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Hi,My husband and I are pondering the idea of flying out from buffalo instead of Toronto because of the high dollar value. Just wondering if anyone else has done it recently, and who are you using? We want ot go in the middle of january, and trying to decide between an AI in Panama, San Andres, or San salvador.
Love, Love, Love flying out of Buffalo!! We would pick it any day over T.O. That being said, we have not flown from there on an AI vacation–only to another American city. I know there are some Americans on this site who could advise you on a good American online travel company. I am not sure which are the best so I would be very interested in responses any of our friends south of the border might offer.

Buffalo Airport is small and so easy to manage. From the time my dh and I landed after our trip, got our luggage, and walked outside to the waiting motel shuttle van, it was a total of less than 20 minutes!! You can’t beat that. And, there are reasonable motels right across the road! Plus there’s that fabulous Walden Galleria Mall close by….Aaah, when’s our next trip from Buff??


Hi cwblue2001A few years ago, our destination of choice was sold out (Mayan Riviera) and our travel agent recommended we use Buffalo since there was still availability from there. Long story short … a very few days before our departure, a phone call to say that our 7 day vacation would now be a 6 day holiday. We had the option to cancel or suck it up, take the one day refund and enjoy what time we had. Since there were 4 of us travelling together and vacation times had been booked etc., we opted not to cancel and enjoy our 6 days. We thought perhaps we could arrange for our own flight home and take a few extra days to explore the Cancun area on our own. No go. When you fly from America, you must return to America. My advise to you would be to be very cautious when booking a vacation from the US of A. They do things differently than we do.For the sake of a few dollars, I’m sticking to this side of the border. Lesson learnt.
I used Apple vacations this year, I found that it has been cheaper than any other american site so far.You may want to check with them. Also funjet vacations I know flys out of buffalo.If I can think of anymore I will sure let you know.

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