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Question is what is the best all inclusive resort you went to? Please take in consideration everything service, rooms, beach, etc That should be place where you would be able to live at least 6 months per year and you would still love it.

Assuming I could live 6 months at a resort without going stir-crazy the first thing to look at would be the food, I would need a buffet with good variety at breakfast especially fresh fruits and good strong coffee. For lunch a snack on the beach is all that’s necessary, supper most nights would be an interesting buffet, a couple nights a week a choice of a-la-carts.Service wold be next in importance, nothing special but room cleaned adequately, restaurant service timely, bartenders that can see when you need a refill, a tour desk staffed by informed personnel.Rooms clean, airy with balcony and ocean view, access above 2nd floor by elevator.

Beach nice with fine sand and NO rocks.

I stayed at such a place twice which has the best beach, Playa Esmeralda, that I have come across in my visits to 40+ countries SRLM

I’m not big on AI’s, they’re just not my thing, but we went to a few in the past. The nicest one was H10 Ocean Coral/ Turquesa (not sure anymore what the name was) near Puerto Morelos, Mayan Riviera. I still wouldn’t stay there for 6 months, though!

It would be tough to find an all inclusive that would answer for six months. Hard enough to find one that will do for a week or two, and I travel almost exclusively AI. Not being able to prepare my own food would get old in 14 days, let alone months. That said, probably the place I have been most "comfortable" is Sol Cayo Santa Maria. I have enjoyed it every time I have been there, but the location has changed so much that it simply isn’t the same as it once was. Too many neighbouring hotels have been built. So, moving on, perhaps Caracol at Santa Lucia would be a good choice for me. Small, good service, I like the rooms, and there is a community that is accessible if I want a change of pace.

The best compromise for me would be something with options to do my own cooking when I wish, and I don’t think that is available except at some very low end places around Varadero, which simply wouldn’t suit me. I’m sure there may be some options out there at places other than Cuba, but I can’t comment because none of the AIs I have gone to elsewhere offer anything better for a long term stay.

I haven’t been to all that many (okay, two so far) but that doesn’t stop me from answering! I’ve been to the Allegro Cozumel a million times, and the Breezes Varadero once. Of the two, I’d actually have to choose BV.*nicer beach*more helpful staff*better food*better entertainment (which means live music to me)*more bars*hot tubs that are hot*generally less frustrating all around

I’m looking forward to giving the Kawama a spin.

I see pretty much everyone is different so far and have different resorts we like and opinions which is good as we area not all the same.

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