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If I text a friend who lives in Varadero, Cuba, would I do it using the first seven digits: 011-53-52-XXXXXXIf my Cuban friend contacts me by text to Manitoba(204), would they do it this way:119-1-204-XXX-XXXXThanks to whoever can confirm the proper way.

I don’t text any Cubans, but discovered that I can text my Canadian friends from Cuba with just "1" plus the area code and number. And they can text me the same way. I’m with Telus, and they have a website where you can send text messages to a Telus phone for free. Just the the ten digit number and it finds the phone. I did use the "119-1" for voice calls to Canada with my cell phone, but I was calling land line numbers.

I sent out three text messages already to a friend who lives in Cardenas. I’m not sure if they received it or not. They should of sent out a text back to me already. Just makes me wonder if the texts went through properly. I never got any error messages back. I’m thinking maybe that their reply didn’t go through because the 119-1- wasn’t put in? Not sure what the steps are for reply texts from locals in Cuba are.

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