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Does anyone know of websies to checkk all-inclusive resort costs from Halifax?
I really like the idea of T&C joining NS as a province.

Yes a place where the Canadian dollar is at par
But be prepared to receive even less Provincial transfer payments from Ottawa and pay more taxes to support this new province.
It would be worth it!
The main arguement for T&C not joining is that they enjoy the american $ but as you all know it’s losing ground to the can $ daily, so becoming Canadian would be more attractiveto them, also the quality of life for the ppl of the T&C would also be greatly increased! Seriously 17000 ppl would not be a huge strain on our social safety net. Its revenues are already $13 million in the black and with the added stability that Canada would bring to the "province" it would be even more attractive to offshore development and American tourists! The proposal being thrown around is that it should become part of Nova Scotia and since I’m a civil servant of that province I humbly would offer my services to help get it on its feet

The last that i read on the subject, when they had exploratory meetings, the the islanders were informed that they would be subject to Canadian laws, such as taxation and the educational system to be changed to Canadian standards, the islanders said, no thanks.

I heard the reason being is that the islands are notorious for drug smugglers to land their planes on a stopover before hitting Miami and Canada did not want to get involved. I cannot verify this reason.

Wouldn’t it be nice!! But I doubt that it will ever happen. I watched a television show last fall and it didn’t look like the Turks would be joining Canada anytime soon. I think when they started talking about this many moons ago the Turks kind of needed a helping hand. I don’t think that is the problem anymore. I think their situation has changed dramatically.

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