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Has anyone stayed at the Reef House Resort in the Oakridge area?I will be heading there to do some scuba diving, which I understand it totally amazing in that area.I also want to go to the School that is located near there as well as the Orphanage. Has anyone every been there or know what the names of either of them are?Freedom Ryder 8-)…………..
wossa Guest Hey Freedom

Check out

It looks like a charitable religious organisation that runs orphanges on Roatan, and has details about making donations, how and where, what kind of things they need and also you can mail them for additional advice etc…….They are obviously in great need for the type of donations you are bringing and may help you in advising you the nearest location to your resort.Enjoy your diving, you will love it…..shame there is no Nitrox at the Reef House now you have your mixed gas qualification……maybe we should head back to Coz in the summer, its free Nitrox…….lol.

Keep up the good work china!! ………..

Wossa……………. ;D

I managed to send some supplies via some "Reef House" Resort Staff.There are two women that work in the kitchen there that brought loads of donated items back to their Community on my behalf to distribute for those less fortunate.The whole area they live in is impoverished so everything was needed.One of the Ladies could only speak Spanish so her coworker interpreted her message to me.She said that these items were sent to her and the Community by God. She has been praying everyday that someone comes to their Community and helps them out.School was just starting the week I was there and no one had gone out an purchased any school supplies or clothes since they had no money to do so.The woman had tears in her eyes and gave me the biggest, strongest, hug I had ever received. My heart just melted at that moment and my eyes also filled up with tears.If anyone ever heads to the "Reef House" Resort and has extra room for any donations then please find it in your heart to bring anything extra you can and leave it behind for the people that live in that Community.Chances are you will be flying "WestJet" and they give you a 20 kg (44 lb) Humanitarian Aid Allowance also.I found 2 other people in our group to bring Humanitarian Aid for me so in total I managed to get 60 kg (132 lb) of donations into the Country. I also left behind 3 suitcases as well as most of the clothes etc… that I jammed into my suitcases out of my personal weight allowance.

We can make a difference in peoples lives…….."One Suitcase At A Time"

Freedom Ryder 8-)……………….

FR, keep up the good work"one suitcase at a time" great motto to have and if even half of the travellers thought the same way, just imagine the difference

So how was Honduras? Good diving?

So how was Honduras? Good diving? Hey N2CHonduras was an experience of a life time. Things are really different there in the areas I traveled to.As for the Diving it was totally amazing. Wossa and I may head back there in a few months to do some Diving with Bazz!.Freedom Ryder 8-)…………….
wossa Guest Wow Sher………

After seeing your pictures of you diving with sharks, we really must consider it……I have never seen anything as awesome as that…….

Most arranged ‘shark dives’ I have been on are quite poor, with a few little reef sharks arriving if you are lucky……but not the monsters that you was diving with, and as many…….you looked totally amazing and totally at home in the water with these sharks…..

I think it will be you looking after me in the water and not the other way round………

Wossa……………. ;D

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