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Sooooo….Just wondered what everyone does to pass the time while waiting for their trip date to arrive??I check the forum daily…..check my packing list to ensure I have everything….moan about winter…I also like to watch my ticker count down!

I too watch my ticker count down and email it off to our traveling companions as a reminder.

The guys think we are nuts, but so what.

This will be our fourth trip there and it still excites me. ;DI am also checking the forum (Debbie’s) several times a day.

Think I just may put on the CD that I bought from the resort the first time we visited to put me more in the mood. That’s it, play it while decorating the Christmas tree. Ragga Ragga


Well 2 months to the day and can hardly wait . But since I have to will just say to myself …. no snow … cold or miserable weather in Panama .

Let’s drink a toast to the fact there is no snow in Panama !!! Wait…I’m at work…will have to wait till I get home. Then it will be a toast with plain OJ and a piece of toast (literally) before a good day’s sleep…

I raise my glass………

You will raise your glass to anything ;D

Well my glass is raised and since I only drink when I’m on vacation it is just pepsi but in less then 2 months it will be vino blanco por favor
Hi Mary:Bear in mind the vino they serve at dinner isn’t the greatest.


Hey Bebbie: You’re not very clear on the wine response…Remember there is only great wine and good wine.After the second glass it is all great. I’ve paid $6 – $7 a glass that would have been much better if they had Decameron wine.

Has anyone tried the wine they sell in the gift shops in lobbies 1, 2 or 3 ?? The stuff they serve at the resort really starts to wear on me the 2nd week !!!! I thought I might try something they sell with supper a few times.

Refchief: Can’t say that we have. Someone in our group said they checked out the prices of the wine in the lobbies and found them to be pricey. When we go into Penonome we are going to see if there is any wine from Chile sold in any of the stores. We had a bottle of Chilean wine at Pipa’s and it was, as nyben would put it, great! Wonder if the grocery store just a short walk away from the resort sells wine?

BebbieI glad you have a ticker, That way I dont have to bother to one for myself

But your ticker should say how many days until you see me again at the airport ;D

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