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Todo Blanco  

Calle Principal, Las Galeras, Samana. Dominican Republic

"in need of room renovation but great place"
Posted by: francs on Jun 7, 2014
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This is a very peaceful and relaxing hotel for someone who has a busy schedule to visit and have a great time while on vacation in this city. The hotel’s location is perfect as it is close to many activities for those who are interested. The rooms look worn out but were clean and well equipped for all that you will require. The staff here was very attentive to my needs as well as friendly as they wore this infectious smile throughout the day and made customers feel comfortable. You can get a very good view of the ocean from your room and the hotel grounds and easy access to the ocean made it a better choice for me. I visited this hotel in March 2014; I stayed for 6 days and had a great experience here. Even though the rooms were great and clean, I think they need to renovate the rooms, update them to modern styles with newer looking furnishings to go with it. I had problem with the hotel as there was no television or internet service here and I really needed them both badly. I only consoled myself with the fact that I had other activities outside the hotel to keep me busy. The hotel is very nice, amazing staff, nice and clean room but the only problem I had was the old style of room they had. I will be coming back here for another vacation as long as there would be TV and new furnishings here next time.

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