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Not a place to stay Nov 24, 2009

My stay there was the most distasteful B&B I have ever witnessed. Nothing for breakfeast, the kitchen was the most disgraceful, slimy, greasy thing I have ever seen.Even if they did cook me something I would not eat it. There was no tv in my room as it was given to the workers to have in THEIR room. No one was helpful, the owner had moved in his local girlfriend and her entire family into the hotel, none of whom had anything and where Vampires and were undermining the poor owners authority as he is a quadrapaligic. I feel sorry for him but the hotel has only quad access for himself. He actual asked us to leave after 2 days as we complained about how disgusting the kitchen was and the lack of breakfast and the lack of atmosphere. The location is beautiful but unless the owner decides to make some wholesale changes I would not recommend this hotel to anyone from outside central america as you will be highly dissappointed. He needs all new staff and get rid of leeches whom are ! ruining his business. I would highly recommend staying somewhere else as even all the people in Palmeras know how bad it has become. It is even being used as a spot for men to bring"friends" for a couple hours. I dont think that is Tranquillity, spend your money elsewhere. I moved down to Casa Marta and had an excellant 2 weeks and would highly recommend here, you wouldn’t be dissappointed. Tranquillity Hill rating -5 stars.

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