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I have been taking groups during the winter months for years. The following is from my Colombia packet.



To speak of visiting Colombia is to refer unfortunately to the image of the country as it is perceived throughtout the world. None who live in this attractive nation of immense natural beauty and friendly people can help but be aware there are two primary associations which are made with Colombia in this general mind: Coffee and drugs, and not necessarily in that order.This is not the forum to dicuss the glopolitical determinates of this image, nor the characteristics of modern thought which can reduce to a phrase or two, a nation which is larger than Spain and France combined: The total size of Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. Suffice it to say, that in order for you to travel here, you will need to overcome the voices of family and friends who ask in chorus, "You plan on going where?"If you have already visited Colombia on a tour or have a spent a few hours ashore during a cruise, you already know that Colombia was not what you had imaged and certainly not frightening. You will know to answer your relatives and friends that you are returning to visit enchanting Cartagena in the future.

The last year I did tours to Cartagena was in 2001. I am now working on getting my own package together. Nolitours had five pages on Ctg last year but dropped it before the season started. I really miss not going having started with groups in the early 1990s. $595 Cdn for two weeks, less than $400 US. It is not for everyone, apparently the reason it is no longer offered.I have been going to Mexico, Central and South America in recent years. We live in upstate NY and fly from Montreal (one hour away).


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