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Hi there, I am going to Mayan Riviera with a 9 mth old and I’m not really sure of what I will need to take. He is on concentrated formula right now but I think it might be easier with powdered. He is not crawling but is rolling around and he is eating a mixture of puree and some finger foods. I know he will definitely eat some sand too as everything goes in his mouth right now. As for the beach, should I just some towels/blanket or a playpen for him to play? I have a good lightweight stroller and will bring some small new toys. Based on your experiences, what do I absolutely need? or any tips are appreciated.

We’ve just returned from the Catalonia Yucatan which was a very family friendly resort. Lots of infants!

One thing I observed which I thought was a must have item was a portable sun shelter for the beach- sort of looks like a little pup tent. It had a floor. so the baby was out of the sun and off the sand.

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