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Just wondering what members tip for dives down south? Personally for me; it depends on the service. I tip for good dives not to get good dives. I often bring down fishing gear for the captain of the boat… and when in less fortunate countries bring down stationary (pens, paper, calculator, etc) for the dive club. I usually tip at the end of the week. amount varies based on fun I had.

Just wondering what others tip.

I tip $120 – $150 a week for an average weeks liveaboard diving, which is probably around the going rate. I prefer to dive on my own rather than dive as a group as I want time to take pictures and properly look around and explore, which you don’t really get the chance to do that via the day boats….the more I am left alone to do my own thing, the more I tip in appreciation….. ;DLiveaboards, you are usually asked for two tips, one for the guides, and another for the crew. The majority of the liveaboards the crew and guides are awesome, they work hard to ensure your dive trip meets all your expectations. It’s very early mornings and late nights, so they deserve every tip the crew and guides gets, they really earn it.I rarely, if ever tip on day boats, the guides are usually lazy and just going through a routine of getting you in and out the water as quick as possible…..there are a few exceptions, but on the whole you get stung enough $’s for a dive on a day boat and then you get all the BS of 45 mins maximum dive time, or first one reaches 750 psi, dive ends….rip off !

I did one tropical vacation (Panama for 5 days of dives). I tipped the DM before the first day, as he seemd very professional (Was almost a DM myself and I learned a lot from him). For a charter in the U.S. the general rule seems to be $10 per tank.

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