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Hi when I was there I tipped in Bolivars Fuerte most people were tipping withBolivars Fuerte some were using US$

I just changed money over as I needed it our tour guide would change it 50$ or 100$ at a time. I didn’t have much left over when I left. Enough for a meal at the airport and couple trinkets. I changed over the exit tax first and put in passport.

I plan on doing that as well and leaving that in the safe.

I can’t believe how expensive the exit tax is.

ya it is a little pricey but if you get your Bolivars Fuerte at a good rate it is not that bad. they raised the exit tax just after we got there this year but it is still worth it for the sun heat and relaxation.

when I left Feb 6, I paid Bs. 110,40 or US$51.48 but if you get a good deal on exchange it is much better to pay tax in Bs.

I will ! Thanks again for all your help. It is a shame that there aren’t many posters on this branch.I am excited since I have never been there before. I have only been to the DR and Cuba.

Tomorrow morning at this time, I will be enjoying my breakfast in the heat

I paid mine in Bolivars because if you buy on black market it is cheaper. we were getting 4 B’s for 1us$,

It has to be paid in Bolivars and you must have exact change.

The black market rate went down to about 3.5 per US dollar.

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