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My wife and I spent one week at this hotel/resort, and went to Havana for four of the seven. If you love the beach, this might be your kind of place. If your a single man/woman,then this might be your kind of place. Most of the staff are great. With the exception being the front-desk/reception girls. The food leaves much to be desired. There are way too many prostitutes there at any given time. Very,very little entertainment. And we were charged 40% more than we should have been. Which kept friends from joining us. Thank God they showed the Super Bowl or i’d have gone to Havana 5/7 days there.

The rooms were clean and well kept. As mentioned, most staff were great. But it was primarily single, middle-aged men with young locals. Which embarrassed us ofter awhile because most were from Canada. There is good security on the beaches, which means you can bring kids. And gifts,etc. can be found at the hotel or besides it. As I said,it just isn’t the kind of place we, or friends would stay at.

Well received.

Clean and well kept.

Restaurants and Bars:
Great service at the bars. Only ate once in both resturants. Told the Al’ a Carte boss we were served raw pork,which isn’t funny. It went no further.

Grounds are clean. Security(policia) at beaches and main street. Always nice to see.

Activities on and off the Resort/Hotel:
Not enough and held at the hotel’s hottest possible spot. No air and crazy hot there.

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