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I have noticed price increases for resorts in Cuba and Mexico ( PDC ) for January. I have been told prices do drop for Feb departures…any truth to this ????

February is usually more expensive than January as you are getting into Spring Break dates. We booked our trip to Cuba back at the beginning of September for 2 weeks in February. The same package, today, would cost us $1000.00 more!

Perhaps this should be moved from the Cuba Meeting place to General Questions as it pertains to both Mexico & Cuba travel and not a specific resort already booked!

Yup. I moved it here and left a message with a link.

briarbay:- Many factors affect pricing but generally we have found January to be LESS expensive than February. From Vancouver, it seems they are charging a real premium for vacation packages in February since many of us are looking to get out of town for the duration of the Olympics. Pricing for Mexico vacations are great this year and for many Mayan resorts, I’ve never seen such amazing prices for either Jan. or February.

One thing I have noticed however that the better prices are no longer those booked as last minute. Seems the wholesalers are trying to break us of the last minute booking habit.

Yeah, in the island are two stages, high and low .. high is when must of the tourist visit the island so the prices get high, the low is usually in winter then prices are low. Anyways the prices have been incremented a bit during the last months because general economic crisis.

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