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We were supposed to stay at the Telegrafo for 3 nights. Upon arrival from the airport we got a story about water problems in the hotel, and were sent to a different hotel a few blocks away for the night. The truth is that the hotel was overbooked and there wasn’t a room for us, even though I paid in advance of our arrival. The other hotel was nearby and not too bad, though not of the same quality as the Telegrafo. Once we were checked in at the Telegrafo the room was very nice. Second floor rooms have little balcony’s overlooking the square, which was great. Superb location in Old Havana. The windows and doors were solid and the room was very quiet even when the street outside was busy and noisy. Changing money at the front desk was hit or miss. The first time we changed money a guy did it and gave us a horrendous rate. The second time a lady helped us and gave what I discovered was the typical going rate for hotel exchange in Cuba. In general I would recommend changing all your money at the airport- much better rates and much less likely to skim off the top.

Room Block:
second floor

Front desk staff were friendly enough, but not very honest.

Large, well appointed (for Cuba), clean, high ceilings, quiet, comfortable beds.

Restaurants and Bars:
Breakfast food was decent- better than the other hotel in Havana we stayed at. In general food in Havana is much poorer than you’ll find at the beach resorts, but the Telegrafo was decent. The lobby bar was nice, the staff was friendly, and the mojitos were were alright.

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