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Hi:NecesitoSol you asked in one of the threads for any suggestions or tips. Well here is a thread started that other might add to. – bring a washcloth – SEE the locks/canal – visit Pipi’s bar on the beach – tour Noriega’s summer home located near Royal Decameron

– insulated mug is definitely a must

I also read you need to bring your own kleenex… which you should never flush down the toilet and while I’m on about the environment, an insulated mug is much more friendly than the plastic cups supplied…and keeps your beverages much colder!Depending on the size, it may save you a few trips to the bar!

To the smokers…you can pick up cheap little ashtrays at the dollar store-there is no excuse for butts in the sand!

Excellent idea NecesitoSol about the ashtrays. Cigarettes butts cluttering the sand – UGLY – and no reason for that. Kleenex should never be flushed down any toilet – only toilet paper. Speaking of toilet paper, it is something to bring along with you. There is a stop on the way to the resort where you can grab a cold drink, use the washroom, whatever. Both times we have been – no toilet paper in the washrooms. Lip balm (with SPF) and remember to apply often.
Go to the briefing. Take notes – you learn alot by going. Horseback riding – book early. Don’t leave it to the end, you might miss out. We did. If you go on the Embera tour, you will stop at a grocery store to pick up some items (offerings) for them. Please include some cookies for the children. When the offerings were dropped off to the Embera tribe before we headed to the waterfalls, the children obviously were rooting through the bags for goodies.

great ideas!
to get to Pipi’s, say facing the resort beach to your back, is it on the left down the beach?

Pipa’s takes a good 20 minutes to walk there. Keep going to the end of the beach and you can see the next resort. Go during low tide though, as at the peak of high tide it’s a bit of a challenge to walk through the rocks and the side of one of the houses!


Yikes Kathy!!! lol
if high tide does hit, or dark out, is there the road that can be taken back?

There is a road that can be taken back.We personally never made the walk there, we got side tracked. lol This time we plan on doing it.When we did go there we were picked up and driven there. That was an experience we will never forget………good one that is. Not sure if the new owners still offer it though.
We never walked the road into Farallon village, but did drive through on the mini-bus to Penonome. Saw a craft/souvenir type shop set up. Wish I had checked it out. The prices at the vendors’ stalls who come into the resort on M/W/F nights were excellent, though. I don’t know if people were bargaining with them – we felt the prices were so low, $1-5, that it would have felt petty to barter over a few cents!I don’t know if the new owners offer the transportation to/fro Pipa’s. We actually made a reservation for one night, $25/person for a seafood plate, but ended up cancelling as one of the "tummies" in our 4some was upset. Both times I went to the restaurant, to book and to cancel, there was no one who spoke english. They may still be waiting for us to show up for our dinner reservation!!!!!!

I think I would only go if return transportation was provided. It was a healthy 20 minute walk, and the sun goes down around 6:30pm. It would be a pretty dark walk back along the beach.

One suggestion, if I may, is that if you don’t want to take your own ashtray down with you, get a drink from the bar in one of the plastic cups, "down it" in one gulp – c’mon, I know you can do it – and then fill it half full of sand when you get to the beach. The perfect ashtray you can drop off at the garbage can on your way back from the beach!
You can not drink in the pools, even if you are standing in the pool with your drink on the side. When entering the ocean shuffle your feet. By doing so, if there are any sting rays, they will move away.We were told by the Nolitour rep that there was an error in the brochure. There is no limit of 3 a la cartes. You can book only one early in the morning. Return between 10 am and 5 pm, you can book more. If you like to lounge, as opposed to sitting, in the sun, an air mattress would make it a lot more comfortable. The loungers are plastic and not very comfortable. Be aware at all times when walking through out the resort for vehicles on the same walkway.
Regarding the dress code for the a la cartes……………Men don’t have to wear to wear pants. Too hot. Men can not wear tank tops.Shoes/sandals must be worn. When going to the snack bars for lunch it is requested no wet clothes and shoes must be worn. If your bathingsuit is still wet/damp, please have the courtesy not to sit on the cushion, lift it up. (Not a nice feeling sitting on a wet cushion)
If you like breaded shrimp………..El Canal (a la carte) serves them. Fantastic. Comes with mashed potatoes……..which is delicious. We also asked for a side order of coconut rice – which was very good too.
HEADS UP! Be aware that Panama security at the airport has an ‘almost’ zero tolerance on aerosols. Security was going through all checked luggage looking for aerosols and disposing of them. I said almost because there was such a back up that they started letting people go by without their luggage being checked.
thanks bebbie, i knew you would come through for me

ok, now i’m talking nothing, just luv seeing my little ticker thingy countin down the days…

lynnb- looks like we will be at Decameron at the same time. I get to Panama on a Thurs but I don’t get to the resort til Saturday. This trip I am only going to be at the resort for 9 days, how long will you be there? Maybe we will run into each other. I don’t know if you go to the shows or play volleyball on the beach you could see me. I usually go to the shows early to dance with the guys before the show. Also sometimes you will hear the MC Pedro welcome me by name (Veronica or Kentucky)- I think he doesn’t want me to feel left out since theres not a lot of Americans there. Only 5 weeks left!!! Can’t wait!!!!


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