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Thought I would start a new thread and mention some must do things to do and see.First is Shoal Bay East for the sand and the beach bars. Uncle Ernie’s on Shoal Bay is popular but many prefer Gwen’s for the real barbecue or Ernies 2 for the lower prices.Close to Shoal Bay is Scilly Cay with an interesting but expensive lobster meal. Scilly Cay is a small island near the village of Island Harbour. Guests take a boat ride out to the Cay for lobster, chicken and the famous rum punch.The Pyratt rum factory in Sandy Ground is an interesting diversion. Here specially aged rums are blended and available for tasting.Bankie Banxs Dune Preserve on Rendezvous Bay is described as the funkiest beach bar in the Caribbean. It is an eclectic mix old fishing boats, platforms and driftwood. Sort of like a fort Peter Pan would have lived in. When Bankie isn’t there Elvis is around and if you are down he will make you a cup of tea to boost your energy. Or have some of Bankie’s famous Dune Shine, aka the Enlightening Aphrodisiac.

This is just a start and I hope others will add there thoughts

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