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My husband and I traveled with 3 other couples and had a different flight due to booking 5 days at the Tryp instead of 7. Upon arrival we asked at the resort if we could change our room to be in the same building as our group, but were surprised to find that our room was ocean view when we didn’t request this, so we decided to keep this room. The layout of the resort is nice and very easy to find everything. The food is your typical Cuban food but were pleasantly surprised by the "extras" at the buffet like freshly made sushi. We had stayed in Cayo Santa Maria in April/12 and found the food quite similar there as well, but trust me we didn’t starve. It is a third world country, if you are looking for gourmet food, then go to another island and stop complaining about the food in Cuba, it really isn’t that bad. I go to Cuba for the beach, you can’t beat it for the price you pay to have such a beautiful beach! I find Cubans very friendly and welcoming, they try their hardest to please you. The only downside we found on this trip was the jeep safari, not worth the money. However, we rented scooters and that was a lot of fun and not badly priced.

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