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We recently stayed at the Royal Decameron but found that the service and flexibility provided by Shuttles & Tours ( and in particular by the owner Luis Mendez ([email protected]) were really refreshing and clearly superior. Luis and his staff are very prompt to reply to enquires (the website also provides local telephone numbers for both the office and cellular coverage) and will build a custom itinery for either couples or groups. Their equipment is clean and modern, they are registered with the Ministry of Tourism, and their prices are very competitive.One example of the type of personal service provided during our trip in early March was that we arranged for a tour on the final day of our stay. We (and our luggage) were picked up on Monday morning and spent the morning touring Lake Coatepeque, the colonial archetecture of Santa Ana and San Salvador Volcano. After a very nice lunch, we shopped at a craft marketplace in downtown San Salvador and then got dropped off at the airport at 5:15 PM – just in time to join the very end of the check-in line (we had already pre-booked our seats) – perfect timing! This turned the typically feared "final day of waiting in lines" into a truly special and enjoyable day spent in comfort. I’m sure Luis will work with you to put together a custom itinerary to fit your personal interests.As with all services provided by non-RDS companies, you will have to meet the Shuttles & Tours vehicle at the entrance to the resort (about a 3 minute walk from the main hotel lobby). RDS does provide a shuttle vehicle if you have luggage or have mobility issues that will take you to this entrance if you ask.
Hi,We leave on Monday. Just wondering if there is anything that perhaps is lacking in the rooms that we should ensure we bring? Was there a hairdryer, alarm clock? Did you take any malaria or typhoid meds before you left? Is the power the same as it is in CDA? Any info you have would be appreciated and will allow us to finish getting ready!


OH: There is a hairdryer in the bathroom. No alarm clocks. No washcloths. We took no malaria or typhoid meds. Take thermal mugs with you…it’s hot there and the ice melts really fast. Mostly loungers there, hard plastic ones, you may want to take an air mattress. Water shoes if you plan on going in the saltwater pool. The power IS the same as ours. Can not answer you about cashing traveler’s cheques, we didn’t take them.

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