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The arrival, transfer and check-in went rather smoothly, that is where it ends.
Please keep in mind that this resort is suppose to be a 4 *, and we paid the price for that, in actuality I would rate the resort a 2 ½ * at best. I am so glad that we didn’t go for 2 weeks like we usually do, I was ready to come home after 3 days.

Day 1: We arrived in our room to an overpowering smell, they had varnished the bedside tables and bathroom counter and they were still sticky, probably because the air conditioner wasn’t working properly. And the fun begins… there was a dead bug in one of the beds. Let’s talk a bit about the rooms, they are very dated, there was mildew/mold out on the balcony walls, it was disgusting. On day 2 we decided to call about the air conditioner, the response was if you close your balcony door it would work; obviously they thought we were imbeciles. Someone arrived within ½ hour to look at it, he fiddled with something and it seemed to work a bit better, but definitely not how it should. Needless to say, we wore damp clothes all week. When I removed my passport from the safe at the end of the week it was damp as well.

The water pressure and temperature of the water in the shower was pathetic. We had no warm water let alone hot water; we are talking goose bumps, try shaving with goose bumps. It was also difficult to get the shampoo rinsed out of your hair, I contemplated using the bidet, as there was more pressure there…….lol. Mid way through the week, the toilet stopped working, and someone eventually came to fix it in the evening. As an added bonus we had little bugs crawling on our bathroom counter most of the week.

Day 2: Day 2, off we go to the towel hut to pick up our towels, we were informed that we needed a slip from the front desk, off I go to the front desk only to find out we need to make a CASH deposit, 30 pesos for 2 towels, to get the towel voucher, they would not charge it to the room. I have never experienced this before in all my travels. By this time I have steam coming out of my ears, as I traipse back to the room to get money for the towels. We should have been informed of this upon check-in so we could have dealt with it then.

The amenities; this resort boosts the 6 a la carte restaurants it offers and the fact that you can go to 2 of them during the week. Low and behold, they were all booked up, imagine, the resort capacity is about 400, each a la carte restaurant has only 10 tables. The buffet restaurant, as for the food, frightening, they did not replenish things on the buffet with any expediency, can you image being on an island and having all the ingredients for salad except for the base… lettuce. This restaurant was located such that you had to get to it by going over little bridges over stagnant water that smelt like a sewer, it isn’t really conducive to dining, we had to plug our noses every time we went to eat. All the other restaurants closed at 3 p.m not to reopen until 6, except for the so called snack bar located near the sewer this only offered 3 types of cold sandwiches, given the smell nearby, we did not want to try these.

Day 3:
By about day 3 we felt a visit to our Conquest rep was in order to voice our concerns, well why bother, I came away more frustrated, when I indicated that the resort was horrible, he told me everyone was entitled to their own opinion, at this point I knew he had no intentions of doing anything. When we asked about the stagnant water around the resort, he said he has worked there for 10 years, he got used to the smell and so would we. That was completely unacceptable….so off to the bar I went…… Where, by the way, they DO NOT have blenders, except at the lobby bar and one of the restaurant bars (opens at 6) neither of these, were near the beach or pool. Personally, when I am someplace hot, I enjoy a frozen drink. They did not really have a menu of drinks and the drinks you asked for where not that great either.

… and more: Highlight of the trip, we met a couple of elderly gentlemen, who felt sorry for us and they gave us one of their dinner ticket’s for the Italian restaurant. The food, service and atmosphere were excellent. The public washrooms were disgusting. Most of the time, they didn’t work, there was always stuff in them, and I would have to say, about 90% of the time, there was no toilet paper present. We informed the staff about this, but nothing ever improved. I am actually surprised that I’m not sick, because of the sanitary issues at this resort. I have traveled a lot of places, but have never experienced this. I have stayed at 3 *’s that are better than this so called 4*. I find this a lot of places, there are not enough public washrooms located near the beach and pool. The washroom for the beach was located in the middle of the stretch of beach and only had 2 stalls. The beach was okay, plenty of chairs, however they didn’t clean the washed up debris every morning like other places. Even many of the people we talked to, said this is the worst 4 star that they have ever stayed at. There was even one lady there with her daughter, and they arranged to leave early because of the resort, they were thoroughly disgusted and she was having problems with her asthma because of the rooms. We also heard the ceiling of a bathroom in a hotel room caved in just seconds after a lady came out of it.

Also when we asked for a late check-out they wanted cash for this as well. You needed to settle part of your bill in one spot then the phone bill in another, where they wanted to charge 2-3% on the top of the bill if we were to use a credit card.

Conclusion: I could go on an on, but I think you get the idea, I have traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean and unfortunately because of this resort I have no desire to return to Cuba. DO NOT BOOK A STAY AT THIS RESORT.

On a positive note, most of the staff were quite friendly, but did not go out of their way, like I have heard about other resorts in Cuba

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