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Trinidad – Readers Travel Tips

Shabaz – UK
In September 1999 I went to Trinidad for a holiday as well as to get married, I also had a honeymoon in Tobago, and I tought Trinidad was a wonderful place to holiday, it is a multi cultural country, with everyone living together peacefully.

It was also a good destination to get married in and Tobago is a small but very beautiful places to visit such as MT Irvin Bay, Buco Reef and of course the capital Scabrough, in Trinidad there is also a lot of wonderful and exciting places to go such as the pitch lake in La Brea and the beaches in Blanchisseuse, Las Cuevas or Sailbea. There is of course the new Airport in Piarco and it is always worth a visit to the Capital Port of Spain.

As Trinidad is A multi cultural society every festival is celebrated, so if you where to visit in January there is (I think) the world’s best Carnival, or if you where to visit in say November there is Divali (the Indian celebration of light) which is very beautiful to see, especially if you go to somewhere like Debe, and having been down there in the past for these festivals I think it is worth a visit to see, even at Christmas in Trinidad, they have there own original Trini style Christmas, with the likes of Ginger Bread, Sorrel, Ham and other great food to eat at this time.

Talking about food, I think in Trinidad there is a wonderful mix of African and Indian food available, as well a the Trini’s own recipe, there are things like Doubles (curried chick pees, between to round pies) Oyster Cocktails, cold Coconuts, Pealu (mixed rice and meet) Roti and various curries (boy and do they taste sweet), there is also the Trinididians treats for children like Red Mango, Salt Prunes, Red Paw Paw Snow Cone and lots of others.

Overall I think Trinidad is worth a visit, I have been there a few time now and I enjoyed all my visits.

I will give Trinidad a rating of 9 of 10 and Tobago a rating of 10 out of 10, in terms of places I have visited.


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