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I have ‘Cut and Pasted’ this from the Cuba Forum.

I will put a sticky on it and leave it at the top of the forum for a while so anyone interested in bringing medical supplies can see it.

Freedom Ryder 8-)……..———————————————————————–Dear Cuba friends and fellow travellersWhile visiting Cayo Largo recently, I discussed with Sol Cargo employees to see how they were affected by Ike. I was very sad to hear that although basically the beaches and hotels need minor repair on Cayo (the Sol was spared), the island where a lot of the Cayo Largo personnel reside (pop. 25,000) was devastated. My favorite waitress, Anaybel, lost evertything and needs to reconstruct her house Albeit all that, they keep on smiling. Unbelievable!So I decided to start a human solidarity chain and I need those of you that will go to Cayo in the coming weeks to continue where I left off. As a matter of fact, I pray that travelers to other destinations in Cuba grab the idea and run with it!Here is how it worked:MEMOSUBJECT : COLLECT OF YOUR LEFTOVER OTC MEDS TO PROVIDE EMERGENCY CARE TO ISLA DE LA JUVENTUD TO: ALL SOL CAYO LARGO GUESTSFROM: ALEXANDER, TOUR REP, SYLVIE NAULT, QUEBEC GUESTDear Sol Cayo Largo guests,As some of you may know already, a lot of the personnel of the hotel reside with their family on Isla de la Juventad. The island has been badly hit in September by hurricane Ike and many houses have been destroyed. Water pipes have broken and there is a lot of stomach flu going on. Although some of the population might have some money, there is, for example, no Imodium available for purchase and it is sorely needed.Of course, the international community is helping but containers sent from all countries take time in arriving. We are lucky in a sense that we can act immediately to provide much needed medicines very quickly by plane. It¡¦s very much ¡§Think globally, act locally¡¨Hence, we are forming a human solidarity chain. In cooperation with the hotel, the International medical clinic in the village and tour reps, we are organizing a collect of your leftover over-the-counter medication. It will be gathered by Alexander or Sylvie and given to the official from the International Clinic on Oct. 17 to be forwarded immediately by plane to the clinic in Isla de la Juventud. Sylvie¡¦s room number is 2014. Please see her or deposit it in a laundry plastic bag attach to her door, right by the bridge leading to the Ranchon on the left side. Please note that donations are of course on an entirely voluntary basis, it is all up to you. But if you can spare some medicines and toiletries as entire houses have been destroyed, that will be wonderful. Remember that Cubans seem to be particularly prone to asthma; hence, bronchodilators (asthma pumps) such as Fluonaze, Symbiocort etc will be very much appreciated. Should there be no Patient information in Spanish on your container, Sylvie will provide for it in Spanish by printing it from the pharma site in Spanish so it is safe to give. If you have the box of the medication, even better. In doubt, donate it if you can spare it!Here is a list of much needed items:„X Imodium etc.„X Bandages and brace„X Plasters, cotton bowls„X Antiseptic, rubbing alcohol „X Tylenol, Advil, Aspirin, „X Tempra for children„X Cough medicine„X Ear drops, Eye drops„X Sinus medications„X Anti-histaminic „X New disposable syringes (lots of diabetes)„X Feminine hygiene products„X Soap, shampoo, toothpaste On behalf of the population of Isla de la Juventad, thousands of thanks!Enclosed is a picture of the England group (Virgin Tours) that left Cayo Largo on Oct. 13 as well as an official of the donation: from left to right, Ivis Garcia, Public Relations, Sol Cayo Largo, Sylvie Nault, project initiator, Dr. Ivan Silvera Valdes, Director of the Clinica Internacional Cayo Largo del Sur and Rosanne, a donator from the Quebec group.BASICALLY, WHAT IS REQUIRED IS THAT THERE BE ONE RESPONSIBLE PER FLIGHT WHO WILL COLLECT THE DONATIONS THE DAY PRIOR AND THE DAY OF THE DEPARTURE TWO HOURS BEFORE THE AIRPORT BUS ARRIVES.I just know that there is a gentle soul out there that will proposed himself as a volunteer, please contact me if you need any info whatsoever. And if you have the coordinates of the Dubois Foundation, please forward them to me so I can volunteer my translation servides and mention them in my upcoming press release to Quebec and Ontarion media.

I can be reached in Montreal at all times (I work from home) at 514-575-0130 and by email at [email protected]

Cheers, Sylvie

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