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Hi Everyone,We are trying to decide on whether or not to get married in Canada or in Cuba. I have read somewhere that you need to get your birth certificate/passport/divorce papers translated into spanish and then send them to your resort before you get married, is this true? and what are the types of cost associated with getting this information translated. We are looking for the cheapest but nicest place to get married. Our dream wedding would be on a beautiful beach. Any information anyone can give me on what I need to get translated before we get married would be great. At least I could get ahead start on planning.Thanks


Melissa,If it will be just you and a few people it may be cheaper to do your wedding in Canada. For our friends and family who are all over Canada, it is actually cheaper for us to do the wedding in Cuba because everything is taken care of in the all-inclusive resort (we considered air, hotel, car rentals, meals etc. for everyone to fly from Newfoundland and Eastern and Western Canada to Calgary). The translations will cost a few extra dollars for us, but overall our wedding buget for ourselves is about $5500 (dress, suit, flight and hotel, photos etc.). Since we are doing a group booking we also get a free flight because we have 21 people coming, so that is basically going to offset all the costs associated with translation for our certificate. We both have not been previously married so I can’t tell you about divorce certificates. We are going to SuperClubs Breezes Varadero because we have previously gone to the SuperClubs Jibacoa and loved everything about it, and we have found the prices very reasonable. Cuba is the easiest country for Canadians to marry in as well, even though we had to leave out some of our American family members! Once we get back to Canada we are also having a reception here for those who could not come with us (and those we didn’t want to spend a whole week with!) Our Cuban wedding is going to be exactly what we want, and the recpetion is where the moms get to have their way and we won’t complain at all.Good luck to you and congratulations on your engagement!

Catty in Calgary

Hi Melissa4 !!!You do not have to have your ID transferred to Spanish in order to be married in Cuba, we too, thought that ourselves, but a quick call to the Cuban Consulate confirmed we did not have too.Having said that, if either of you have been divorced, there is a lot more that will need to be done in regards to paperwork. Neither myself or my husband had been previously married so everything for the most part was a breeze. I am sure there will be someone who will respond that might give more info if that indeed is your situation.You will, once you return have to have your marriage certificate transfered to English to change your name on your government issued I.D. – it cost us approximately $80.00 to have that done.As far as wedding packages at different resorts go – they vary as to the cost. Some offer free weddings, based on the number of confirmed guests. We were married at Playa Pesquero (Holguin) and the cost of our package was 800CUC – it has a ton of things included with it, and the wedding was fabulous, I highly recommend this resort for weddings!!!If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!!

Happy Planning


If we do get married in Cuba, it will be the two of us and anyone else that wishes to join us in Cuba, but we will also be bringing our children as well (I have two and he has one). This also means the resort we choose will have to have a kids club for them. He was married before so I do need any information that anyone has on the divorce papers and if they need to be translated. We aren’t planning on having a reception when we get home either, we just want a simple wedding. Thanks for the information.


Topic: Planning a wedding in Cuba and confused…. Check this thread out Melissa4…there is some info on getting married in Cuba, if you have been divorced.Like I mentioned, we were married at Playa Pesquero, and had 3 children with us, although none were interested in going into the Kid’s Club – they did have one that other guests were raving about!! PP also provides a babysitting service.


Hi melissa4, I got married in Cuba last Jan, actually will be my one yr anniversary in 8 days!!Anyway I had to get my divorce certificate translated so I can help you with that. Not sure where you’re situated as far as location. There is a Cuban Consulate in Toronto so not sure whether you can make it there or if you’d have to send in your documents. It cost $32 for a non-personal fee. You need a notarized copy of your divorce certificate, they used my driver’s license and passport I believe just to check my ID, so you may want to take copies of those. They have translation services there which cost $48. They will need to legalize(can’t think of the proper terminology at the moment, lol) but it will cost $160 for the English and $160 for the Spanish. So in total it cost me $368.00 to get what I needed. You do NOT need to get your birth certificate or your passport translated!!Hope this helps and good luck with your choice!! You can check out my pics if you’d like to see our wedding, it was in Cayo Largo.

Any other questions regarding the translation or anything let me know, I’d be happy to help.

Melissa,we got married at Breezes Jibacoa last spring. Vic had been married before, I hadn’t.Have your fiance get a notarized copy of his divorce decree. Then courier it to the Cuban consulate that deals with your area. Ontario and west is Toronto. Quebec and east is Montreal. You can have them officially translate it and authenticate the copy for you as well as legalize it etc. It costs a bit, I think our total with a "rush" put on it was around $400. You’ll need to send a money order for the costs.If you want to see the informational letter they sent me PM me with your email address and I’ll email it to you.This is the Cuban Consulate in Toronto’s website…

though it doesn’t seem to be working right now. Most resorts in Cuba offer a complimentary package for weddings that include set things, if you want extra stuff you pay extra. The largest part of the expense is the notary fees for them to process the paperwork. That’s usually anywhere from 200CUC to 500CUC.But with that said, the notary performs the ceremony, files the paperwork with the appropriate cuban government ministry, forwards it to the Canadian embassy in Havana for Canada to legalize everything and sends you your marriage certificate, so for the wedding of your dreams not a bad deal all in all ;D

Happy planning!

Bluesunset,thanks for the breakdown in costs, couldn’t quite recall them…

I had completely forgotten about that annoying and laughable "non-personal" fee though Should be the other way around..we get a discount for not showing up at their office ;D

Another hint..the Consulate charges by PAGE, not by document. In BC a divorce decree has a cover page with the registration number and names of parties (also included on main page), you DO NOT need to send that page! It will double your cost!

Oh, and Bluesunset, Happy Anniversary in 8 days!!

Thank you so much for all the information. I am starting to think it will be better to go to Cuba to do this, considering all the people we would have to invite if we stay home and get married and then feed them all. If they want to come to cuba it will be on their own expense. So all in all, it would be around $400 to translate his divorce information, and then the cost of the wedding at the resort and another cost of about 200CUC to 500CUC for the notary service? or is that included in the price of the wedding at the resort? Also when I get our marriage certificate it will be another $80 to have that translated to English? I will start looking into the resorts that you all mentioned, to see what they are all about. We won’t be getting married until at least next year, but we are going to cuba in March (it will be my first time there) to the Sol Cayo Guillermo, which I am very excited about. Oh I am in Fredericton, NB so I guess the translation service I would used would be Montreal.


melissa4 … we did what you are planning, we let all of our friends and family know about 1 yr. in advance that we were going to be married in Cuba – we actually sent out invitations, stating our intentions and a description of the resort etc., approximate costs and whatnot, and let them decide for themselves. We were actually very surprised at the response we received – there were a few people that ended up coming we didn’t think would – it really gave some of our family a chance to have a great vacation they wouldn’t normally do on there own. To date, 4 of our guests have already returned to PP they loved it so much – we are all going back (hopefully) this fall!!At PP the cost of the notary is included with the wedding package. Just to give you and idea of costing there, they had 2 packages, one at 400CUC – Whig is just the ceremony (notary) the other is about 800CUC – with many more inclusions such as hair-do; flowers (bouquet and boutonniere) pictures; notary; reception dinner with cake for you and your guests and many, many others. If you contact the resorts you are interested in, they should be able to send you via e-mail the different packages.


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