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martian Guest I think there’s too many sub-forums in the Cuban section of this discussion forum.The "Help The Cuban People" forum has only had a couple of dozen contributions this entire year. Does Cayo Largo, Trinidad, etc. really get enough traffic to warrant their own forums?

This discussion forum is slow enough as it is and breaking it up into pieces only sticks a knife in it. Why not throw everything together and see what happens… I bet it’ll still take a day or two to push new posts off the first page…

Not ready yet Terry Working on it right now …

btw … I moved your post to the off topic

I agree with Martian. The multiple topics are confusing and makes it much more difficult to create any "flow" on the site. I would hate to have leave Debbie’s because the old format was "tweaked" too much. I value the comments and advice of the many contributors but if I have to go searching for topics that may inform my travel or be of interest to me, I will have to seek out other Forums. I have been a faithful member for a while now and rely on Debbie’s for my Cuba "fix" and information.

In addition, was this topic hidden here to limit discussion and criticism???

Not at all Valleyguy, all comments are welcome.

Thi thread moved it to the Off Topic Board because it has nothing to do with Cuba

I love the new look but I don’t like all the clicking I have to do. Are you done yet, editor?
With sub-forums for Cuba? … yes I am done Shirley
With sub-forums for Cuba? … yes I am done Shirley

Yes, with the sub-forums. Thanks.

What’s next?

First back to the website, reviews, emails, question of the week at facebook, etc etc and after that …

Re-organising the FAQ’s Shirley

too many sub forums for me as well…. why the changes…. did pepole have issues with the old single forum?

These changes are made because when people visit the website … for example the page about Havana. 1. We can put a link on that specific page on the Debbie website directly to the Havana forum (sub-board)2. When visitors to the forum are in search for a specific region or topic it is easier to find

In other words, more user friendly

In my opinion, more sub-forums makes it less "discussion" friendly. I may not be interested enough in a particular area to seek it out in a sub-forum, but in the old format, I often found topics that informed my overall understanding of Cuba. The new format will make it more difficult to gain new, unintended knowledge of Cuba and its affects/impacts on tourists.

Just got back from a 3-week vacation to find that my favorite discussion board had undergone a transformation!

I don’t like the new look – it will be really difficult for those who know nothing about Cuba to find out information (general or specific) before deciding where to go. I vote to go back to the old format –

As a very long time forum member, I’m not too happy about all the sub forums either. Rather a pain in the butt to be honest and for sure not as user friendly as this forum once was. Are we trying to discourage people from coming here?Had a devil of a time finding my Resort Electricity thread which I try to keep updated.

New and improved doesn’t necessarily mean better! If it ain’t broke…..

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