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We (ages 33 and 36) just spent a beautiful week at the Tryp Cayo Coco with our two boys ages 7 and 8, and my Mom & Dad, 56 and 58. We were there AMrch 15th – 22nd, 2008. Both my parents and I have travelled to at least 3 other places in the carribean prior to going on this trip. This was a first time for everyone going to Cuba. There were good and bad things about this resort, but let me say we did have a wonderful time despite the bad.

First of all:
First of all, the beach and water is stunning! Absolutely beautiful.Really the high point of this resort. In my opinion better than Bavaro beach in Punta Cana, only very little shade on the beach, for my kids to play for example. I’m a sun lover so that didn’t matter to me, but it did for my Mom & the kids. No palms on the beach like in the DR though, just constructed wooden sun shades. Less attractive. Could walk a long way in either direction. Not much to see right off the resort snorkelling wise though, for those looking for that.

Pool Area:
(where we spent most of our time), very large, many loungers, lots of sunny and shady spots, but it can get noisy and crowded at times, especially if beach is windy. Always cuban music playing loudly around the pool, and many activities like crazy games and volleyball, aerobics arouind the main pool. Shallow, wading in areas and 5 ft deep areas. One quiet pool for mostly adults down the property a bit. Parts of the pool have a few tiles missing or have some paint chipped off, but it is still lovely and cool and refreshing.

Bars & Food:
This is where this place is lacking a bit, but I guess that’s Cuba. No consistency in drinks from one day to the next, one bar to the next, but hey, if it’s no good just poor it out and try again, although you hate to waste them. My kids had trouble finding things to eat. They had pasta, burgers, hot dogs, pizza, and so on, but it was not the same as home to them. It never is. Even the pop was different. Not great for the kids. But you can buy Coke products at the hotel gift shop which is way better than the pop they serve at the bars or in the buffet. Food was only mediocre to the adults too I would say, but hey. I guess it depends how important the food is to you. Never tried any a la cartes as they are not our thing. I would recommend the stir fry station in the main buffet, the pasta station is okay, the turkey at the carvery one night was good, the rolls were good, the bruschetta at lunch for 3 days was excellent! The burgers at the swimup bar were not too bad at lunch time, with pickles and tomatoes and onions. Omelettes and eggs made to order in th emorning were hot and good, as was the frsh squeezed OJ each morning. Wait & bar staff was excellent and freindly. Tip them they work hard for so little pay- all staff get about 8-12 canadain dollars a month in salary, so tips mean a lot. p.s. – Take an insulated mug!

Run down and outdated, in need of an update, but comfortable, clean, and all you needed really. We had very good maid service, plenty of towels and hot water, a/c worked great, beds very comfortable. As the week went on it hardly mattered what the rooms looked like. The same could be said for the rest of the resort, in need of a fresh coat of paint for example, but as the week went on you hardly noticed and cared even less. p.s. – Take faceclothes!

Lovely & mature, but the DR was nicer and neater. Many large palm trees, etc. The flamingo pond and lagoon under the main lobby/ main buffet were stinky and gross and an eyesore. Fill them in people or dump some javex in them or something!

Went on the Spectacular into Moron city and Ciego de Avila, and the Speed Boats. Boats fun but poor snorkelling – don’t take this tour for the snorkelling, go to PIllar Beach or on the catamaran for great snorkelling. Spectacular was a long 9 hour day, and very hot, but we saw a lot and learned a lot. Hectar was an excellent tour guide. Bus was cool and comfy. p.s. – Take things for the locals, like toiletries, candy for the kids, dinkies, paper, pencils, coloring books, crayons, socks, etc

Staff very friendly and worked hard every day to provide you with something to do if you were interested. Kids club was a bit of a joke, never many organized activities going on. Luckily my kids were content in the pool with other kids they met. New staff came in for evenings to do shows, and mini disco – bless her heart this lady was good with the kids. It was fun to watch. Then there was music and dancing, a mr and miss cayo coco contest, that sort of thing. The disco opened at 11pm, but we never went. Young crowd/party crowd did.

Check in/out:
went pretty smoothly, although when we checked in Sat night at 2 am there was only 1 person on to check in about 30 people, and no bell boys or anything. That was poor. My Mom & Dad were given a room that someone was already in! They walked in on 2 people sleeping at 2am! Pretty scary for all involved. Back to the lobby to get a new room!

Other comments: Weather was gorgeous all week, very windy for 2 days. No water sports or parasailing etc, for those 2 days. I went parasailing one day for 40 pesos. Well worth the money, what a blast and what a view. Excellent & very safe. The gardeners were comical, always making things for my boys – grasshoppers out of palm fronds, hats, and monkeys from coconuts. Great guys! Tip them too, they get very little and go the extra mile to make you feel welcome. p.s. – we gave then t-shirts and our sunglasses on the last day, and our insulated mugs, they loved them. Cayo Coco is very isolated, nothing to see but resorts, so you should be aware of this. Also, when you stay at the Tryp you can get a visitors bracelet and go to any of the other Sol/Melia resorts for the day for free, as they are all owned by the same people. Nice option. Free transportation to and from. Whole island felt very safe.

So, hope that helps you prepare for your trip, or helps you decide where to go. Good trip for the cost. Have fun!

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