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Hi Guys, Me again, My last question on this site was about the best trip you can get if you had $20k to spend, after many many excellent suggestion I went to Jamaica based on a writer’s comment and I had an excellent time.So, I decided to once again seek your suggestions about another trip. This time I want to bring with my kids, son 13 and daughter 10. My kids are old enough to not appreciate the kids clubs anymore but not enough to be left alone, you know what I mean. We need somewhere where there are programs designed for older kids. Restrictions:Well time changed, stock market related… need to comment so this year we’re more on a budget and the maximum I would like to spend is about $6k for the 4 of us.Other details, leaving on Spring break Feb 28th – March 7th from Montreal, QcI would like to take this opportunity to thank Debbie for her excellent site and to all of you who reads, writes and makes this an excellent source of information.

I’d strongly suggest the Club Med family resorts (Cancun, Ixtapa/Zihuatenajo, maybe Guadeloupe or Punta Cana). They have exceptionally good programs that separate teens, preteens and kids into separate groups – all you need to keep the teens happy. (On TripAdvisor for Cancun, Club Med is rated #1 of all all-inclusive resorts – maybe 150 in all – for teens, and they deserve it). They too have fantastic activities for kids and parents (Cancun: waterskiing, tennis, trapeze on a professional setup and with a great team of acrobats, sailing, a great beach, etc.). Food and drinks there are also real real good. But look fast – it may be over your budget depending on where you are coming from… (They may have good sales on their website – worth checking out; they often do not sell through the usual internet websites – Apple, Selloffvacations…). Tom

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