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Hi thereApart from taking the bus from Holguin via Santiago de Cuba, is there any other way to go from Holguin to Baracoa? ┬áThe only reason for me to avoid that route is because I am going back that way and it seems a shame to do the same thing twice.In truth, I am the world’s worst driver, so would rather not try to hire a car and drive it.I am grateful for any thoughts or tips you might be able to share.


Hello puzzled welcome to Debbie’s Caribbean resort review forum. Unfortunately only other option is to hire taxi / private car to Baracoa from Holguin. Road is not so nice. There is big part of the road made of gravel/ stones and some potholes so car has to drive slow. I went many times and if I am in Holguin I would go that way to Baracoa. Santiago Baracoa is better road but one part of the road are big mountains and some people do not like mountains.

I too am interested in how to get from Baracoa to Holguin without going back to Santiago di Cuba. We are considering renting a car and driving from Santiago back to Havana [going to fly from Havana to Santiago] and would like to go from Santiago to Baracoa to Holguin, but I have read that the first part of the road between Baraco and Moa is pretty bad.

Any ideas?

So from Santiago to Baracoa you can take viazul bus for 15 CUC I believe. After from Baracoa to Holguin I would suggest that you take private taxi. Road is bad like you heard as you can’t speed from Baracoa to Moa but its manageable. Many potholes but I went many times .. Any more questions please ask.

Completely agree. The road from Baracoa to Moa is awful. It’s virtually walking pace for much of the way.

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