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… Sunday, we leave for Montreal and Monday morning at about 7:10, we’ll be leaving for beautiful Panama for 2 glorious weeks.

So, at about 2 PM, Monday afternoon, we’ll be thinking of you as we lift our Rum & Coke and Pina Colada, to your health, while sitting at the pool bar….. ;D

Take care…

Hi theponder, have a geat trip. I look forward to hearing your reviews upon your return.


Have a wonderful trip, theponder. Will wait patiently for your return and a review of the resort – and hopefully some pics.

Oh, and BTW, can you check out what bathing suit size is acceptable on the beach

Thanks Kelley and SUJ

We’ll do our best to enjoy our trip… ;D … and come back with lot’s of pics… ;D

And SUJ……. personaly…… I prefer the ones where the "size tag" is the biggest piece of material to them…

hey Ponder… are you checking the site out?? luv your little pic things, flicking to show different ones! cool. Geez now i feel that much more lost on this wonderful wide web we have.. can’t wait to see your posts/reviews when you return,

still a bit for us, but the bathing suit books are out

Welcome back, theponder! Hope your trip was all you had hoped it would be!

He shouldn’t be back until tomorrow night. Flights are on Mondays.

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