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A Cuban friend just answered my e-mail to him asking whether the beachfront situation around the end of the Varadero peninsula had changed since our last visit (March 2012). We had noticed a dramatic loss of sand around the Tryp and the Playa Alameda. The beach chairs were reduced to a much smaller strip and were on a slant.He told me that he and others had noticed a large "tanker" of sorts around that area dumping fresh sand to level off the drop in front of the Playa Alameda and that the boat had been commissioned by Iberostar to even out the area.

Great news for us… who are headed there March 2013!

Wonderful news! I was at the Playa Alameda in Feb, Apr and June and noticed the erosion. So it will be great if they’ve added some sand to level it out. Not that I usually get down there 3 times in a year, but I’ll certainly be heading back ASAP. Me gusta mucho la IPA!

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