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Hello,I just turned 30 and my Mom is taking me on a trip to a location of my choice (7 – 12 days all inclusive)! I’m usually a pretty adventurous traveller and have been all over Europe several times. But, this trip, I’d like to lie on the beach in the sun on a beautiful, clean, (ideally) white sand beach and relax and read….. as well as take a day trip or 2 for a little adventure. My and my Mom won’t be interested in parties, or noisy, crowded resorts….. but we would like at least a 3.5 – 5 star place – it also has to be a resort that we could find a good deal on in terms of an all inclusive package…..I can’t decide where to go? If you had your pick…. would it be Cuba? Mexico? Dominican Republic? I’m leaning towards Cuba, but where? What beach and more specifically, what resorts would you recommend?Also, I don’t know if anyone has advice but I’m on a dairy – free, gluten free diet – is is possible for these resorts to provide meals for specific dietary requirements?Thanks for any help – I’ll post my own review when I return as this will be a completely new destination for me!Liana
Happy Birthday Liana, I have to make my vote for Mexico. After three trips to Cuba, we got tired of looking for some desent food. The beaches are beautiful and the people are wonderful there, but the food thing really took away from the atmosphere for us. I haven’t been to the DR yet myself, but have heard from others, that the resorts are beautiful, but the country is so poor, that it is rather depressing to travel off the resort. Jamaica is always an option, but it tends to be a wee bit $$$$. All in all, we have found Mexico to be the best bang for our buck, although we did stay at one of the largest resorts on the Mayan Riviera, so we did tend to feel a little spoiled. We are looking into Cozumel for next year, and I am sure there will be more votes for Coz, once more people see your topic line. From all reports, you can find just about anything you want there and it’s quite reasonable for prices too. They have the bigger resorts as well as the smallers ones, so shop around and see what you think. Good Luck,

Jake, eh

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