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When I stayed at the Tropicoco in March of 1988 it was a very nice hotel, the food was fine back then, the dining room, bedrooms, lounge, grounds and beach were all clean and well kept and the staff were very friendly, the waiters in the dining room were very friendly and helpful as well. I have vacationed in Cuba several times over the years, Tropicoco (Eastern Havana),Veradero x4, Cienfuegos x2, Holguin x2, Mantanzas x2 and was considering to vacation at the Tropicoco in the next couple of months.

It saddens me to read the reviews of how unhappy people are these days staying at the Tropicoco. It does not matter if you stay in a 5 star or a 2 star hotel in Cuba the food and hotels are the same after all Cuba is a third world country and very poor so what does that tell you from the beginning (do not get your hopes up too high no matter where you stay in Cuba). You may get better service at a 5 star but the food and the hotels are the same right across the board.

March 1988

in 1988 the room I stayed in was very clean

Restaurants and Bars:
in 1988 the Restaurant (dining room) waiters were very helpful, professional and friendly

in 1988 the Beach was groomed daily, Pools and Grounds were very clean and well kept

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Excursion into Havana was very nice

Other Comments:
Overall based on my 1988 stay at the Tropicoco I would have rated it as a 4 star hotel

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