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Hi, my fiance and I are planning to get married at the end of January of 2010 and we were planing on bringing 50 guests to tryp peninsula in varadero cuba. Has anyone had a wedding here or even been to this resort? If so how was it and what is the weather like at this time of the year? The more info the better.thanks


Hi Grace,My husband and I were at the TRYP this Feb for two weeks. We did get to know a couple that were there for their wedding and they had nothing but good things to say about their day. They said the wedding coordinator was great and their pics were amazing, they used the resort photographer. The resort itself is beautiful and lots of diff locations for pictures. The grounds are lush and very mature and the beach is great as well. We liked the resort and would recommend it, however, we had been to Cuba three times prior to this resort and the food wasn’t at all what we had had in the past. I know, I know, it’s Cuba, but we had experienced better food in our past visits. That would be our only complaint. Again, we were there for two weeks so I think we noticed it more but it probaly wouldn’t of been an issue had we only been there for one.

Good luck with your planning and if you have any other questions regarding the Tryp feel free to ask.

thanks so much for the info. i was wondering how hard is it to book the a la carte restaraunts and which one would you suggest is the best one to have the reception at. Is there a disco on the resort. Also what time in Feb did you go and how was the weather, was it hot. Lastly what part of the resort is the best to stay at in terms of location near the beach or near the pool.thanks


HeyWe went from Feb 15-29th and had one half day of rain, it was excellent weather. There is a disco on the resort and it’s in the main building, right off the buffett, very nice set up.

We booked our a la cartes on the day we got there. It’s in the main building as well. When your on your way to the buffett, take the right before it and go all the way to the end. They only book certain times during the day though. Just ask at check in when you can book. We got all the restaurants we wanted to try and if your not picky as to which night you want to go it shouldn’t be a problem. Our anniversary is on Feb 16th so we wanted a dinner that night and it was possible so no worries.

As for which restaurant for your reception……….hmmmm….there are a couple we really liked and a couple we really didnt. We did not like the beach restaurant. It was seafood and I ate nothing there, went to the buffett afterwards. There is one in the main building which was offered to us as a special dinner for our anniversary and I believe the name of it was Cayo Guillermo, or something like that. It also had a joining restaurant next door and there happened to be a wedding reception there that night. Again, we didn’t like the food at this one as it was seafood but we didnt have a choice, it was a speciality dinner so the other restuarant may have a menu option. The ones we really liked were in the middle of the resort, they’re kind of smaller but the food was amazing. One was italian and they have a house band that plays there and it’s open air concept. The other one next door to this is smaller again and had a volinist playing during dinner and the food was also very good. Not sure if you could book one of these maybe a little early so you could have the place to yourself.

If your going there for your wedding you will be put in the wedding section. This is kind of central. Closer to the pool then the beach. We stayed in this section as we were there for our anniversary. Nice rooms and easy enough to get to where you needed to go without getting lost. Again, feel free to keep the questions coming.

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