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They say it is two star but it is not even zero star, never again in this hotel, as per past reviews requested room at 6th floor but all the rooms on 6th floor became swimming pools due to rain. Reception staff is rude and not at all helpful. NO wifi, NO free shuttle service to Havana till Feb or may be till march or April. two bars are horrible, only nice coffee you get and rum without coke or orange, low quality stuff in the bar so do not expect any thing like fancy even standard havana rum or good quality beer. Sometimes you will not get towels also for the beach across so carry your own beach towels if you want to stay in this hotel. City transport bus service is unpredictable, if there are 2 buses on this route then every hr, three then 40 mins and 4 then its every half hr. and don’t waste your time for internet, speed is horrible, so this the first and list time to this hotel and with SUNWING.

Room Number:

Pickup from Veradaro airport was excellent but 6th floor room was not available so had to wait for couple of hrs.

Dirty, horrible, no hot water and had to request towels couple of times and sometimes those are out of stock so reuse the same towel, if it rains then 6th floor and even heard 5th floor rooms become swimming pools. Checkout time is 12 so hang around int he lobby is your pickup time is 4 pm or 5 pm, which is ridiculous, there is NO washroom in the main lobby and one at downstairs is too DIRTY, you will not enter in the same and its UNISEXUAL, yes only one washroom for Ladies and Gents.

Restaurants and Bars:
Not good service, always out of stock, never seen standard Havana club rum in both the bars. you get fantastic coffee at bar, even espresso but rum without coke or orange. Food is not up to standard, choice is bad if you go late then everything is over so just try to be early. Taste is horrible, cheap fruits like papaya, orange and banana. Breakfast is nice so do not miss the break fast.

Towels are always out of stock, beach bar also same either rum without coke or orange juice so adjust with what ever cheap drinks are available. Saw the rum price which they serve is very cheap and NO havana club rum at any of the bar.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Salsa teacher is nice, night show is ok, not that spactacular but can be missed if you are visiting to havana.

Other Comments: Don’t expect too much for the price you gave, not good drinks, good service, good rooms, NO hot water in bathrooms, No courteous staff… so never again either with TROPICOCO or SUNWING. Since there is no washroom in the lobby and one which is at downstairs is too dirty so make some friends those who are staying more days so that you can use their rooms for PP if your pickup is later in the evening to the Veradaro Airport since check out time is NOON and late checkout will cost you 15 CUC.

You will tagged with band in your hand so you can not get any other guest in you room and if you want to get any guest from outside to your room then you have to pay 60 CUC (95 CAD) to the reception to get your friend in room and to 25 CUC just hang around in the Lobby and use free bar or Restaurants which are anyways horrible.

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