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Is tuxpan in varadero closed? I would like to book there but I can’t seem to find any site offering it.

Found it on Escapes.ca and Tripcentral.ca

it has been closed down for reno’s but was supposed to be opening up for the winter season.

I found a price of $1245.00 plus taxes out of St. John’s on March 6 going to the Tuxpan. So far Sunwing is the only company I have seen with it listed as a property, perhaps they have the exclusive rights to it? We were there 6 years ago with Signature and had a great time but it was an LIT property then. It has since changed hands a couple of times so I don’t know what it is like there now.

Edit: I just checked Sunquest and they too are offering the Tuxpan for $1647.00 plus taxes on the same departure day. Wow what a price difference!!!

We ere there in 2007 and it was great

Sunwing is offering it as well. I went in 2007 with 3 adults and 4 kids (2-11) we all loved it.Let me know if you wantany info.

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