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What is a good hotel to send the night that includes parking for the weekNeed it for the Friday Jan 23

Does Transat have hotel specials if you book with them? Have not been able to find anything

Try the Econ Lodge; just booked last night. It has 2 restaurants and a bar that is relaxing. I believe it’s about 1.5 km from the airport. Shuttle service included. They have a web site with an 800 number.

Used it last year too. I was impressed with their service.

We also stay at the Econolodge in Toronto across from the Airport.We have stayed there about 10 times now and have never had a bad experience. They will also let you do the ‘Reverse and Fly’. You can leave your vehicle there, go on vacation and spend the night you return from vacation at the hotel if you do not need the room before your vacation.

Freedom Ryder 8-)………………….

We’ve used the Toronto airport Marriott many times. They have underground parking which is so important to have when leaving your car for a week in the winter time! Plus they have their own shuttle bus so does not stop at all the other hotels for pickup and dropoff. So the shuttle bus is always on time when picking you up at the hotel to get to the airport! They are abit more expensive than the Econolodge but if you get a travel agent to book it (with the park and fly) then it will be cheaper.

We have just returned from Cuba and enjoy staying at the Quality Suites Toronto Airport as it provides covered parking (most of the time), airport shuttle and is across the road from the Keg restaurant which we also enjoy. The best part of all is, you get to start your vacation a day early!


We fly out at 6:10 am, get back at 2;20 pmWe book through TD VISA, and used some travel dollars on it and somemore travel point with booking though them

Will check both Marriott and Quality

You don’t mention if you are travelling with kids. The Marriott has a very small pool. But another option to look at (with kids) is the Doubletree Hotel (formerly the International Plaza) right on Dixie Road. We used to use it when our kids were smaller. It has an incredible 2 storey water slide and huge pool.

Hi Koz:

Another place to try is StageWest – it’s located on Dixie Road in Mississauga. It has covered parking too….if you are able to secure a spot. To get the stop over rate, ask a travel agent to call it in. Not too sure what the rate is right now. StageWest is an all suite hotel. They also supply shuttle service. (You could also call or email for information.)

Ok, so no kids…then I for sure would recommend the Airport Marriott (make sure it is not the Courtyard Marriott which is right next door). We like the Airport Marriott better. It has a couple of nice restaurants also and a really nice one for breakfast if you are not leaving too early in the morning. But as I said, what we like best is the hotel shuttle that you don’t have to share with other hotels. And when you return they tell you what number to call and the shuttle comes right away to the designated spot and you usually don’t have a gazillion people all trying to squeeze on one shuttle.

You’ve probably already booked koz, but for others, we tried the Stage West, 2 weeks ago and really liked it($109). Very nice, car is under cover, they have their own shuttle so when you call, it’s 20 minutes, and not packed with patrons from other hotels. For me it’s a pain to drive in by the airport, must be getting old, although we’ve stayed at the Double Tree several times and loved it. Stage West is just south on Dixie from the 401 a couple of blocks and one of the few privately owned hotels of this size.

Shuttle driver said he only gets a few calls a day now to pick-up when last year he couldn’t keep up. Phil

Hi Koz:I am sure you will find StageWest to your liking. I’ll ask when you guys get back. You and the missus have a great time.
Hi Koz:I am sure you will find StageWest to your liking. I’ll ask when you guys get back. You and the missus have a great time. Do you think they will let me on the water slide ;D

What food places is there within walking distance?

[/quote]Do you think they will let me on the water slide ;DWhat food places is there within walking distance?[/quote]

Oh sure they will let you on the water slide? Try not to scream.

Within walking distance, is McDonalds. LOL Just straight out the front door across the street.Another place is Montana’s, Kelsey’s, A&W, – they are all located together in amongst car dealerships. Just a block over. There was a Golden Griddle across the street (Dixie Road) at the Comfort End.

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