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Hi there:I have a big beef. Please tell me if I can do anything about this.I have clicked into a website for holiday information then clicked on a particular hotel/date because of the price shown. Then after continuing on in that same link (typing in ages etc) the price comes up more expensive, this to me is very misleading (to say the least). Can you insist the travel company give you the cheapest advertised price? It is the one that draws you in!I had this problem last year when booking a flight from Tor to Amsterdam. The price was different (more expensive) further into the link. The company said we had to pay the last price because the site was not updated. Well, my husband is an IT supervisor and he said that is ridiculous that one part is updated but not the end price. How convenient that it is always further into the link that the price changes (and never for less!).So, after all that, what can I do about that? I have not booked anything yet but want to book at the first advertised price on the link. When it is all added up, the difference is over $300.00!

Thanks for any input.

Hi Lily,I had almost an identical scenario to the one you describe about 2 weeks ago when I tried to book a trip to Holguin.I phoned my regular contact at and she tried to do the booking directly on the Sunwing site at the lower price but was unable to do so.In my case, the vacation package was a limited time offer which expired at a specific eastern time, and we were about 10 minutes beyond that time here in Vancouver, so it was a NO GO. Had my meeting ended on time…well I guess I would have been able to get the lower price! I was a bit ticked off, but that’s life!The on-line agencies unfortunately don’t always update their websites immediately on the "timed" offers but the wholesalers sure do.

What price is the vacation wholesaler showing on their own website?

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