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After twenty trips to Jamaica ( Negril – Super Clubs and Sandals), my wife and I decided to try Mexico. We were happily surprised by how much better both the destination (Cancun) and our hotel as compared with Jamaica. While Negril is getting old and tired and run down – while the prices continue to climb, Cancun offers new, luxurious adult only all inclusives at great prices – a great value (7 nights for a jr. suite, ocean front with Royal service < $4,000 including air and transfers.)

My wife and I stayed at The Royal in Cancun. Here are some details:

The Hotel Property:
The property was new and fabulous. The use of space, the décor was tasteful but fun and gorgeous. The approach to the hotel was short but the execution of the entrance was nice. The initial impression made by the registration lobby was luxurious – great marble, large fresh flower bouquets. The great room, bar were nicely integrated to the pool area which was accented by a very nice waterfall and metal statuary of mariachis

Online This was great. I got up at 5:00a.m. the day before leaving and was able to pick our room. I was able to get a top floor room in the center of the hotel – it was perfect. Upon arrival, all the paperwork was done and all we had to do was get our key from the top floor concierge.

Rooms: Large and well laid out. The bed was great the shower was good but the water temp fluxuated. The TV and Bose music ( with i-pod was good) The in-room Jacuzzi was large and the jets were substantial.

The sliding windows were ceiling to floor which allowed great light and view. The balcony — was large and from the top floor the view was great.

Royal service which includes not only room 24hr room service – which included a much more extensive menu than most hotels let a lone all-inclusives also had a personal “assistant” who was helpful throughout the week for a variety of helpful services – phone calls getting info etc.

Unlike other all inclusives- The Royal had great food in all of its restaurants. For example, if you wanted to go off the included menu you could get a 3 lb lobster tail for only $25)

The pool was really great. Instead of simply a big Olympic lap pool, the pool was a free form area that meandered the length of the hotel. What made it especially interesting is that it had different levels, nooks and crannies as well as jets placed all through out. This means that you can sit on the edge and dangle your feet in the water, recline in a chaise in the shallow water, lie in the shallow water, sit on ledge in the water or actual get in and be up to your next or swim. The warmer water Jacuzzi pools adjacent to the larger pool had good jets and were not too hot on sun burned skin.

Not good. The beach was destroyed by hurricane Wilma. The sand that is there is industrial grade with a lot of broken shells –ouch! What can you do . It will come back and when it does the waves are great to play in.

Poolside Services: Swim up bar, poolside waiters, plus a cart that goes by with cool towels, dry towels, sun block – excellent.

Cabanas are good to get out the sun without leaving the pool area but they require at least a corner suit category to get. I haven’t decided if the double lounge cushions and the cabana is worth the $2,200 upgrade costs.

The Gym:
4 up to date treadmills , 2 recumbent bikes, 5 elliptical and weight machines and free weights If you get there before 8:00 no waiting.

The Spa:
My wife liked the spa – I’m not a spa guy.

The Surroundings: Located in Hotel zone The Royal is in the middle of the action. Its close to the airport as well as it is the Punta, a hot spot of the area. I don’t know the rating of the hotel – from my experience I’ll bet AAA will give it 4 diamonds when it is rated.

I mean this as a compliment. I find 5 diamond ratings too shi shi and off putting. My favorite hotels are 4 diamonds!

Complaints: Well – nothing’s perfect although this is close. The only real complaint I had ( aside from the beach) is not limited to The Royal or even Real properties but is found in all resort properties, namely the big push for time share plans. These efforts are way too aggressive and require stubborn almost incivility to avoid. We were warned in advance by folks we ate dinner with on our first night and didn’t go to the 4 hour presentation. As a result everyone one of the hotel staff I ran into the next day scolded us for not going to the “VIP” breakfast and pestered us to go the next day. I didn’t and at times had to be blunt ( don’t push your luck – please don’t spoil my positive impression of your hotel with your high pressure sales pitch ) Several staff wouldn’t let it go and said that if I didn’t go they could be fired. ( or perhaps one of their children would be killed.) I’ve taken this problem up with Go Go tours and plan to indicate my decision to declinie this “opportunity with my next booking. I urge consumers who are not interested in the investment must be aggressive in opposing the promotional intrusion into their vacation. Other properties are much lest pushy. In May my wife and I agreed to Marriott pitch at the Champs Elysee in Paris. There promotion was direct and honest. They said it would last 60 – 90 minutes – it lasted about 80. We got Reward points and learned how the programs worked. In Cancun they promise it lasts only 90 min but folks have reported it last up to four hours. Apart from trying to mix business with pleasure ( which I just don’t do) the experience was great.

Suggestions: Ask for what you want. If you don’t like the bus tours – remember there are other options. It is very easy and relatively modestly priced to get a private driver/guide – we did this to Chichen Itza. Also renting a car is fun – we did it for three days and bopped around to see other hotels as well as to go down to Playa del Carmen.

Get a ride in the air and see the beauty of the Hotel Zone, it is breath taking. Helicopters are close by and easy to charter for great views and photo ops.

Outstanding hotel and experience !!! We’ll be back.

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