions in which they are kept) is that most of the Dolphins are "wild caught", a horrible process where many are accidentally (or purposefully) killed. Another fact you should know…..the Dolphins that interact with you do so because they must. Food is withheld if they do not cooperate with their trainers. A trainer who is being perfectly honest will tell you that you cannot train a Dolphin that is not hungry! There is also this unpleasant possibility: They have been known to bite, ram and slap swimmers, to hold them underwater and to engage in sexual activity. My TA knows of a case where one of her clients almost had an ear bitten off. Guess the Dolphin was having a bad day.

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