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Restaurant Unbelievable is the latest hit in Bonaire, very popular and daily fully booked (high season) making a reservation is recommended. In walking distance from the Divi Flamingo Resort. The restaurant cinsists of a large detached house with on the ground floor neatly covered tables but at the time we were there not serving as a restaurant. This, according to the owner Robby Matthew, will happen quickly once he has adopted two additional employees. A bit sad, but probably necessary because of practical considerations, is that the device is cold calling because the plastic casings and some "plastic" radiating structure of the ground floor. Upon entering you are met by a charming hostess who then brings you to the terrace on the first floor and second floor roof soon. The fairly large terrace on the first floor at the front of the property is surrounded by an attractive wooden fence with lanterns. The medium sized but modern tables have no tablecloth but woven placemats. In my experience, the lighting can be dimmed a bit. We are privileged to be the first to dine on the roof terrace which is actually not officially finished, but a magnificent view over the dining guests on the terrace below us and across the street.

The menu is classic with dishes like a soup of the day (that night it was onion soup), shrimp cocktail, smoked salmon on toast, filet mignon, mixed grill, three pasta dishes, fish dishes and various desserts like crème bruleé. The quantity is huge, too much to European standards but probably a must for many American guests

The staff is very professional and helpful. As we sat on the roof what we were "anxious" to be forgotten, but this was definitely not the case. The meals were nicely balanced and the white wine, placed in a bucket with ice cubes, next to our table. Because the roof terrace is not fully comply with the final details the wind cools the food to quickly, but I am convinced that the enthusiastic owner Robby will do everything to prevent this after the official opening of the upper floor

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