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As many times as I have been to Panama and Decameron, you would think I wouldn’t get as excited each time as it gets closer- but guess what- I am very excited. Two weeks from today, I will be in Panama and I can’t wait. I will head to the resort after a few days in Panama City!!! I have chatted with my friends at the resort this week and that makes me get even more excited. So over the next two weeks I will probably be posting more as I prepare.

Heres a question for anyone who has been to Decameron recently- How was it to get a palapa on the beach? I have never really had any major problems until my trip last February and it was CRAZY!!! I am hoping that the reason for this was because it was high season and things are now back to normal. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.


Hi:I know you have been to the Decameron several times. Do you usually book a specific room for your stay?


I usually request to be in a specifica area. I like to be near the pool at Atlantis. I have not tried the rooms in the new area, am wondering if they are any different. Maybe I can sneak a peak this time.


You do that V. Then report back. When I have been checking the prices on line through different agencies, they seem to list a price for a ROOM and a price for a DELUXE ROOM. I don’t know what the difference is. What building number do you usually get? Is it on the lower level or up on the hill? Last time we were there we were on the hill, behind the Atlantis but right across from Lobby 2.


I like buildings 30 and 14, right down on the lower level. I spend most of my time on the beach by the activity center (near volleyball and dancing) so it is nice not to be too far from that area. Also at night it is not too far from the show area and now kind of mid way to either disco. Works good form me. lI have never been given a price choice between a deluxe room and a room. I may ask someone this time what is the difference.


If you could find out what the difference is between deluxe room and room, it would be appreciated. I was satisfied with what we got each time, so am curious what more they have to offer. We’ve only been on the upper level and it wasn’t too bad. Didn’t mind it. Actually we wouldn’t know any better.


OK- only a few more days til I am off to Panama and I am ready. (Well ready in the mental sense -not in the all packed sense).
As I was driving home today in the rain, I was thinking- ah, next week at this time I should be playing volleyball on the beach!!!! That will definately put a smile on your face.


Are you excited?Closer to being packed? Find it more difficult with the new rulings on carry-on items? Looking forward to that first game of volleyball?Bebbie

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