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You’ve heard the old saying: "Two things in life are for certain; death and taxes". In the travel industry, I’m sure you’ve all noticed the sharp increase in the tax portion of your trip each year. I paid $170 pp for taxes to San Andres last April and this year, the taxes to that island are $230. I’ve often wondered what is inclusive in the "tax" portion and in my quest for knowledge on the subject, I came across this tidbit of info:Airport Fees: Airport Improvement Fees (AIF) may apply depending upon your destination.Canada Goods and Services Tax: Prices listed may not include GST, HST, or individual province taxes.Air Travellers Security Charge (ATSC): For domestic flights, the ATSC tax is $4.67 CAD/segment. For transborder flights, the ATSC tax is $7.94 CAD/segment. For international flights, the ATSC tax is $24.00 CAD per trip. A flight segment is defined as one takeoff and one landing.NAV Canada: A surcharge is collected to operate Canada’s Air Navigation systems. Surcharges within Canada are up to $20.00 CAD based on distance. International itineraries are up to $15.00 CAD per round-trip ticket.Fuel Surcharge: In reaction to rising oil costs, many airlines have imposed a fuel surcharge to flight bookings.Insurance Surcharges: Many airlines have implemented a nominal insurance surcharge to cover the costs of aviation insurance.Shipping & Handling Fees: Some travel companies or their agents may impose shipping and/or handling fees if you request paper tickets or for certain types of transactions.Service Fee: Companies listing offers may charge a service fee.Ground transportation, Accommodation, Food and Beverage Tax at holiday destination"gratuities included", means that you’ve paid the 15 to 20% "up front" in the package price.I see now why taxes are almost $300+ in packaged vacations to some destinations.
San Andres Island departure tax has been included in the taxes since last year .

Yes they were included. I was generalizing taxes as a whole, not just zero-ing in on departure taxes. Still, as part of taxes as a whole, $60 is still quite a leap from last season. The average, historically, has been in the $20 to $30 increase range.

In Jan/07, I paid 228.90 taxes ( incl. departure tax )In Apr /07, I paid 236.20 taxes ( incl. departure tax )From Toronto

In Feb./05, I paid 171.05 taxes ( not incl. departure tax )

Good write-up Trillium, taxes are everywhere in Canada. I was just thinking about San Andres too ::)…Phil over in Prince Edward

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