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Holà,Have been bringing back Hollywood cigs for a smoker friend of mine (never touch the stuff), but the last 2 trips we’ve been taxed quite heavily coming into Québec City airport. Two cartons at 12 pesos a piece… and taxed 17$CAN each as we re-enter Canada. Ouch.

Has anyone else been stopped at Customs or is it just us here in Québec? :S

Not being a smoker, either, I’m not familiar with how many cigs are in a carton nor what you are allowed to bring in duty free.  Since you were taxed, how much over were you?

You are allowed to bring back a carton(200smokes) per person tax/duty free. I have always brought them back from the USA, Cuba, Bahamas, Dominican and never had to pay a cent. Either something has changed or???

Although, i have never brought the hollywood’s back.

The CBSA site says that you are allowed 200 cigarettes, but with the following qualifier:If you include cigarettes, tobacco sticks or manufactured tobacco in your personal exemption, a partial exemption may only apply. You will have to pay a special duty on these products unless they are marked "CANADA DUTY PAID • DROIT ACQUITTÉ."

Each person of age travelling is allowed 200 (1 carton usually) of premade cigarettes, 50 cigars AND 200 Gms of tobacco with 200 tobacco sticks.All of the above, not this or that like with booze.Now, like CubaJack said, there’s a disclaimer that a partial exemption only may apply, but I’ve never heard of that being put in play as long as folks were below the limits.

Zendudette – If you are claiming 2 cartons yourself, there’s the problem.

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