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Going back soon and wanted to take a used oscillating electric fan weighing about 5lbs, to cuba. Can’t find anything specific saying it is allowed. I know ac units etc are now allowed. Not sure if they will try to hit me with some sort of tax or duty. The customs form is stupid because the one part says something like electronics besides miscellanea. I just considered all mine as ‘non’ miscellanae since I don’t know what the heck they are asking.Just got back and had a bit of a run-in at the carry on baggage xray scanning part, they kept asking me about a ‘flash drive’ but I only had a hard drive which was clearly in a tray, and I pointed to that and they said no, then I took out my camera with the sd card and they said no, not that. They then proceeded to write down my passport number so I wasn’t sure if I’d have issues upon departure. Had a laptop packed in the checked bag as well, and I later saw they had written ‘laptop’ on the baggage tag…which explains why the girl at the exit asked us about a laptop, and I just said they checked everthing at the carry-on baggage area (thinking she was referring to the ‘flash drive’ issue). She just let us pass.Ironically I always check off yes to ‘drugs/narcotics’ etc, and the ‘plants/animals’ box and they never stop us. (legal prescription drugs, and things like pringles/snacks). They don’t specify legal or illegal lol.

I also took a xray photocopy and some medical info cuz I was on crutches and the guy spent a least a minute looking at all that stuff, not having a clue what is was all about.

This is the most scrutiny we’ve ever experienced.

Never any problem taking in a desktop or floor type fan for personal use, I’ve carried in several fans in checked luggage over the years.

Cubamiga > Santiago.Spunky > personal use…especially after November, the humidity heat combo killed me, especially having to work pushing around in the wheelchairbigjohn > he didn’t really have a clue what he was looking at which was funny cuz he looked at is so long. PS left one wheelchair there to use next visit but if it ‘disappears’ l’ll have a second one on this trip down and leaving both w dr off resort. Had dr note too saying I was using crutches/wheelchair, in case the airline gave me any issues. I read the airline info and using their terminology will help avoid them potential denying boarding if it says ‘fit to travel’ and ‘self reliant’ is probably a good idea after reading about the lady who had a little blood coming from her ear (popped eardrum concern) and sunwing denied her return until cleared by dr down south and all the headaches and extra cost associated.

neverflysunwingagain.weebly.com/ read about that one here.

bicyleman > defeats the purpose of taking one from here to give away.

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