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In the new Nolitour literature they mention that the Royal Decameron has three buffet restaurants. They only had two when I was there in January. Have they added a third ? We are going back again in January 2007.

I thought there was a buffet in the new area that was opened in December 2005. I was there in Feb 2006 but I really went into the new area to eat a couple of nights at Kontiki and did not notice what was going on in the other restaurants.
I myself am headed back in 2 weeks and can’t wait.

There is a third buffet – it’s the Pacifico (as well as the Atlantis and the Panamai). We just got back in August and it’s up and running . . . it seems to not be as crowded as the others probably because it’s a bit of a walk to get to it, depending on which building you’re staying at. It’s on the far end near the marina. Nice set up – similar to the Atlantis. Enjoy!

The third buffet – does it actually cater to everyone staying in the resort, no matter where your room location is? Bebbie
If I am not mistaken, it is all the way at the opposite end of the resort from the show. I could let you know more in a week


Sounds very interesting. Hopefully anyone staying at the resort can go to it. I will be waiting to hear what you find out ‘V’.Wondering too, if the resort has expanded so much do they have a couple ‘people movers’ running now? We always hoofed it, but curious for those that have never been there and perhaps not as able to get around.

Yes Bebbie, anyone at the resort can go to the new buffet (Pacifico).
Also, yes there are some "people movers". We only hopped aboard a couple of times when we were going up to the lobby from down at the beach area. That heat can make those stairs seem real hard some days!

Thanks Taballen for your response.

I know what you mean about the stairs. Lucky for us each time we stayed at that resort our building was situated by a path or the roadway. So we took that most times. Still quite an incline.

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